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19 04 2018
Scholarship for Diploma in Nursing – Tun Tan Cheng Lock Nursing College, Petaling Jaya
Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Selangor is offering scholarships for qualified students to pursue a three year full time Diploma in Nursing course at Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing, Petaling Jaya. Upon graduating, the candidate will work as a nurse with Assunta and be bonded for 7 ½ years. Candidates must fulfill the following criteria:
• Malaysian citizen
• SPM (or equivalent) with at least 5 credits in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science and one other subject
• Physically and mentally healthy
The scholarship offers:
• Free tuition / course fees
• RM 550 allowance per month for 3 years
• Free accommodation in hostel
• Medical benefit of RM 1000 per annum in Assunta Hospital.
Upon successfully completing the diploma, the student has to sign a 7 ½ year bond with Assunta Hospital to work as a staff nurse. Assunta Hospital will also send the candidate for specialization course during the 7 ½ year bond with full pay study leave.
The recruitment team will be in Kuching on Friday, May 18, 2018 to conduct walk-in interviews. The venue and time for the interview is as follows:
Venue: St. Augustine Room, Parish Center,
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For more information on the course, please log on to or call 03-78723078. The next intake is on 2nd July, 2018.

Student Leader Animator Gathering

17 04 2018

ACCPC: On 14 April 2018, about 28 Kuching Young Christians Students (KYCS) member from different schools has join together in Student Leader Animator Gathering (SLAG). This program been organized by senior KYCS members. The gathering started by YCS creed reading. Activities continued with The Review of Life (ROL) topic on school life to found out the students concerned from different schools in Kuching. It been discuss in three part, which is See, Judge and Act.

Furthermore, Mid-year Camp (MYC) committee also been selected during this gathering. All the KYSC member a given opportunity to discuss and propose their venue for MYC, camp theme & bible verse for the coming up camp. This 4 hours meeting end with closing prayer by the KYCS member.

Prepared by: Maria Amella


24 02 2018

Here is our  first trailer for KAYD18. This year KAYD18 will be organized by Parish Youth Ministry at their own respective Parish.

What you need to do is just CLICK the link…

Let’s Watch! 🙂

7th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at City Parishes, Kuching

10 08 2015

9 August 2015, St Joseph Cathedral – About 30 Youths from different parishes gathered at St Joseph cathedral to witness the hand over of the KAYD cross from PYM Sri Aman to Empowered ministry.

After hand over the KAYD Cross, the procession of the Cross started from St Joseph Cathedral to ACCPC with a Rosary recitation and was led by representatives from each City Parishes.

The event started at St Rose Room, ACCPC with Praise and worship by Empowered ministry and continued with introduction to the theme by Stephanie Micheal, one of the Coordinators. Fr Larry was invited to share about his program called iChat.

To show that KAYD 2015 is just around the corner and the committees ready to serve and share the Love of God to the community, all the representatives from the city parishes process the KAYD cross from ACCPC to the Church which was before the Evening Mass Started.










5th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Jude Bunan Gega

24 05 2015

24 May 2015, SUNDAY – Approximately 200 persons including parents be a witness of hands over the KAYD cross from PYMs St Theresa’s Serian to PYM’s St Jude’s Bunan. The activities continued right after the mass. The introduction to KAYD was presented by Dina Firuana and continued with the topic entitle “knowing our neighbour” which was presented by Nina Gordon, as one of the KAYD 2015 Coordinators. There were more than 30 youths from Bunan area joined the activities.










11357099_1440170659620158_7275529101350387108_o (1)


4th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Theresa Serian

15 05 2015

SERIAN, 10 May 2015 – More than 15 persons from Marketing and Promotion ministry joined the Roadshow. Youths from other parishes also joined the Roadshow and support the activities which was organize by PYM St Theresa. There were more than 200 persons including parents attended the mass at 8.00am celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arockya Raj and be the witness of handing over the KAYD 2015 cross from PYM St Ann to PYM St Theresa Serian. The activities continued with a sing along which was led by Emmanuel group from Kpg Jenan Serian. There were two important slots in KAYD roadshow. First, was an Introduction of KAYD 2015 which was delivered by Miss Nina Gordon as one of the coordinators for this year KAYD and talk on ‘knowing your neighbour’ was presented by Miss Monica Lisa. KAYD Roadshow was ended at 2.00 pm with a KAYD prayer and lunch. Next KAYD Roadshow will be on 24 May 2015 at St Jude Bunan. Come! and experience the Love of God.









Wonderfully Made- St Joseph private school

11 08 2014

On the 24th July 2014, St Joseph Private – One day program Wonderfully Made has been organized for form 3 students. There were almost 120 students attended the program. The purpose of the program was to give awareness to the students on how to appreciate their body and  in a good relationship especially in the teaching of Christians.








KYCS Goes Carolling!

2 01 2013

A group photo with His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung

KUCHING – On the 17-23 December 2012, the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) had their annual house-to-house Christmas Carolling to herald the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. About a month before the Carolling nights, the carollers practiced tirelessly to perfect their singing and to prepare for the birth of Christ. The group consisted of about 40 carollers consisting students, seniors, student animators and teacher animators.

Carollers in action!

The scripture reading this year was taken from Isaiah 9:6-7 on announcing the birth of Jesus. We went to 53 houses covering Pending, Kota Samarahan and Jalan Matang besides various religious houses throughout the 7 nights. Each night was filled with various fun-filled and new experiences. We enjoyed singing for the Lord and spreading the joy of Christmas to the house owners. It was a blessing to see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ listening to the carols in preparation for Christmas.

At the Cheshire Home

A Family Night was also held on Sunday, 9 December 2012 at St Joseph’s Parish Gallery. The evening was well attended by parents, siblings, relatives and friends of the carollers. On a pot-bless basis, everyone had a great evening listening to the carols and sectional performances brought forth by the carollers themselves. There were interactive games with parents and testimonies given by parents and carollers. Fr Felix, Chairperson of Commission for Youth was also present that evening together with Youth Coordinators Lucy Gumek and Monica Lisa.

Elisabet Min

Family Night

I.C.C. 2012

17 10 2012

ST. LUKAS, Kota Padawan – Seramai 72 orang peserta telah mengikuti program Inter Campus Camp (I.C.C.) 12-14 Oktober yang lalu. Antara kampus yang terlibat adalah Institut Pendidikan Guru kampus Batu Lintang (IPGBL), Kolej Kesihatan Sains Bersekutu (KSKB), UNIMAS, UiTM, Kolej Kesihatan Awan Kuching (KKAK), Segi College, UNITAR, Institut Perguruan Kolej Tun Abdul Razak (IPG KTAR), Politeknik Kuching, Swinburne College, Technology College Sarawak (TCS), serta peserta dari empat buah paroki iaitu St. Joseph, St. Ann, St. Stephen dan Chapel of Mother Mary. Tema I.C.C. 2012 ini adalah “Faith Seeking Understanding (St. Anselm)”. Penceramah jemputan kali ini ialah Fr. Justin Joannis dari Sabah.

Ceramah utama beliau menyentuh tentang Iman Kristian serta bagaimana kita mempertahankan iman tersebut dalam cabaran-cabaran masa kini. Beliau juga telah mengongsikan Doa Kerahiman Ilahi (Divine Mercy) sebagai pelan tindakan susulan individu.

Berikut merupakan testimoni daripada beberapa orang peserta I.C.C. 2012:-

“Keputusan untuk mengikuti I.C.C. 2012 ini adalah tidak sia-sia. Banyak input berguna yang saya perolehi dan yang paling penting ialah iman saya semakin diteguhkan dan dibangunkan. Puji Tuhan!”~ Dienne Laura binti Jeffrey, KSKB.

“Banyak pengetahuan serta ilmu baharu yang telah saya peroleh. Antaranya ialah, saya lebih mengenali siapa itu Yesus. Selain itu, saya juga berpeluang mendekatkan diri saya dengan Tuhan melalui doa ‘Divine Mercy’.” ~ Steffeni Sherril anak Joseph Sidemy, IPG KTAR.

“Saya mempelajari tentang bagaimana cara mempertahankan iman Kristian saya. Selain itu saya juga menimba ilmu pengetahuan baru tentang iman agama lain.” ~ Adwin Golibin, Politeknik Kuching.

“Saya telah berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan baru. Saya juga menimba input-input yang disampaikan oleh Fr. Justin – ianya amat berguna kepada saya agar sentiasa berwaspada dan bersedia akan cabaran yang bakal dihadapi kelak.” ~ Aldridge Nyalong anak Ulin, TCS.

“I.C.C. 2012 sangat best, juga telah menambah dan memperkuatkan iman saya. Selain itu ianya telah menambah pengetahuan saya tentang Yesus.” ~ Michelle Fergie Alexander, UNIMAS.

Malaysia Catholic Youth Ministers Committees (MCYMC) Meeting

17 10 2012


SANDAKAN – 18 youth ministers from different parts of Malaysia gathered in St. John the Cross Retreat Centre, Ulu Dusun for Malaysia Catholic Youth Ministers Committees (MCYMC) Meeting. Represented at this meeting were Arch/diocese of Kuala Lumpur, Melaka-Johor, Kota Kinabalu, Keningau, Sandakan, Kuching and Sibu. Fr. Larry Tan sj. Lucy Gumek and Monica Lisa from the Archdiocese of Kuching attended the meeting.


Activities such as reflection and input on “Young People and New Evangelization” were included in the meeting. We also discussed about World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 and campus ministry during the meeting apart from ministry reporting by every Arch/Diocese present. We also had the opportunity to meet the youth in Sandakan and had fellowship with them as well as the parishioners there. Bishop Julius Gitom concluded the meeting with Concluding Mass. It was a fruitful meeting and enriching encounter with the people especially the young.

K.A.Y.A. XX (20) 2012

7 03 2012

KOTA PADAWAN –  Komisi Belia keuskupan Agung Kuching baru-baru ini telah berjaya menganjurkan Program KAYA ke-20 yang telah diadakan selama satu bulan iaitu dari 9th Januari – 6th Febraury 2012 dengan jumlah pesertanya seramai 148 orang dan pembantu seramai 15 orang.  Program ini adalah program tahunan yang ditaja sepenuhnya oleh Uskup Agung John Ha. Peserta –peserta KAYA ini datangnya dari paroki St. Jude Bunan,  St. Theresa Serian, St. Ann Kota Padawan, Our Lady Queen of Peace Sri Aman,  St. Stephen Bau, Holy Spirit Lundu dan Katedral St. Joseph Kuching.

Dalam program ini, para peserta didedahkan dengan hidup berkomuniti di samping mendalami iman mereka tentang cinta kasih Yesus di dalam sesi-sesi yang telah dijalankan seperti  Penemuan diri, Hubungan Ibu Bapa dan Anak, Puji dan Sembah, “Taize prayer”, “ salvation History” dan banyak lagi. Selain daripada itu, para peserta juga didedahkan dengan pelbagai jenis bentuk doa di samping perayaan misa yang diadakan setiap hari oleh paderi.

Program ini diakhiri dengan Misa Penutupan yang dirayakan oleh Uskup Agung John Ha dibantu oleh Fr. Leonard Yap dan Fr. Joseph Liew. Berikut adalah testimoni beberapa orang peserta yang telah mengikuti program KAYA ke-20  pada tahun ini.

   Veronica Rose (St.Joseph Cathedral) Saya mempelajari  bagaimana cara untuk mengenali diri saya sendiri dalam cinta Yesus.Perkara yang menyentuh hati saya ialah apabila saya dapat bekerjasama dalam satu komuniti yang besar dan juga dapat memberikan satu impak yang bermakna dimana saya diberi peluang untuk menyampaikan berita baik Tuhan kepada Umatnya.Saya berharap agar para belia di luar sana supaya menyertai mana-mana program yang dapat membantu memulihkan iman,antaranya ialah program “K.A.Y.A”.




Fiona Leh (St. Ann) Apa yang menyentuh hati saya dalam program K.A.Y.A 20 ini ialah setiap kali makan bersama ahli kumpulan .Keadaan ini membuat saya merasa semangat kekeluargaan.Kami berkongsi dengan sama rata hidangan yang telah kami dapat.Besikap adil pun timbul di kalangan kami.Selain itu aktiviti yang dijalankan memang sangat menyentuh hati saya seperti ceramah tentang parent child relationship ,taize n healing.Semasa dalam program K.A.Y.A,saya mempelajari banyak perkara.Antaranya,saya belajar tentang prayer meeting,taize,bible sharing.Selain itu,saya belajar untuk berkongsi kerjasama dalam sebuah komuniti yang besar ini.Di samping itu,saya belajar untuk menghormati orang di sekeliling saya dan tidak bersikap tamak.Akhir sekali saya,mendapat perkataan baru dalam kamus hidup saya ialah berdisiplin,sentiasa bersih dan peka.Malahan saya menjadi seorang yang lebih penyabar dalam hidupan baru saya.

  Leonard Remon (St.Jude Bunan) Saya dapat merasakan kasih Tuhan begitu indah dalam hidup saya dan juga dapat mendalami kasih Tuhan Yesus.Melayani kasih Yesus  begitu indah dalam hidup kita.Dalam program K.A.Y.A  ini,saya dapat mempelajari pelbagai doa yang baru dalam hidup saya.Saya juga  dapat belajar melayani Tuhan dalam doa praise n worship.Saya juga dapat mempelajari cara membentuk diri saya yang baru.




Paydick  Peter (Holy Spirit Lundu) Saya mewakili Holy Spirit Lundu dan apa yang telah saya pelajari selama menyertai program K.A.Y.A. 20 ini ialah saya telah mengetahui cara melayan Tuhan melalui aktiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan seperti Puji dan Sembah ,Taize Prayer dan Healing ,misa dan sebagainya.Selain itu,melalui aktiviti-aktiviti seperti penyembuhan ia mampu menyentuh saya sehingga membuatkan saya menangis bila memikirkan cabaran dan pengalaman hidup saya.Sekarang saya merasakan kehadiran Yesus Kristus melalui Roh kudus dan saya mempelajari banyak perkara baru yang membentuk iman dan kepercayaan saya terhadap cinta kasih Yesus Kristus.Kepada generasi-generasi baru sertailah program ini untuk dapat bekalan iman bagi menempuhi hidup yang baru.Amen


   Judith Jalie (Our Lady Queen of Peace,Sri Aman) Yang saya pelajari dalam program K.A.Y.A ini ialah belajar cara untuk bergaul dengan orang ramai.Paling penting ialah saya dapat tahu bagaimana cara untuk melayani Tuhan.Contohnya seperti belajar untuk seorang ketua dalam puji dan sembah serta mengajar belia di kampung saya dan juga belajar bagaimana cara doa Taize kerana ini adalah kali pertama saya mengenalinya di dalam program ini. Dalam program K.A.Y.A  ini perkara yang paling menyentuh hati saya ialah semasa sesi mengenai  keluarga.Ia mengingatkan saya akan keluarga saya di rumah,kerana merekalah darah daging saya dan kami mengharungi kesusahan dan kesenangan bersama.Selain itu,mengingati perangai saya ,tingkah laku saya terhadap mereka.Kemudian,semasa menulis surat kepada mereka untuk meluahkan perasaan sayang saya terhadap mereka kerana saya berasa malu untuk mengungkapkannya  dari mulut.Walaupun begitu,saya akan membantu mereka melakukan kerja rumah untuk meringankan beban mereka serta menunjukan perasaan sayang saya.

 Shirlinda (St.Stephen Bau) Yang menyentuh hati saya ialah ketika para faci dan peserta bekerjasama melakukan aktiviti-aktiviti semasa program dijalankan.Tapi yang paling,menyentuh hati saya ialah para faci bangun awalsetiap pagi semata-semata untuk kami semua.Kadang-kadang ada yang tidak sempat mandi,tidak cukup tidur .Dari situ,saya dapat rasa betapa sayangnya mereka kepada kami.Yang telah   saya pelajari semasa menyertai program K.A.Y.A ini ialah saya belajar untuk mengenali Tuhan dengan lebih dekat lagi.Kerjasama sangat diutamakan ..Selain itu,saya belajar untuk bersabar dan mementingkan kepentingan bersama. Yang paling menyentuh hati saya ialah tentang kekeluargaan kerana ia memberi pengalaman untuk mendapatkan ilmu yang lebih dalam tentang perhubungan kekeluargaan di antara ibu bapa dan anak-anak.Saya lebih mengetahui peranan seorang ibu-bapa dalam berhubung dengan anak-anak nya dan mendapatkan lebih daripada yang saya inginkan untuk membantu ibu bapa saya.

Testimoni daripada ibubapa peserta:

 This program impressed me a lot to see how courageous these young people stand in front to share, sing and worship the Lord. God must have touched their life. It is a good program that the youths gained fundamental catholic faith that will help them grow in their catholic faith. (Parents to Henrietta Joanne Patrick – Mdm. Hellen Tipong Sigau, St. Ann’s Parish)





I encourage the Family Bloc Rosary to support this program as this program has brought a lot of fruits including priests and religious in the Archdiocese of Kuching. Also it is a renewal program to empower the rural youth in the archdiocese. The program has brought family reconciliation which is in line with the archbishop vision on the pastoral focus on the family. (Parents to Silvia Gordon – Mr. Petrus Gordon, St Mark Church)

KYCS JC Camp 2011: iPrecious, Are you?

1 12 2011

BAU – The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held the annual Joseph Cardijn Solidarity Camp (JCSC) at Kampung Gumbang, Bau on the 19th-21st of November. The theme for the camp was “Abusing the body: iPrecious, are you?” supported by the bible verse; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. This annual event was attended by 10 schools: SMK St Joseph, SMK St Teresa, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road, SMK Penrissen No.1, SM Lodge, SMK Sg. Maong, SMK Arang Road, SMK Kuching High dan SMK Lake.
The purpose of the camp was to foster a relationship between YCS’es and to practise solidarity with the locals as well as to commemorate the birthday of Joseph Cardijn, the person who inspired this movement. It also serves as an outlet for the members to encounter Jesus Christ in a more intimate way through staying together with their foster families.
A total of 80 students consisting of both participants and committees took part in this big event while being assisted and guided by teachers and Student Animators. The participant stayed with foster families who took them in with open arms and care for them as their very own.
Each day was filled with various fun-filled activities, sessions, praise and worship and not forgetting Holy Mass, which were celebrated by Fr. Simon on Saturday and Monday and Fr. Adrian on Sunday. Session after session, the participants would learn more and more about the preciousness and the sacredness of the human body. The sessions were led by different speakers following the SEE, JUDGE, and ACT methodology. In addition, the participants and committees took part in Solidarity Night and whole village was invited to the celebration. The night was filled with hilarious sketches and touching songs as the participant literally danced the night away with a “poco-poco” dance requested by the locals and a dance routine by the coordinator, Rex Ling.
The camp was officially ended around 11.30am with a closing mass by Fr. Simon Poh and a token of appreciation was given to the Prayer Leader of the kampong. Although the participants were reluctant to leave, they were also excited to share what they have learnt to their families and friends. All in all, the camp was a big success and we all look forward to the next JCSC.
Prepared by,

ACS Youth Concert in Kuching

26 11 2010

Pada 20 November 2010, Sabtu yang lepas, Persatuan gereja-gereja di Sarawak atau Association Churches in Sarawak (ACS) telah mengadakan ACS Youth Concert yang bertemakan “Shine As Stars”, Philippians 2:15 di Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre dan Roman Catholic menjadi tuan rumah pada tahun ini. ACS Youth Concert ini dibanjiri daripada umat kristian daripada pelbagai gereja. Dalam konsert tersebut ini juga, dihadiri oleh 10 orang tetamu khas daripada wakil gereja-gereja lain. Di samping itu, kumpulan Empowered Ministry memberi persembahan yang mantap dan menarik dalam sesi puji dan sembah. Kemeriahan pada malam tersebut diteruskan dengan persembahan pentas daripada para belia mewakili 7 buah gereja iaitu Anglican, Sidang Injil Borneo, Salvation Army, Sevent Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Methodist Chinese dan Iban. Salah satu persembahan ialah daripada kumpulan Gereja Roman Catholic  mempersembahkan Melodrama bertajuk “Yesus mati untukku”. Sebagai penutup tirai konsert tersebut, para belia dihiburkan dengan lagu ‘Bersyukurlah’. ACS Youth Concert pada tahun ini merupakan sangat meriah dan berakhir kira-kira pada pukul 10.30 malam. Diharap dapat berjumpa lagi di tahun hadapan dan Tuhan memberkati anda sekalian.

Grace Harrishyllin

‘Wonderfully Made’ di Kpg Bobak

17 11 2010

Bau –  Pada 31 Oktober, Sabtu, Kpg Bobak, Singai telah menjadi tuan rumah dalam seminar ‘Wonderfully Made’. Seminar ini telah dianjurkan oleh team Wonderfully Made sendiri yang terdiri daripada Puan Stephanie Ng, Encik Michael Junim dan isteri, Sister Perpetua, Lucy Gumek, Almanzo Mangan, Henry Luk, Sheena, Grace & Mark Bulow. Seminar ini disertai oleh para belia berumur 15 tahun ke atas dan ibu bapa di kampung tersebut. “You are Wonderfully Made” menjadi tema utama bagi seminar ini. Ini bertujuan agar para belia tidak terjebak serta tidak meneruskan dengan melakukan perkara yang negatif dan seharusnya menjalani kehidupan yang sihat, ibubapa memainkan peranan yang penting dalam mendidik dan membimbing anak-anak. Antara aktiviti yang dilakukan ialah perbincangan dalam kumpulan, sing along, tayangan video, perkongsian kisah sebenar dan sebagainya. Walaupun seminar ini dijalankan dalam masa sehari sahaja, namun para belia dan ibubapa yang hadir amat berpuas hati kerana seminar ini memberi makna dan kebaikan pada setiap individu.

Primary 6 camp in Serian

3 11 2010

Serian – About 90 Year six youth from various schools took part in a day camp at St Ann Church, Kampung Kakai on 16 October.  The camp was organised by the Sarawak Catholic Teachers’ Guild, Serian Branch and assisted by Empowered  Ministry with their team leader, Karen from Kuching.  Theme of the camp was “God’s Love and Being Special”.  The activities enhance participants to discover themselves being created special.  In addition, participants have opportunity to socialise with participants from other schools.  The following are feedback from participants:

SK Rayang, “We are very happy and grateful today because we are given a chance to sing Praises to the Lord, able to meet new friend, and  pray together as a big family.”

SK Slabi, “Thank you; we are filled with joy and happiness today! We not only meet many new friends but we have learned a lot too. We are excited for God.”

SK St Theresa, “Today we are happy. We can sing can dance for God. We are no more shy and bore.  Most of all, we succeeded in putting aside today for God’s activities!”

Mass of the day was celebrated by Fr Paul Herry.

Fresh Leaders for KYCS

2 09 2010

KUCHING – The Kuching Young Christian Student (KYCS) Students Leaders and Animators Gathering (SLAG) was held on 28 August 2010 at St James’ Room, St Joseph’s Parish Centre. The half-day program aimed to thank the outgoing committees for their contribution during the past one year and to gather and enhance solidarity among all the student leaders and teacher animators. A total of 49 students and 4 teacher animators from 7 different schools participated in this gathering. The schools present were Kolej Abdillah, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road, SMK Penrissen No.1, SMK Sg. Maong, SMK St Joseph, and SMK St Teresa.

SLAG basically had each YCS school president reporting on the activities in their school cell group besides the usual prayers and animation session. There was also introduction on Cardinal Joseph Cardijn and the establishment of YCS and a presentation video clip featuring KYCS events throughout the 2009 and 2010. The highlight of the SLAG was the election of the new KYCS Council for the year 2010-2011.  With the Council of Presidents system preferred, members present voted for Audrey Yap (SMK Batu Lintang) and Julida Shirley (SMK Sg. Maong) to be the representatives of KYCS. Rachel Remus (SMK St. Teresa) volunteered to be the secretary while Leonard Then (SMK Green Road) volunteered to be the treasurer. A Review of Life (ROL) session was also conducted after the election for the outgoing committee members to reflect back on their contribution and for the incoming committee members to reflect on what they have done in YCS so far and their future plans for respective cell groups.

SLAG continued after lunch with the completion of the installation. A handover ceremony was held with the outgoing council members handing over a lit candle to the incoming council members. Mr Fabian Kong, teacher animator of SMK Penrissen No.1 led the members present in a prayer over the outgoing and incoming committees. Tokens of appreciation were presented to the outgoing council members by Stephanie Ng, chairperson of the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission who also thanked the outgoing committees for their contribution and added that YCS is a platform to serve. The upcoming event for KYCS would be the Leadership Formation Camp (LFC) in September.

Grace Lim

Internship in IYCS Asian Team Office

25 06 2010

This is to inform that RALPH BALAN LANGET, Student Animator of the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) will be going for an internship in the Asian Coordinating Office of International Young Christian Students (IYCS) in the Philippines.

The internship will last for a month, from 28 June to 28 July 2010; under the care of Reyna Clemena, one of the Asian Team Coordinator for the current three-year mandate (2009-2012).

Ralph has been a member of YCS movement since 2004 from SMK Batu Lintang. He was the President in his school movement in 2007-2008 and has been serving as a Student Animator for KYCS after he finished his term.

Ralph was the Coordinator for the IYCS Asian Session and Council (ASC) in June 2009 held in Kuching, a delegate for South East Asian Session (SEAS) in August 2009 held in Bangkok, Thailand and he also accompanied student leaders in organising the 3rd East Malaysia Encounter (EME) in March this year held in Sibu, Sarawak besides all other YCS camps held locally in Kuching.

“I feel excited and I am very much looking forward to face new challenges, new cultures and new friends. I miss those I’m leaving behind especially my family and those I have long served with. However, I expect to learn new things and live the life of an Asian Team member. I also hope that I can contribute in the Asian Team to help other country YCS movements. When I come back, I hope to journey even closer with KYCS.” Ralph shares his thoughts of expectations from this internship programme.

We pray that Ralph will be able to learn more about YCS and its functions – and to share them with all other YCS students back in Kuching. God bless!

2nd National Camp

11 06 2010

Pada 10th – 25th Mei 2010 yang lepas, Malaysian Catholic Students’ Council (MCSC) dengan bantuan Campus Ministry Office (CMO) Archdiocese Kota Kinabalu dan Diocese Keningau telah menganjurkan Kem National yang diadakan di Pace Bene, Purak, Papar, Sabah. Kem National ini diadakan empat tahun sekali dan menawarkan lima pelajar universiti dari setiap Arch/Diocese di Malaysia. Ini merupakan kali kedua Kem National diadakan anjuran Malaysian Catholic Students’ Council (MCSC) selepas kali pertama dianjurkan pada tahun 2006.

Tema Kem National kali ini ialah “Discipleship Empowered by God’s Word for Mission: Building A Future of Hope for Malaysia.” Tujuan Kem National ini diadakan adalah untuk menbentuk dan melatih pelajar Katolik menjadi seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai belas kasihan, bervisi dan bermisi dalam tindakan mereka dengan Vatican, FABC dan Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Seramai 32 orang peserta yang terdiri daripada pelbagai Arch/Diocese telah menyertai Kem National ini. Antaranya ialah Sabah Catholic Students Council (SCSC) dan CMO Kota Kinabalu, CMO Keningau, Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) dan CMO Kuching, Penang Coordinating Council (PCC) dan CMO Penang serta Melaka Johor Coordinating Concil (MJCC) dan CMO Melaka Johor.

Pelbagai ceramah dan aktiviti yang telah dilalui sepanjang Kem National ini. Di hari yang pertama, para peserta telah didedahkan dengan aktiviti yang berkaitan dengan pembangunan diri. Kebanyakan aktiviti pada hari ini dijalankan dalam kumpulan disertakan dengan ceramah. Di hari yang kedua, peserta-peserta didedahkan dengan realiti politik di Malaysia dan di hari yang ketiga membincangkan tentang isu globalisasi yang semakin menular terjadi di seluruh dunia. Pada hari keempat hingga hari yang keenam, para peserta mengikuti “Exposure” di daerah Keningau. Para peserta dibahagikan kepada tiga tempat yang berbeza iaitu ke ladang getah, ladang kelapa sawit dan penempatan orang migrant. Hari yang ketujuh dan kelapan, para peserta diajar untuk berfikir secara kritikal tentang isu-isu yang terdapat di tempat exposure dan mengimbas kembali apa yang telah dipelajari sepanjang exposure dijalankan. Pada hari kesembilan, peserta didedahkan dengan agensi-agensi bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang telah membantu ramai penduduk yang kurang diberi perhatian di negara kita. Pada hari kesepuluh dan kesebelas, peserta mengikuti ceramah yang dapat membina kesedaran dalam diri mereka tentang isu-isu yang berlaku di negara kita dan juga aktiviti yang melibatkan perancangan program dalam setiap Archdiocese. Di hari yang keduabelas dan ketigabelas, peserta didedahkan dengan keimanan dalam menjadi seorang Katolik serta membincangkan tentang penyataan terakhir (final statement) yang diketuai oleh drafting committee. Pada hari yang keempatbelas hingga keenambelas, peserta mengikuti aktiviti retreat dalam keadaan yang sunyi dan tenang yang dikendalikan oleh Fr. Jojo Fung.

Menurut Cindy Edward merangkap koordinator Kem National 2, dia dapat lebih memahami keadaan  kehidupan golongan yang ditindas, lebih mendalami nilai saling hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain serta mendapat pendedahan tentang badan-badan bukan kerajaan di mana kita dapat menyertai mereka untuk memastikan mereka yang memerlukan mendapat hak mereka. Selain itu, dia juga memberitahu bahawa dia dapat merasakan kehadiran Tuhan dalam hidupnya dengan menghargai segala yang telah diciptakan Tuhan. Dia juga menyatakan perasaannya yang bangga kerana dapat menjadi sebahagian daripada Local Organization Committee (LOC) dan melihat semangat yang ada dalam peserta-peserta yang mengikuti Kem National kali ini. Dia juga berasa terharu kerana Tuhan sentiasa menyertainya dalam memastikan semua peserta menjiwai Kem Natonal ini.

Secara keseluruhannya, peserta Kem Nationa kali ini dapat membina semangat kerasulan dengan mengikuti jejak Yesus dalam membantu mereka yang memerlukan. Selain itu, kem ini juga banyak membina kesedaran dalam diri peserta untuk lebih peka dan prihatin tentang isu-isu yang terjadi di negara kita dan berusaha untuk memberikan kesedaran yang sama kepada para remaja yang lain.

Sumbangan Geloria Kemban Ngumbang

UTM Skudai welcomes new campus students

28 05 2010

Looking for a community who loves God while you’re away from home? If you are at UTM, Skudai – this is for you. God bless!

Taize Evening with Bro. Ghislain

21 04 2010

KUCHING – The Commission for Youth has coordinated an Taize Evening with Bro. Ghislain on last Sunday, 18th April at the Archbishop’s Hall.   More than 100 peoples attended the Taize evening.

Bro. Ghislain is a Taize Brother covers the Asia Pacific Region to conduct retreat, seminar and Taize prayer.  His last visit to Kuching was 7 years ago.  He shared the Taize message and later conducted the Taize prayer.  He also explained the meaning of some icons used during the prayer.  We are very blessed to have him with us.  He was happy to meet the young people in our Archdiocese including the youth from Tebedu.  He said the youth has the heart to pray and all have responded very positively to Taize prayer.

The prayer session ended with a simple fellowship with Bro. Ghislain.