Kuching Campus Minister New Council Officers for 2020 /2021

15 05 2020
Group photo after the mass celebrate by Fr. Ramon Borja

Kuching Campus Ministry or so-called KCM as organized its first annual general meeting and a new election for their committee for the year 2020 / 2021 on 23 February 2020. There are 7 campuses in Kuching under this council of campus servant’s leaders which included representatives of campus students from Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang (IPBL), Institut Perguruan Tun Abdul Razak (IPTAR), University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), UITM Samarahan Campus, Politeknik Kuching, Institut Kemahiran Mara Kuching (IKM), Institut Kementerian Kesihatan Kuching (ILKKM).

Here is the new committee members

President: Wayne Arthur (IKM)

Vice President: Azellecrystal (IP Batu Lintang)

Secretary: Arcelia Sheira (IP Tun Abdul Razak)

Vice Secretary:  Desiderius Francesca (UITM)

Treasurer: Denny Ronny (ILKKM)

Design & Publication: Christle Jane Raphael (UNIMAS)

Kuching Campus Ministry or KCM is the arm / partner of the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission KAYC in doing ministry to the young Catholic students in the colleges and universities all over the archdiocese. The primary purpose of KCM is to provide Communion in order to achieve Formation and to grow in Mission as Catholic campus students.

The new committee has plan for organizing more activates this year such as Family Day’s, Leadership Campus, KITA (Keep in touch always), and campus logout. Together this year, 3 seminarians for St Peter College Major Seminary has joined them for their pastoral service.

We hope more campuses in Kuching to join Kuching Campus Ministry in the future. For more information, we encourage those students, tutors, or lecturers who would like to form a group/club of catholic students on their campus to contact us, campus minister ms. Maria Amella 0109670781.

YOUTH – Its your choice now

19 04 2018
Scholarship for Diploma in Nursing – Tun Tan Cheng Lock Nursing College, Petaling Jaya
Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Selangor is offering scholarships for qualified students to pursue a three year full time Diploma in Nursing course at Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing, Petaling Jaya. Upon graduating, the candidate will work as a nurse with Assunta and be bonded for 7 ½ years. Candidates must fulfill the following criteria:
• Malaysian citizen
• SPM (or equivalent) with at least 5 credits in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science and one other subject
• Physically and mentally healthy
The scholarship offers:
• Free tuition / course fees
• RM 550 allowance per month for 3 years
• Free accommodation in hostel
• Medical benefit of RM 1000 per annum in Assunta Hospital.
Upon successfully completing the diploma, the student has to sign a 7 ½ year bond with Assunta Hospital to work as a staff nurse. Assunta Hospital will also send the candidate for specialization course during the 7 ½ year bond with full pay study leave.
The recruitment team will be in Kuching on Friday, May 18, 2018 to conduct walk-in interviews. The venue and time for the interview is as follows:
Venue: St. Augustine Room, Parish Center,
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For more information on the course, please log on to http://www.assuntacollege.edu.my or call 03-78723078. The next intake is on 2nd July, 2018.

Student Leader Animator Gathering

17 04 2018

ACCPC: On 14 April 2018, about 28 Kuching Young Christians Students (KYCS) member from different schools has join together in Student Leader Animator Gathering (SLAG). This program been organized by senior KYCS members. The gathering started by YCS creed reading. Activities continued with The Review of Life (ROL) topic on school life to found out the students concerned from different schools in Kuching. It been discuss in three part, which is See, Judge and Act.

Furthermore, Mid-year Camp (MYC) committee also been selected during this gathering. All the KYSC member a given opportunity to discuss and propose their venue for MYC, camp theme & bible verse for the coming up camp. This 4 hours meeting end with closing prayer by the KYCS member.

Prepared by: Maria Amella


24 02 2018

Here is our  first trailer for KAYD18. This year KAYD18 will be organized by Parish Youth Ministry at their own respective Parish.

What you need to do is just CLICK the link…

Let’s Watch! 🙂


7th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at City Parishes, Kuching

10 08 2015

9 August 2015, St Joseph Cathedral – About 30 Youths from different parishes gathered at St Joseph cathedral to witness the hand over of the KAYD cross from PYM Sri Aman to Empowered ministry.

After hand over the KAYD Cross, the procession of the Cross started from St Joseph Cathedral to ACCPC with a Rosary recitation and was led by representatives from each City Parishes.

The event started at St Rose Room, ACCPC with Praise and worship by Empowered ministry and continued with introduction to the theme by Stephanie Micheal, one of the Coordinators. Fr Larry was invited to share about his program called iChat.

To show that KAYD 2015 is just around the corner and the committees ready to serve and share the Love of God to the community, all the representatives from the city parishes process the KAYD cross from ACCPC to the Church which was before the Evening Mass Started.










5th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Jude Bunan Gega

24 05 2015

24 May 2015, SUNDAY – Approximately 200 persons including parents be a witness of hands over the KAYD cross from PYMs St Theresa’s Serian to PYM’s St Jude’s Bunan. The activities continued right after the mass. The introduction to KAYD was presented by Dina Firuana and continued with the topic entitle “knowing our neighbour” which was presented by Nina Gordon, as one of the KAYD 2015 Coordinators. There were more than 30 youths from Bunan area joined the activities.










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4th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Theresa Serian

15 05 2015

SERIAN, 10 May 2015 – More than 15 persons from Marketing and Promotion ministry joined the Roadshow. Youths from other parishes also joined the Roadshow and support the activities which was organize by PYM St Theresa. There were more than 200 persons including parents attended the mass at 8.00am celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arockya Raj and be the witness of handing over the KAYD 2015 cross from PYM St Ann to PYM St Theresa Serian. The activities continued with a sing along which was led by Emmanuel group from Kpg Jenan Serian. There were two important slots in KAYD roadshow. First, was an Introduction of KAYD 2015 which was delivered by Miss Nina Gordon as one of the coordinators for this year KAYD and talk on ‘knowing your neighbour’ was presented by Miss Monica Lisa. KAYD Roadshow was ended at 2.00 pm with a KAYD prayer and lunch. Next KAYD Roadshow will be on 24 May 2015 at St Jude Bunan. Come! and experience the Love of God.