26 08 2017

Kuching – On Saturday 26th of August, a total of 31 YCS participants and servants from various schools took part in the Taize Prayer, organized by the YCS members and Catholic students of SMK Sungai Tapang. The Taize Prayer was held at St. James’ room, St. Joseph’s Cathedral Parish Centre.

     The event organized was a follow up for the action task, from  the YCS Middle Year Camp activities,  which was held in Kampung Krokong last June. The objective aims to strengthen the faith and foster Christian relationship through prayers and fellowship among the members of the YCS Club, as the children of God.

     Taize prayer is a meditating and reflecting prayer and is practiced by our Christian brothers and sisters all around the world. The theme ‘Friendship’ has been selected to foster friendship among the members and non-members of the YCS Club as well as focusing on personal relationship with God. 

     During the Taize prayer session, we chanted selected taize prayers repeatedly in a serene atmosphere accompanied by the strumming of a guitar note. This prayerful ambience gives space and opportunity for  us to spend time, and be connected with God. After that, we listened and reflected on the word of God that says: “Couldn’t you watch with me for even one hour?” 

     The programme concluded with photo sessions with our teacher advisor teacher, Miss Jenifer Stian.

Reported by Annabel Vallerie Govinda, Vice- Secretary of YCS SMK Sg Tapang


KYCS Solidarity Visit to SMK SG Tapang

11 08 2014

The team visited the school around 12.15pm and were greeted with about 20 students who were attending the YCS school-gathering that afternoon. We started with a prayer followed with a few animation songs, such as “Who Is That Man” and “The Banana Song”. Later we did a Review of Life (ROL) on Cyber-Bullying which aimed to raise the awareness of the students on the issue as well as educate them on ways to tackle the issue. The gathering ended with videos on how to deal with cyber-bullies and a prayer.






Kuching Young Christian Student -Mid Year Camp 2014

1 07 2014


Kampung Sebako , Lundu – On the 11th to the 13th of June, The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held their annually Mid Year Camp in Kampung Sebako. Amongst the participants were 91 students from their respective YCS school clubs and 7 student animators. The theme of the camp was “Save the Earth, Heal the world”. The bible verse for the camp was extracted from Genesis 2:15 – “The Lord God took Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it”.

The participants gathered at St.Joseph Parish Centre for registration and departed to Kampung Sebako at 9.20 a.m sharp. At the arrival of the participants, the villagers gave a warm welcome by inviting the participants for a local dance. They enjoyed a hearty meal before the opening mass. After the opening mass, the participants took a break before joining the Getting to Know You session and were given a brief introduction about the theme for the camp. After that, they were asked to write down their expectation and contribution to this camp. In the evening, the Student Animators conducted the Taize prayer.

On the second day, all the participants had their breakfast with their respective foster family members. Before the start of a packed schedule, the participants recited the rosary. The first session of the day was the SEE Session by James Lai. After the session, the participants attended a mass by Father Peter. JUDGE Session was conducted by John-Paul and Ralph Balan. They gave a talk about the significance behind the role of humans in preserving the environment. After that, there was a briefing about Solidarity Night by Julian Sim . Each of the groups was asked to present a performance during the night.

In the evening , all the participants and village folks settled down to enjoy the eventful night. The performance by the groups was either a sketch or a sing-along. The committee members of the camp also presented an impromptu sketch. Other than that, the villagers had a few performances installed for the participants. The first performance was a dance known as “Wek-Jongan”. The president of St.John Church committee Mr. Senghi gave a brief history about the origin of the “Wek-Jongan” dance. The villagers also performed the Bamboo dance. Before returning to their respective homes, all the participants including with the village folks took a group photo together.

On the last following day, the participants recited a simple morning prayer before attending the ACTION Session by Patrick Wong; All the participants were asked to devise an action plan for the respective YCS club in their schools to preserve the environment. Moving on, a concluding mass was conducted by Father Felix Au before the participants held a short ‘gotong- royong’ session. The participants departed for Kuching at 2.00 p.m. .

Mid Year Camp 2014 had taught YCS members a great deal about the importance of preserving the environment which is God’s gift to mankind. Besides that, the participants had great time learning about the culture and lifestyle of the villagers of Kampung Sebako, Sarawak.


Report by,

Sherilyn Geogre

MYC Secretary














Lodge YCS prepares for Holy Week

11 04 2014

On 11 April 2014, the YCS movement of Lodge National School gathered for an hour of sharing led by the movement’s Vice President, Harald Chao. In view of the upcoming Holy Week, Harald shared with about 40 members on the significance of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday and their importance in our Catholic’s way of life. A short video clip on the Easter Triduum events summarised the sharing which brought many to tears and reflection. The gathering ended with a simple Easter egg decoration activity.




KYCS Solidarity Visit to SMK Tebakang

9 04 2014

SERIAN , 08 April 2014 – The theme of this solidarity visit was “FAITH”. The purpose of this program was to gather with YCS student at SMK Tebakang as a Weekly Gathering.

The methodology See, Judge and Act has been used in this program. There were 2 Student Animators and 2 fulltime workers from KAYC involved. Almost 80 students YCS SMK Tebakang attended.  The program started with Ice breaking conducted by Dina Firuana then continued with a game by Student Animators which later on explained the meaning of “FAITH”.

Lucy Gumek gave an explanation about the game and connects the game with her talk. The program ended with a video about Faith.









YCS Serian Gathered for One Day Leadership Camp with KYCS

27 03 2014

Kpg Kakai – On 22 March 2014, Serian Teacher’s Guild has organized a leadership camp for about 200 student leaders from SMK Serian, SMK Balai Ringin, SMK Tebakang, SMK Tebedu, SMK Taee and SMK Tarat gathered with the KYCS Student Animator with the theme taken from John 13:12-15 “ Washing Of the feet” which focus on Servanthood leadership. The one day camp started with a simple ice-breaking by the student committees. There were 3 sessions all together which focus on review Of Life methodology; “SEE, JUDGE, ACT”.  The camp ended by each school putting their Plan of Action in the mahjong paper so that KYCS and teacher animators in their school can do follow up on the action taken by the students.


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Student Leaders and Teacher Animators gather to Kick-start the Year’s Events

27 03 2014


KUCHING – On 15 March 2014, about 40 student leaders, teacher and student animators gathered with the Youth Commission for a time of fellowship and exchange of ideas at the Archdiocesan Curia and Cathedral Pastoral Centre (ACCPC). The three-hour gathering started with a simple lunch fellowship followed by some games and thereafter the election of leaders for the upcoming Mid-Year Camp (MYC) in June. The whole event was conducted by the Student Animators, with a teacher animators’ meeting running simultaneously by the Youth Commission Coordinator. With the new council of presidents elected, Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) is geared towards practising faith will be having more outreach visits to the schools with YCS movement throughout the year in focusing on issues such as boy-girl relationship, family problems, bullying and faith formation.DSC_0060 DSC_0010 DSC_0092