World Mission Sunday ” With Youth, We Proclaim The Gospel to All”

20 09 2018

Invitation to all the youth from the age of 16- 40 years old to join this 2 days 1 night program in CMPC Singai in conjunction with World Mission Sunday. To register, please get your registration form from your parish office as soon as possible and return it registration form before 7 October 2018. See your there..


14 09 2018


Photo session together with host family & the church committee


From the 31st of August to the 2nd of September 2018, Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held its annual Leadership Formation Camp. The theme of the camp was ‘Recognising a Leader’ and the camp focussed on the bible passage of Luke 24:13-35 (Road to Emmaus). The camp was held at Kampung Pueh, Sematan with 55 participants in attendance.

The camp was specially designed to train the upcoming committees of Young Christian Students (YCS) in various school how to manage the club in schools and to organize KYCS activities. A total of 5 sessions spread out over 3 days covered not only the technical aspects of leadership but also the spirituality of leadership. The participants also got a chance to deepen their knowledge on the YCS Methodology: ‘See, Judge and Act’ throughout the camp. They were also taught multiple animation songs and games to help them to attract more members to the club.

With Jesus at the centre of it all, this camp started and ended each day with a Prayer. Two masses were also held, one of which was for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation where the participants learnt about the importance of conserving the environment. The other mass was held in BM and the kampong folk also joined in. A session was also held to let the participants experience a Praise and Worship Session.

As the camp was held at Kampung Pueh, Sematan, the city participants were also exposed to life in the kampung. They learnt to appreciate the simple things in life and to not be wasteful with their resources. On behalf of KYCS, we would like to thank the kind kampong folk of Kampung Pueh who welcomed us into their homes.

“I am grateful that I got to join LFC this year. I gained leadership skills and love how the speakers try to help us grow. I hope that all participants can lead their YCS members with what was learnt at camp and I hope YCS will grow bigger. I thank all the YCS leaders in this camp for all the wonderful experiences.”- Lucia Lunggan, 16, SMK Penrissen No.1

“LFC taught me how to be a good leader. This camp showed me what a good leader needs to do. Every session was purposeful and gave us a chance to discuss in order to solve or complete the assignments. The camp not only taught us how to be a good leader but also about the importance of communicating with the community around us.’ – Celestine, 16, SMK Balai Ringin

“I am very thankful to have been a part of this camp as I have learnt lots of valuable and important lessons throughout the camp. The theme of the camp was very suitable and it was a blessing to have met the kampong people. I learnt how to be a great leader when mingling with them.”- Noel Fidelis, 15, SMK St. Joseph

“The camp was great. I met new friends and got to learn new songs which I love. I also enjoyed the team building games as it taught me about teamwork and humility. The sharing sessions were also useful and I gained a lot of knowledge from it. It was one of the best camps that I have ever attended.”- Magdalena Maya, 16, Kolej Abdillah

“The camp sessions and activities has impacted me a lot and I was able to learn about how to be a great leader. It was both an amazing and overwhelming experience to be able to participate in a once in a lifetime event.” – Frances Mikolden, 16, SMK St. Teresa

A successful camp with a clear message in which being a leader is more than just leading a team but serving others and leading together as a team. Important point such as humility, selflessness and more humble leader were stressed on throughout the sessions. Putting God in the Centre of everything that we do and taking Jesus Christ as a great example of a leader was stressed on throughout the sessions. Putting God in the center of everything that we do and taking Jesus Christ as a great example of a leader was portrayed in our theme, The Walk to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-35) – Marlene Ram, SMK St Joseph

Report prepared by Esther Chai

Team Building Games ” Shark Escape”


Group discussion among the participants

Leader learned action song


KAYD18: Facilitator Workshop

28 08 2018

KAYD18: Facilitator Workshop

KUCHING – The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission organized their Facilitator Workshop in conjunction with their KAYD18 event. The purpose of the workshop is to gather youths from different parishes to gain knowledge in facilitation skills. The workshop also aims to ready the youth for the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day (KAYD) which will be held next year.  24 Youths from various parishes had attended the workshop on 18th of August 2018 at the ACCPC building.

The workshop was animated by invited speaker Fr Ramon Borja SDB, whom is currently stationed at St Stephen Parish, Bau. The workshop began with a short ice breaking led by Alex Tai from KYCS Youth Group. At the workshop, Fr Ramon shared his thoughts and views the role of a facilitator. Fr Ramon then further explained the few guidelines and tips on facilitation skills from various sources like videos and songs.

In addition, the workshop promotes good sense of Christian Community as the Youth went into a group discussion. The discussion questions about the parish youth fears and what can youth learned from the role of Mother Mary. The workshop also teaches the participants to ensure that the answers to their discussion are SMART criteria answers.

Hence, the workshop proves to be a helpful platform for the participants to gain their facilitation skills and is inspiring as the participants were being exposed to the knowledge and skills by the Speaker. In addition, they also learned how to manage different personalities of people.

‘The facilitation workshop was very useful. It was conducted well by Fr. Ramon. With his guidance, we managed to gain a lot of insight on how to better facilitate not only youth gatherings but corporate meetings as well. I also learned how to manage the different personalities encountered during events and how to help everyone gain the most from group discussions.’  Esther Chai – Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS).

“It’s been a blessing for me to experience a facilitator training organized by KAYD18. Even I have been a youth leader in my parish, but still this workshop has taught me to be more than facilitating but to know the joy of youth serving youth.” said Stephanie from St Stephen, Bau.

Report prepared by Mark Ethan


UTM Johor – Catholic Student Society G.I.F.T organised Mission Trip to Bunan-Tebedu Parish

22 08 2018


Taking photo at Malaysia- Indonesia Border in Tebedu

Bunan-Tebedu: A group of student from University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM Johor) under catholic student society G.I.F.T. has organised a mission trip to parish Bunan-Tebedu starting 3rd August to 12 August 2018. The mission team consists of five campus students from UTM Johor and 1 student from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Together in this mission trip is pastoral worker from Youth Commission office of Kuching as spiritual guardian for all the team members. They activities for the mission trip was guided and arranged by Father Galvin Ngumbang, from Commission for Mission and Human Development Kuching.

Upon arrived at Leopold Memorial Centre (LMC), the team were given a warm welcome by the Parish Youth Ministers (PYM) and also Father Galvin. For the first 4 days, the team was assigned to stay at Leopold Memorial Centre (LMC) to prepare their objective and planned for the mission trip in kampung. While in Leopold Memorial Centre, the team was given opportunities to follow parish priest to different kampongs to celebrated mass with the orang kampongs. We met another 2 parish priests, Father Berksman and Father Selvan; Claretian priests from India who are very welcoming with our presence. Each church has its own beauty and uniqueness and being able to experience the presence of God is just magnificent.

As a part of the missions, the team also helped up to clean the Leopold Memorial Centre and St Martha Convent. Each day, their programs were also included morning reflection and bible sharing.

The 5th day, the mission continued to Kampung Saan. During the mission in Kampung Saan, we are divided into two host Famlies which is Mr Mathew Asan and also Mr Jelery. The mission is to journey with families on their daily activities. It is a pleasure to have Fr. Larry Tan, chaplain of Kuching Kampus Ministry to celebrated Holy Hour for us on that afternoon.

As we journey with our host families, we learned many meaningful lessons from them, going to orchard and clear the land for paddy plantation is one of the interesting skills that we learned our new families. Through the course of many conversations, we learned about struggles finding work and live in a state where modern technology is beyond reach. We all worked together which was something we were not expecting, and their gratitude toward our presence was truly humbling. We grew to understand the struggles faced by the people from their perspective.

On the final night, we also having our silent moment through Holy Hour celebrate by Fr Benard which came far from St Stephen Bau Parish. After this holy hour, we were having our fellowship dinner together with Fr. Selvan, Fr. Benard and PYM St Jude.

Overall, this mission trip has been impactful in ways that cannot be explained. We were challenged to learn by living and were left with a renewed sense of passion, peace, and joy for life.

Prepared by: Casson Jonquil

Helped to clean St Paul Church Kampung Saan

Testimony from team:

This mission trip not only made my faith stronger, but also made me believed that love truly conquer all. The joy and love of Jesus are spread through people around us. Coming out from comfort zone make me realize all my fears are frictional and I don’t need technologies to entertain me. I hope the youth can open their heart to serve in Jesus, its look difficult but nothing is impossible to a willing hearts. –  Veronica Shantia (UTM, Johor)

Pengalaman berharga semasa berada di kampung membuka mata saya bertapa susahnya untuk mencari rezeki, berhempas pulas mengunakan tenaga fizikal  untuk mendapatkan wang untuk menyara hidup. Di sini saya sedar bertapa pentingnya hidup bermasyarakat, saling bertegur sapa serta mengurangkan pengunaan gadget dalam kehidupan seharian. Bersyurkur atas pengalaman yang saya dapat dari mission trip ini. – Jessica Henisi (UTM, Johor)

Pengalaman saya yang paling berharga sepanjang mengikuti mission trip ini ialah semasa mengikuti paderi ke kampung-kampung untuk merayakan missa kudus. Saya sangat teruja melihat pemandangan kampung yang begitu menenangkan serta gereja yang cantik di mana saya berpeluang untuk berfikir dan membuat refleksi tentang cara hidup bersederhana. Harap saya kepada belia yang lain dapat keluar dari zona selesa dan merasakan kehidupan orang lain serta belajar melayani sesama. – Silvia Gordan (UPSI, Perak)

The best experience I had through this mission trip is meeting the people of Bunan as well as experienced their daily lives. Their simple life and dedication to God, and also the beauty of nature had inspired me to look at the big picture in life; to appreciate the friends and family around us, as well as to be sincere and to take pride in any jobs that we do. I hope more people would be able to join a mission trip, so that we could gain new perspectives from the eyes of others. Going on this mission trip also led me to experience and witness God’s love in person. Slyvia Ipoh (UTM, Johor)

Students from UTM Johor

With Sister in St Martha Convent Bunan

Taking for with PYM St Jude & Fr Galvin after Holy Mass with orang kampung in Kampung Bidak Plaman



30 07 2018

Hi semuanya, kemeriahan KAYD18 diteruskan dengan 2 lagi bengkel iaitu Design & Publication and juga Dance and Drama. Teruskan bersama kami untuk mengetahui lebih banyak informasi berkenaan aktiviti yang telah dijalankan di paroki anda. 

KAYD18: Dance & Drama Workshop

19 07 2018


KAYD18: Dance & Drama Workshop

ACCPC: During 14th July 2018, about more than 40 youth from different parish and youth groups has attended Dance & Drama Workshop as part of KAYD18 program. The theme of this workshop is “Dance like David Dance”

Session started with introduced of the program and sharing by Kelvin Chan. He is also the member of Empowered dance & drama ministry.

For practical side, participants are divided into 3 big groups. Then they were practise dancing in 3 different classes according to the part of Dance like David Dance song. It is to make the youth feel and practise difference dancing step from different choreographer. This choreographer is the invited youth from Empowered dance & drama ministry too.

After going through each classes with difference choreography, all participant are get together in one dancing showcase, to perform what they have practise for the day. To close the program, Kelvin Chan lead the praise and worship with worship song like Ocean, The Creed (This I Believe) and Sentuh Hatiku. This program finished at 4:30pm with photo session.

Here is testimony from the participant about this workshop.

This is the first time I’ve joined in such an awesome workshop. I’ve learned many things, especially in how we want to praise the Lord with music and body languages. I’ve learned that praising the Almighty God and spread His love doesn’t necessary by praying and do charities, but we also can do it by dancing. I understand that dancing needs passion, discipline humility, confidence and undignified instead of skills itself. From the experienced I’ve been through today, I feel that no matter how awkward you are, just follow the grooves and enjoy for people will absolutely receive your message of God’s word (2 Samuel 6:1-15). I never regret in joining this workshop. Thanks, God. – Elliesha Tumeh, St. Jude Bunan)

It was a wonderful experience as I have learned another way to praise our Lord. It also gave me a chance to experience how one’s attitude can things!– Seraphina, IPGBL

Thank you very much to Empowered, Dance & Drama Ministry for sharing their blessing through dancing to every one of us. It was my first experience, learning on how to dance while praising God. Now, I want to witness that we can find God through dancing because He is there guiding every move that we make. – Jennifer Awing, IPGBL

Saya seronok dan gembira kerana dapat mempelajari pelbagai langkah gerak tarian yang berbeza sesi workshop 1, 2 dan 3. Workshop ini mengajar kami untuk tidak berputus asa dengan mudah kerana terdapat lebih banyak cabaran yang kita akan hadapi pada masa akan dating terutama jika kita mengikuti ajaran Tuhan Yesus Kristus. Selain itu praise and worship, amatlah menyentuh hati saya kerana dapat merasai kehadiran Tuhan Yesus Kristus kita. – Elmarch anak Robert, St. Ann Padawan

Report prepared by Denny Ronny

Ice breaking session


Speaker of the day Mr. Kelvin Chan

Jamboree Nasional SEKAMI 2018

11 07 2018

Pontianak: Pada 3 hingga 7 Julai 2018 yang lepas, 3 orang belia telah mewakili Keuskupan Agung Kuching untuk hadir sebagai peninjau program JAMNAS SEKAMI 2018 yang diadakan di Pontianak, Indonesia.  Danny Veno mewakili Kuching Youth Christian Student (KYCS), Rachel Remus mewakili Youth Group, Chapel of Mother Mary dan Maria Amella yang mewakili Youth Commission Kuching. Turut hadir bersama adalah Bapa Uskup Agung Kuching, Simon Poh. Program ini diselengarakan bersemperna ulang tahun 175 tahun SEKAMI (Serikat Kepausan Anak Missioner Indonesia). Program ini juga merupakan peluang bagi menyatukan anak-anak remaja dan pendamping SEKAMI se-Indonesia dengan bertemakan “ Berbagi Sukacita Injil Dalam Kebinekaan”.

Acara pembukaan dimeriahkan dengan persembahan pancaragam dan juga tarian pelangi nusantara yang melibatkan seramai 175 orang anak remaja. Missa pembukaan diadakan di Katedral St Yosef Pontianak yang diraikan oleh Bapa Uskup Agung Pontianak iaitu Msgr Agustinus Agus. Beliau turut mengucapkan selamat datang kepada semua yang menghadirkan diri dalam jamboree ini.

Pada hari kedua, kami berkesempatan untuk mendengar idea-idea dari para animator dari pelbagai keuskupan di Indonesia tentang idea untuk mengalakan anak remaja membaca alkitab serta menjadi missioner di usia muda dalam menyebarkan berita baik dalam keberagaman budaya dan bangsa. Antara yang menarik dari idea-idea seperti mengunakan boneka mainan, membuat puzzle, bercerita melalui lukisan.

Hari ketiga diteruskan dengan Dialog bersama Bapa Uskup, di mana anak remaja, animator diberi peluang untuk bertanya soalan langsung kepada Bapa Uskup sendiri. Acara ini memdapat sambutan yang amat baik dari peserta program. Pada hari ke-empat, missa penutupan JAMNAS SEKAMI 2018 diakhiri dengan upacara melafaskan ikrar komitmen peserta JAMNAS SEKAMI 2018 serta upacara pelepasan tag nama sebagai tanda berakhirnya program ini.

Dari saat kami tiba sehinggalah hari terakhir kami menjejak kaki di Pontianak, layanan yang diberikan sangat baik. Keramahan mereka membuatkan kami merasa sangat dialu-alukan di tanah air mereka. Saya kagum dengan kreativiti animator dalam berkongsi cara mengajar anak-anak tentang pengetahuan Alkitab, seperti mengunakan boneka mainan (puppet), membuat permainan dari kad. Hubungan yang terjalin antara anak-anak yang mengikuti program ini amat menyenangkan hati. Saya berasa sangat kagum melihat anak-anak dari seluruh Indonesia, tidak kira warna kulit atau bangsa yang berlainan, datang bersama untuk meraikan peristiwa penting ini. Panitia, pendamping rohani dan angle turut banyak membantu kami selama berada di program ini. Sesungguhnya Tuhan hadir di antara kita. – Rachel Remus, Chapel of Mother Mary

Jamboree Nasional SEKAMI 2018 merupakan salah satu program yang saya akan kenang sampai bila-bila. Saya telah mempelajari pelbagai ilmu yang berguna serta bernas khasnya sesi bagi animator, perkongsian dan dialog yang telah diadakan. Saya berasa bertuah kerana dapat menghadiri program ini serta merasakan bahawa Indonesia adalah negara yang terdiri dari pelbagai bangsa namun tetap bersatu teguh sebagai umat Katolik. Melalui kerjasama dari pelbagai pihak seperti panitia, pendamping rohani dan angle, program dilihat berjalan dengan lancar dan berjaya. – Danny Veno Leslie, KYCS

Laporan disediakan oleh Maria Amella

Keluarga St Lidwina, Kampung Nazareth


Hasil Kreativiti dari Keuskupan Agung Pontianak


Hasil kreativiti wayang kulit sebagai medium penceritaan


Mengunakan puppet untuk bercerita kepada anak-anak berkenaan pengetahuan alkitab