Kuching pilgrims in Madrid, Spain!

7 09 2011

Madrid, SPAIN – A total of 21 pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Kuching attended the World Youth Day (WYD) in Madrid, Spain from 16-22 August 2011. A journey of accompaniment with each other, read up more in the September issue of Today’s Catholic. Read on below for some of their testimonials!

“The WYD experience in Madrid is one that I shall never forget. It is amazing to see 1.5 million people taking the effort to come together to celebrate this 1 week long event along with the Pope. And these are mostly young people from all walks of life and different countries gathered together at Madrid. It makes me so proud to be part of this large Christian family in the world. We have shared many stories and experience with the other pilgrims, learning about their cultures, country, personal interests and many more. It is so wonderful to celebrate Mass and attend services with the Pope and the millions of pilgrims together. The fact that we were using the Latin language (The universal language of the Church) makes it all the more beautiful. This experience is only once in a lifetime and I strongly recommend young people to join future WYD events, it is something which you will never regret taking part in.” ~Emmanuel Foong

“It was my second WYD experience after WYD Sydney 2008 and the memories I gathered here is priceless! Joining the Archdiocese of Kuching for this trip was truly amazing! We were all strangers at first but now we have not only strengthened our faith in the Lord, we have also strengthened our friendship bond. I really missed all our times spent together even though the worst part of the pilgrimage… under the scorching heat, crowds and to the point of breaking down… and as the saying goes: every ending is a new beginning, let us grow firmer in our faith and look forward to WYD Brazil 2013!” ~Melissa Lim

“WYD is truly a life-changing experience for me. Millions of youths gathered in Jesus’ name regardless of their nationality, skin colour and background. Yes, I have to admit that the pilgrimage wasn’t a “walk in the park,” we were physically and mentally exhausted but thanks to the prayers of everyone for us, we survived (especially during the Vigil at Cuatro Vientos)! Praise God! Join us at the next WYD in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013!” ~Valerie Jane Bakri

Definitely full of trials and challenges – a test of patience, communication skills and heat tolerance! Nonetheless full of wonderful experiences, memories and self-learnt lessons about God, love and forgiveness. Meeting people from around the world with the same faith is simply exciting and worthwhile too!” ~Louisa Joyce Lim

“WYD has been an eye opening experience for me. It has shown me how the group pulled through the good and bad times while keeping God in our minds. Meeting Catholics from all over the world showed me that we are all one big family regardless of our colour. I will be sure to attend the next WYD in Rio.”~Mark Yeoh

“On this trip I have gained experiences that I will never forget my whole life. During DID and WYD I saw a lot of pilgrims from all around the world that came to attend both of these events. I became friends with some of the pilgrims during the events. It made me realize that the decision I have made to go for WYD was the right one. During the mass with the Pope, it was a really touching experience and I wish that I would be able to go to the next WYD.” ~Alexander Liew