Student Leader Animator Gathering

17 04 2018

ACCPC: On 14 April 2018, about 28 Kuching Young Christians Students (KYCS) member from different schools has join together in Student Leader Animator Gathering (SLAG). This program been organized by senior KYCS members. The gathering started by YCS creed reading. Activities continued with The Review of Life (ROL) topic on school life to found out the students concerned from different schools in Kuching. It been discuss in three part, which is See, Judge and Act.

Furthermore, Mid-year Camp (MYC) committee also been selected during this gathering. All the KYSC member a given opportunity to discuss and propose their venue for MYC, camp theme & bible verse for the coming up camp. This 4 hours meeting end with closing prayer by the KYCS member.

Prepared by: Maria Amella


KYCS Telematch- SMK St Joseph

29 07 2015

18 July 2015, SMK St Joseph – An annual telematch organized by The Young Christian Student movement in SMK St Joseph.  The event was held to promote the KYCS initiative among students from various schools. Instilling leadership and teamwork were also part of our objectives for the telematch. SMK St Joseph’s students held the telematch under the supervision of their teacher-in-charge Madam Sii Siaw Zin. Seniors, previously YCS members from all over Kuching also contributed to make the telematch successful. There were a total number of 79 participants who took part in the event. They were from SMK St Joseph, St Joseph’s Private School, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Batu Kawa, MRSM Kuching, SM Lodge, SMK Green Road, SMK Jalan Arang and SMK Kuching High. There were a total of 4 Game Stations for the first half of the telematch and a man hunt was conducted for the second. A photograph session was also conducted. To conclude the event, the participants took part in a water balloon war. It was a successful event despite minor setbacks and we hope in the future, we will be able to have the chance to do better in the event once again.

Jordan Ku – SMK St Joseph





KYCS-Joseph Cardijn’s Camp

12 12 2014

From the 25th to the 27th of November 2014, Kuching Young Christian Students had its annual Joseph Cardijn’s Camp. The event was held at St. Lukas Catholic Center, Kota Padawan. The camp was attended by 46 participants and 36 serving committee members from various schools namely SMK St. Teresa, SMK St. Joseph, SMK Green Road, SMK Penrissen No.1, SMK Batu Kawa, Maktab Rendah Sains Malaysia, SMK Kuching High, St. Joseph’s Private School, SMK Balai Ringin, SMK Tebakang and SMK Westlands and ITP College from Penang. The aim of the camp is to unite YCS members in the bond of friendship and to spread awareness on the the issue face by teens in line with the theme of the camp which is “Mass Media and Youths”.

The first day of camp started off with a morning prayer followed by breakfast. Miss Lucy Gumek conducted an expectation and contribution check to help the participants to set goals to achieve during camp. A session on the first part of the YCS methodology, SEE, with the theme was then conducted by Cikgu Jenifer. The participants got to see how the media is used to influence us and to spread information regardless of its accuracy.  The day ended with Taize prayer. Through Taize prayer, the participants were provided with a peaceful environment to reflect on the day’s session.

An outdoor morning prayer started off the second day of camp. After breakfast and animation, guess speaker, Mr. Mervyn Lee, conducted a session on JUDGE. The participants were exposed to the roles of media in the Christian setting. Mass was then preside by Fr. Felix Au. After mass, lunch was consumed and a short animation session was held before Mr. Mervyn continued with the second part of his session where the participants were brought to reflect on their personal use of media. Then, a short praise and worship session was held before the participants were given time to prepare for Solidarity Night. Solidarity Night served as an outlet for the participants to perform and showcase what they have learned from camp. Every group was given the opportunity to perform.

The last segment of the YCS methodology, ACT, was introduced to the participants. The participants were given the opportunity to construct their own action plan to fight media abuse before getting into groups with their schoolmates to construct an action plan to spread media awareness in their own school. A concluding mass was then celebrated by Friar William Lee before lunch. After lunch, a general clean up was held to clean St. Lukas Catholic Center before returning home.

In general, the camp was a great success. The participants got to learn more about the media which surrounds us and to create stronger friendship ties with YCS members of other schools.













KYCS – Leadership Formation Camp 2014

2 10 2014

On 19 Sept – 21 Sept 2014, Kuching Young Christian Student has organized an annual leadership formation camp for the new Young Christian Student leader in the schools. There were 58 students from different schools attended the Camp namely St Joseph private, St Joseph, St Theresa, SMK Green Road, SMK Penrissen 1, SM Lodge, SMK Balai Ringin, SMK Serian, SMK Tebakang, SMK Paku, MRSM and SMK Sg Tapang. Brother Stanley (Jesuit) was invited to give a talk on what is Leadership using the methodology SEE, JUDGE and ACT. Brother Stanley talked more about the SEE and JUDGE part where meditation and reflection was included at the end of his sessions. On the last day, for the Action part, Lucy talked on Facilitation skill, while Claudia talked on ‘how to facilitate’ especially in their gathering.