Catholic Faith Q&A

12 Apostles

Answering some common questions about the Catholic faith (still under construction; contents are being slowly added):



Last Things

  • Is heaven and hell real?

Scripture & Tradition

  • Why don’t Catholics take Scripture as the sole rule of faith?

Church, the Papacy & the Priesthood

  • Why do we call our priests ‘Father’ when the Jesus forbids it?
  • Why can’t priests marry?
  • Why can’t women serve as priests?

Mary & the Saints

  • Why do we need to pray through Mary and the saints? Should we pray direct to Jesus?
  • When we kneel before statues or kneel praying the rosary, are we not committing the sin of idolatory?

Morality & Ethics

  • Why is the Catholic faith so rigid?
  • Why can’t the Church accept gays and lesbians in our community? It’s not their fault they are that way; they didn’t choose to be like that.
  • Why doesn’t the Church permit divorce? Sometimes, even after counseling, both parties are so unhappy when they are together that the children are affected.
  • Is it wrong to stop life support for a sick person who has no hope of recovery? Would the Church give the person a funeral Mass?
  • If we’re in love, is sex ok? How far is too far?

Sacraments & Sacramentals

  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Eucharist
    • Why do we have to receive the Body of Christ every week?
    • Can we receive Holy Communion if we have commited a big sin, or have not been to church for a very long time?
    • Why is it wrong for a non-Catholic to receive Holy Communion?
  • Reconciliation
    • Why do we confess our sins to a priest when we should ask God for forgiveness directly?
    • How do I make a good confession?
  • Anointing of the Sick
  • Matrimony
    • Are marriages solemnized in other churches recognized by the Catholic Church?
  • Holy Orders
  • Sacramentals
    • Why do we have crucifixes in our churches if Jesus is already risen?

Other questions

  • Why must Catholics fast and abstain on certain days of the year?
  • Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross? Catholics are the only Christians who do this.
  • Why must young children complete all their Sunday School syllabus?

5 responses

24 07 2009
Road of Our Lives: Apologetics « Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Blog

[…] Catholic Faith Q&A […]

1 09 2009

can some one that already commit a very big sin according to the bible serve the lord as a priest or other religious (sister/nun)? don’t that kind of man or woman should be serve the lord as other?

2 09 2009

On 28 Aug, the Church celebrated the Feast of St Augustine. Augustine led a very loose life; he was a playboy of sorts. However, he encountered the Lord and repented. He became a Christian. Then he became a priest. Then he was made Bishop. And finally he was recognized as a great saint and doctor of the Church.

15 01 2010

Very nice site!! Thank you for sharing.

9 11 2010
David ngui

Sure why not…nomatter what kind of sins that we have commited..God will alwayls forgive us.

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