Kuching Campus Ministry

Wants to get in touch with your Catholic student movement in your campus? Come and contact us!!!!..We’ll journey with you…



Chaplain for Campus Student:

We are very happy to have Rev. Fr. Larry Tan SJ to be the Chaplain for Campus Students since July 2012.

Uitm exam mass1

3 responses

8 04 2010

my new phone number = 0138141845.

12 09 2010
Henderson Ham

hai,saya dari miri.ingin menyertai youth dan apa jua aktiviti.. pada 19,oct.. dan saya kini bersekolah di icats dalam kawasan Tabuan Jya.. harap respon dari youth…saya ingin benar2 mengikuti dan ingin menjadi ahli dalam youth dari kuching..thnks..

14 09 2010

Dear Henderson,

We have friends from Miri at our St Joseph’s Parish Youth Ministry. Please check out http://empoweredministry.multiply.com/ to find out more! Hope to see you on our Friday gatherings!

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