As one Asian YCS Family, we believe that:

  • All human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, equal in dignity. When this dignity is trampled upon, it is an offence to the Creator. All people are responsible in enhancing and protecting this dignity.
  • Students, with great capacity to love, have a mission to ensure that this dignity is protected at all times and in all situations.
  • The YCS as a movement of the students, by the students and for the students, is a space to exercise this mission. In this process they are accompanied by chaplains and animators.
  • The YCS is an action-oriented movement, liberative in nature, and aims to remove structures and systems that do not respect human dignity.
  • Motivated by our Prophetic Spirituality and with the Review of Life (See-Judge–Act/ Awareness–Reflection–Action) as our way of life, students are transformed and empowered to go beyond the self in solidarity with the struggles of the weak and marginalized.
  • Through inter-personal relationship with the whole of humanity and with love at the heart of every action, the YCS enables human persons to become a family, a community after the heart of the Creator whose compassion, care and justice are its pulse.
  • An Alternative Community is within our reach when we put out faith in human goodness, which is inspired by Christ.



The YCS Creed

As Young Christian Students we believe in God.

We believe that God created the universe

And that we, as part of God’s creation,

Are invited to help complete God’s plans.

We believe that the earth

Has been entrusted to us,

To care for, to nurture and respect.

People, as God’s creation,

Have a dignity and worth beyond measure,

And deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.

For this to be achieved

We are called to be active participants in life,

To communicate with one another,

And to accept and love each other unconditionally.

We believe our schools should promote these values through encouraging students to form

And question their own opinions and beliefs,

And treating each student,

As a worthwhile individual,

Who has unique needs and talents.

Our schools should educate for life.

And we believe that living is through actions, not just words.


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