Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2015 (KAYD15)

4 09 2015

29th – 31st August 2015 – Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2015 is held once every two years on which it was organized by the Kuching Archdiocese Youth Commission (KAYC) with the collaboration of all Parishes and Youth Groups in the Archdiocese of Kuching.

This year, KAYD 2015 was held at Grand Hall, Archdiocesan Cathedral Curia Parish Center (ACCPC). About 700 participants and servants have came together for the grand three-day celebration. They came from various Parishes to include Kuching, Sri Aman, Betong, Kapit and as far as from Kuala Lumpur and Sabah with one mission; to share the love of God and to Glorify him.

His Grace Archbishop John Ha presided the Opening Mass where His homily messages centred on  the theme of KAYD 2015  “The Beatitudes” taken from Matthew 5: 1-12 on the first day of KAYD. He shared that the Beatitudes is one of the keys to enter God’s Kingdom, we must to follow Jesus,’ he told the young people.

The prelate challenged the young participants with the questions “How do we response to his offer? Am I following the Beatitudes in my life?” These questions help the young people to reflect on their lives throughout the event. The Mass was followed by the Opening Celebration and Worship Night.

The second day of KAYD was filled with plenary talks by Brother Stanley Goh,SJ. It was followed by the workshop on Human Dignity. Guest speakers Mervyn Lee, Fr Peter Liston and Cosmas Klumai, spoke to male participants. While Lucy Gumek, Stephanie Ng and Sarah Marimuthu attended to the female participants. the programme continued with Adoration Night and Reconciliation.

The Closing Mass by Archbishop John Ha ended KAYD2015 on 31 August 2015. The KAYD Committee would like to thank everyone including the host families, who supported in one way or another to make the event a success.


The Sessions and workshop in KAYD really help me a lot, especially about life; learn how to love, appreciate and how to defense my faith. I am blessed to have a good opportunity to share the love of God with people that I’ve met during KAYD. KAYD 2015  inspired me to continue apply the Beatitudes in my life as what did Jesus do. Be Blessed!

Athena Balina Lawrence, Politeknik Kuching

I’ve been KAYD-waved ever since I heard about the KAYD early this year from a friend of mine. So, I’ve been looking forward to attend the KAYD, and yes I am so BLESSED to be part of the youths wave to praise and worship God, to listen to His words and to mingle around with other youths. My ‘hunger’ was filled. I’ve been longing to this kind of program for quite while. I’m looking forward for the next KAYD and any events such like this at Kuching. Praise to the Lord!

Charles Eric George, Church of the Holy Family, Kajang


















7th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at City Parishes, Kuching

10 08 2015

9 August 2015, St Joseph Cathedral – About 30 Youths from different parishes gathered at St Joseph cathedral to witness the hand over of the KAYD cross from PYM Sri Aman to Empowered ministry.

After hand over the KAYD Cross, the procession of the Cross started from St Joseph Cathedral to ACCPC with a Rosary recitation and was led by representatives from each City Parishes.

The event started at St Rose Room, ACCPC with Praise and worship by Empowered ministry and continued with introduction to the theme by Stephanie Micheal, one of the Coordinators. Fr Larry was invited to share about his program called iChat.

To show that KAYD 2015 is just around the corner and the committees ready to serve and share the Love of God to the community, all the representatives from the city parishes process the KAYD cross from ACCPC to the Church which was before the Evening Mass Started.










6th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at Holy Family Chapel, Betong, Sri Aman

27 07 2015

Betong, 25-26 July 2015 – The 6th KAYD 2015 Roadshow was held at Holy Family Chapel Betong. There were 27 persons from Kuching (Promotion and Marketing team together with PYM’s) and 17 persons from St Jude Bunan, Gega joined the roadshow.

On 25 July, a convoy, Promotion and Marketing team together with PYM’s and youth from St Jude Bunan arrived in Betong around 7.00 pm. After had a dinner with ladies guild in Betong, Youth from Kuching and St Jude Bunan joined Taize prayer led by Deacon Robert Jissem and Youth from Betong. The program ended at 9.30 pm with a final blessing by Fr Martin Wong.

The KAYD Roadshow started on 26 July 2015 at 8.00 am with a Morning Prayer led by Ms Nina Gordon, one of the KAYD coordinators. The roadshow continued with an ice breaking led by Promotion and Marketing team and introduction to KAYD by Mr Cyril, one of KAYD coordinators.

Ms Lucy shared a short video about Christian Faith and led the youth to reflect on their faith; on how far they stand firm in their faith and how they put Jesus in their lives.

The roadshow ended with a Youth mass at 10.30 am presided by Fr Martin Wong and Deacon Robert Jissem. PYM St Jude Bunan hands over the KAYD 2015 cross to PYM Our Lady Queen of Peace Sri Aman during the procession.

Promotion and Marketing team requested to do the KAYD roadshow at Holy Family chapel Betong because of one reason; to gather all the Youth from Skrang and Seratok in Betong. As if the roadshow was held at Sri Aman, there will be a problem for youth from Skrang and Seratok to join due to geographically problem.

The upcoming roadshow and visiting of the Youth Cross will be at city parish, St. Joseph on this coming 9th August 2015, 1.30pm. And the cross will be hands-over by the PYM Our Lady Queen of Peace Sri Aman. It will be the last roadshow before the KAYD actual day.

Be Blessed!






KAYD 2015 Servant’s retreat

28 06 2015

KOTA PADAWAN- Approximately 86 Servant’s from different ministries were gathered and attended the Servant’s retreat which was held at St Lukas Centre from 26 June to 28 June, 3 days 2 nights.

The purposed of the retreat was to guide the servants and give a bigger picture on what will happen during KAYD 2015 in this coming August. Besides, the retreat helps the servants to have better understanding about the theme for KAYD this year which was taken from Matthew 5: 1-12, “The Beatitudes”. Brother Stanley, SJ the main Guest speaker for KAYD 2015 was invited to share on the theme. He conducted the Team Building session which helps the servant’s to communicate, collaborate and help each other even they are in different ministries. Fr Alvin Ng also been invited to share on “What is servant leadership?”. A special thanks to Fr Varghese for celebrating the Holy Hour.

Servant's Retreat











5th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Jude Bunan Gega

24 05 2015

24 May 2015, SUNDAY – Approximately 200 persons including parents be a witness of hands over the KAYD cross from PYMs St Theresa’s Serian to PYM’s St Jude’s Bunan. The activities continued right after the mass. The introduction to KAYD was presented by Dina Firuana and continued with the topic entitle “knowing our neighbour” which was presented by Nina Gordon, as one of the KAYD 2015 Coordinators. There were more than 30 youths from Bunan area joined the activities.










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KAYD 2015 Facilitator’s Training

23 05 2015

23 MAY 2015, ACCPC, St Joseph Cathedral – There were 33 facilitators attended the training which was conducted by Brother John D’cruz from the La Salle’s brother. The training was started at 8.15 am with an activity ice breaking and continued with 4  sessions given by Brother John. The training was called as a learning session; this learning sessions was to prepare all the facilitators on how to facilitate a group discussion and how to be a facilitator which they will apply these criteria during KAYD 2015.









4th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Theresa Serian

15 05 2015

SERIAN, 10 May 2015 – More than 15 persons from Marketing and Promotion ministry joined the Roadshow. Youths from other parishes also joined the Roadshow and support the activities which was organize by PYM St Theresa. There were more than 200 persons including parents attended the mass at 8.00am celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arockya Raj and be the witness of handing over the KAYD 2015 cross from PYM St Ann to PYM St Theresa Serian. The activities continued with a sing along which was led by Emmanuel group from Kpg Jenan Serian. There were two important slots in KAYD roadshow. First, was an Introduction of KAYD 2015 which was delivered by Miss Nina Gordon as one of the coordinators for this year KAYD and talk on ‘knowing your neighbour’ was presented by Miss Monica Lisa. KAYD Roadshow was ended at 2.00 pm with a KAYD prayer and lunch. Next KAYD Roadshow will be on 24 May 2015 at St Jude Bunan. Come! and experience the Love of God.