Kuching Campus Ministry

15 06 2020

Soon will be the new intake for those SPM / STPM leavers, if u further study in one of these campuses, please don’t hesitate to contact the campus leader for help and I encourage you to join their weekly gathering too. You may download & share with your friend & family.

Special thanks to Christle Jane & Rappela Ron from UNIMAS for designing this poster.

Kuching Campus Minister New Council Officers for 2020 /2021

15 05 2020
Group photo after the mass celebrate by Fr. Ramon Borja

Kuching Campus Ministry or so-called KCM as organized its first annual general meeting and a new election for their committee for the year 2020 / 2021 on 23 February 2020. There are 7 campuses in Kuching under this council of campus servant’s leaders which included representatives of campus students from Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang (IPBL), Institut Perguruan Tun Abdul Razak (IPTAR), University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), UITM Samarahan Campus, Politeknik Kuching, Institut Kemahiran Mara Kuching (IKM), Institut Kementerian Kesihatan Kuching (ILKKM).

Here is the new committee members

President: Wayne Arthur (IKM)

Vice President: Azellecrystal (IP Batu Lintang)

Secretary: Arcelia Sheira (IP Tun Abdul Razak)

Vice Secretary:  Desiderius Francesca (UITM)

Treasurer: Denny Ronny (ILKKM)

Design & Publication: Christle Jane Raphael (UNIMAS)

Kuching Campus Ministry or KCM is the arm / partner of the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission KAYC in doing ministry to the young Catholic students in the colleges and universities all over the archdiocese. The primary purpose of KCM is to provide Communion in order to achieve Formation and to grow in Mission as Catholic campus students.

The new committee has plan for organizing more activates this year such as Family Day’s, Leadership Campus, KITA (Keep in touch always), and campus logout. Together this year, 3 seminarians for St Peter College Major Seminary has joined them for their pastoral service.

We hope more campuses in Kuching to join Kuching Campus Ministry in the future. For more information, we encourage those students, tutors, or lecturers who would like to form a group/club of catholic students on their campus to contact us, campus minister ms. Maria Amella 0109670781.

G.I.F.T UTM Johor Bahru

14 08 2019

Welcoming Party by CSS GIFT UTMJB

CSS GIFT would like to welcome all the UTM Catholic freshman to attend the following program:

1. Welcoming Fellowship Night (13 /9/ 2019)
2. Welcoming Weekend Fellowship (26- 29 / 9 / 2019)
Venue: Skudai Catholic Centre

For those Sarawakian especially from the Archdiocese of Kuching please grab this opportunity and become part of the GIFT Family. Want to know more about this welcoming program and CSS GIFT Family? Please contact:
Darren: 013-8960269
Karen: 013-5457491
Melson: 011-51806005

Malaysia Catholic Youth & Campus Minister

6 08 2019

Bagi pelajar kampus sekali, walaupun di mana kamu belajar di seluruh Malaysia, Catholic Campus & Youth Ministry akan sedia membantu kamu. Sila menghubungi kami untuk mengetahuan lokasi gereja terdekat atau ministri campus yang ada di lokasi anda. Selamat datang ke menara gading dan selamat menempuhi alam kuliah.

The 3rd Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day – MCCSD3

14 06 2019

Kota Kinabalu – The 3rd Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day (MCCSD 3) was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 3rd June to 8th June 2019. Approximately about 350 campus students all over Malaysia has participate the MCCSD to commemorate the theme ‘Thy will Be Done’ taken from Luke 1: 38. About 16 students from different campuses in Kuching representing Kuching Campus Ministry attended this national event. Together with them 2 youth minister and His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh as Bishop in charge of Youth in Malaysia

Group Photo with Archbishop Simon Poh

The welcoming mass was celebrated by Archbishop Datuk John Wong as the Archbishop for Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu at Cathedral of Sacred Heart. Together with Archbishop John Wong are Archbishop Simon Poh and few invited priest. In his speech Archbishop Datuk John Wong has welcome all the campus student to Kota Kinabalu. That night, the programme continue with welcoming night with the theme of “Let us bring JOY”.

The next day (5th June 2019), there’s 2 workshop on depression, anxiety, suicidal thought and relationship with family in the morning session, while in the afternoon, the workshop is about understanding our neighbour which aim to deepening faith among catholic students. After the workshop, all the participants were asked to do journal writing about the topics of the day.

On the fourth day of mission, all the participants were divided into their mission group based on their mission work. There are 15 allocated mission locations which required participants to do different kind of mission works. For Kuching contingent they are selected to join the mission with different NGO & Villages namely Kayu Madang Landfill, Kampung Gentisan Village & Karambunai Village, Stairway to Hope, Pacos Trust, Be Frienders, Youth-Prep Centre. The night after mission work, once again, all the participants were asked to do personal reflection and group sharing with their experience & God present during the mission work that they been doing.

Mission Stairway of Hope : school of hope
Mission Paco Trust: visiting the water spring

On 7th June 2019, the programme was proceeds with dialogue on faith, discernment and vocation. The dialogue was attended by Archbishop Simon Poh, Sister Shanty, Madam Christina David, Mr Walton and Mr Walter. This dialogue session have inspired & help students to know them vocation more either as religious life, married life or single life. It is the great opportunity also for the student when during that evening, to have they counselling & sharing session with the “caregiver” namely Sister, Counsellor and few youth ministers. Confession session and adoration of blessed Sacrament by Bishop Cornelius Piong. On the final night also, with Thematic Night with the theme ‘My Soul Glorifies the Lord’

The send-off mass was celebrated by Archbishop Simon Poh at St Micheal’s Church, Penampang with an enthusiastic and empowering message from the World Youth day in January 2019 in Panama. In His Homily, Archbishop Simon Poh had used Pope Francis words at WYD 2019: “You are the NOW of God. They are at its present; even now, they are helping to enrich it.” (Christus Vivit No. 64)

Excellent choir team from Archdiocese of Kuching & Diocese Miri

Prepared by: Regina Anak Akee

Participating in MCCSD’3 makes me realize that my life is blessed beyond measure. I get the chance to meet and interact with people from different ages, different walks of life and of various races. I have learned a lot of things throughout the event, such as social skill, communication skill, how to work in group, and I also learned how to identify the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts as these are the problems that most campus students are facing. Next, I was sent to Kampung Gentisan, Karambunai for my mission work which was based on the element of humanity and environment. There, we help one of the family to clean their house and to do gardening. As I reflect upon my mission work, I realize how fortunate I am to have such a stable life, especially in terms of financial. Through my mission work, I believe that our presence gives the family hope to live and our presence can also make them feel the presence and love of Christ. This experience is very much related to the speech given by Pope Francis, which is “We are the now of God”. It awakens me that God is using us to be His instrument to reach out to people and to spread His love to the people out there. – Azellecyrstal Jok (IPG Batu Lintang)

The most unforgettable moments are the Love we have for each other throughout the event. Everyone is so warm and friendly also open to know new friends. Accepting the differences. Everyone bonds with the Love that Jesus teach us. I could not possibly forget the workshops especially on the “Faith, Vocation and Calling” talk. It made me ponder a lot about where God will put me in the future. Have he ever called me but I was so into the worldly life? That made me reflect a lot. My mission after participating this MCCSD3 is to spread more love to everyone so that they’d be able to spread it to those who are lost in finding God. More events like this should be held in campuses as we students are constantly searching for the purpose of life. – Rapella Ron (UNIMAS)

Pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan dalam MCCSD3 ini adalah, apabila mission work yang berlangsung di Stairway to Hope, Inanam. Saya berasa sangat bersyukur kerana dapat melanjutkan pelajaran saya manakala kanak-kanak di sana tidak dapat meneruskan pelajaran atas sebab-sebab yang tertentu. Puji Tuhan kepada sukarelawan yang telah menubuhkan Stairway to Hope demi mengajar kanak-kanak yang tidak dapat menghadiri sekolah biasa seperti kita semua, mereka sanggup mengorbankan masa dan tenaga mereka untuk mengajar kanak-kanak tersebut. Saya juga merasakan kehadiran Tuhan Yesus beserta dengan kanak-kanak, senyuman yang mereka berikan kepada kami sangat mangalu-alukan dan saya berasa sangat tersentuh sebab walaupun mereka tahu bahawa mereka mempunyai banyak masalah tetapi mereka tetap memilih untuk memberi kami senyuman manis. Saya berharap lebih banyak lagi aktiviti yang bole saya lakukan di kampus untuk mengeratkan hubungan antara rakan-rakan yang seiman dalam Kristus melalui aktiviti-aktiviti kerohanian – Wayne Atrthur John (Institute Kemahiran Mara Kuching)

Satu pengalaman terbaik yang pernah saya rasai dan Puji Tuhan untuk itu! Setiap intipati yang disampaikan adalah mendalam dan menyentuh secara menyeluruh banyak membantu & memberi inspirasi kepada kami pelajar-pelajar kampus. Selain itu, saya juga bersyukur kerana mendapat keluarga angkat yang sungguh baik yang melayan kami seperti anak mereka sendiri. Saya berharap agar aktiviti seperti ini dapat dianjurkan di Kuching! – Denny Ronny (ILKKM Kuching)

A week before the Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Days, the delegates of Kuching had attended the recollection at St Peter Missionary College, Kuching for spiritual preparation before attending MCCSD 3 and at the same time to create a bonding & team spirit among the delegates and youth ministers.

Group Photo with Fr Ramon after the send off mass
Relationshiop Building- Preparing Breakfast together
Send off Mass


12 04 2019

Kuching: Kuching Campus Ministry the menganjurkan “Movie Night” pada 23 Mac di ACCPC dan 6 April di St Lukas Centre.

Tujuan utama Movie Night ini diadakan adalah untuk memcari dana bagi peserta yang akan mengikuti program Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day’s kali ke-3 di Kota Kinabalu, pada 3 – 8 Jun 2019 akan datang.  Seramai 17 orang pelajar dari pelbagai campus di Kuching akan mewakili Keuskupan Agung Kuching untuk program dwi-tahunan ini.

Untuk Movie Night yang pertama, program ini diadakan di St Rose Room, ACCPC mendapat sambutan yang baik dari pelajar campus. Filem yang ditayangkan bertajuk “Miracles from Heaven” yang berlangsung hampir 2 jam. Turut diadakan juga pada malam itu adalah jualan rencana atau button badge dengan pelbagai corak yang dihasilkan oleh pelajar campus sendiri.

Untuk Movie Night yang kedua pula diadakan di St Lukas Centre bermula pada jam 8 malam. Kali bukan sahaja mendapat sambutan dari pelajar campus tetapi juga umat dari paroki St Ann yang mengikuti missa sunset. Filem yang ditayang bertajuk The Letter – Mother Theresa. Turut diadakan juga jualan rencanamendapat sambutan baik dari pelajar campus kerana berjaya terjual sebanyak 200 biji dalam masa 2 minggu.  Program pada malam itu diakhir dengan doa malam yang diketuai oleh Fr. Ramon Borja.

UTM Johor – Catholic Student Society G.I.F.T organised Mission Trip to Bunan-Tebedu Parish

22 08 2018


Taking photo at Malaysia- Indonesia Border in Tebedu

Bunan-Tebedu: A group of student from University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM Johor) under catholic student society G.I.F.T. has organised a mission trip to parish Bunan-Tebedu starting 3rd August to 12 August 2018. The mission team consists of five campus students from UTM Johor and 1 student from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Together in this mission trip is pastoral worker from Youth Commission office of Kuching as spiritual guardian for all the team members. They activities for the mission trip was guided and arranged by Father Galvin Ngumbang, from Commission for Mission and Human Development Kuching.

Upon arrived at Leopold Memorial Centre (LMC), the team were given a warm welcome by the Parish Youth Ministers (PYM) and also Father Galvin. For the first 4 days, the team was assigned to stay at Leopold Memorial Centre (LMC) to prepare their objective and planned for the mission trip in kampung. While in Leopold Memorial Centre, the team was given opportunities to follow parish priest to different kampongs to celebrated mass with the orang kampongs. We met another 2 parish priests, Father Berksman and Father Selvan; Claretian priests from India who are very welcoming with our presence. Each church has its own beauty and uniqueness and being able to experience the presence of God is just magnificent.

As a part of the missions, the team also helped up to clean the Leopold Memorial Centre and St Martha Convent. Each day, their programs were also included morning reflection and bible sharing.

The 5th day, the mission continued to Kampung Saan. During the mission in Kampung Saan, we are divided into two host Famlies which is Mr Mathew Asan and also Mr Jelery. The mission is to journey with families on their daily activities. It is a pleasure to have Fr. Larry Tan, chaplain of Kuching Kampus Ministry to celebrated Holy Hour for us on that afternoon.

As we journey with our host families, we learned many meaningful lessons from them, going to orchard and clear the land for paddy plantation is one of the interesting skills that we learned our new families. Through the course of many conversations, we learned about struggles finding work and live in a state where modern technology is beyond reach. We all worked together which was something we were not expecting, and their gratitude toward our presence was truly humbling. We grew to understand the struggles faced by the people from their perspective.

On the final night, we also having our silent moment through Holy Hour celebrate by Fr Benard which came far from St Stephen Bau Parish. After this holy hour, we were having our fellowship dinner together with Fr. Selvan, Fr. Benard and PYM St Jude.

Overall, this mission trip has been impactful in ways that cannot be explained. We were challenged to learn by living and were left with a renewed sense of passion, peace, and joy for life.

Prepared by: Casson Jonquil

Helped to clean St Paul Church Kampung Saan

Testimony from team:

This mission trip not only made my faith stronger, but also made me believed that love truly conquer all. The joy and love of Jesus are spread through people around us. Coming out from comfort zone make me realize all my fears are frictional and I don’t need technologies to entertain me. I hope the youth can open their heart to serve in Jesus, its look difficult but nothing is impossible to a willing hearts. –  Veronica Shantia (UTM, Johor)

Pengalaman berharga semasa berada di kampung membuka mata saya bertapa susahnya untuk mencari rezeki, berhempas pulas mengunakan tenaga fizikal  untuk mendapatkan wang untuk menyara hidup. Di sini saya sedar bertapa pentingnya hidup bermasyarakat, saling bertegur sapa serta mengurangkan pengunaan gadget dalam kehidupan seharian. Bersyurkur atas pengalaman yang saya dapat dari mission trip ini. – Jessica Henisi (UTM, Johor)

Pengalaman saya yang paling berharga sepanjang mengikuti mission trip ini ialah semasa mengikuti paderi ke kampung-kampung untuk merayakan missa kudus. Saya sangat teruja melihat pemandangan kampung yang begitu menenangkan serta gereja yang cantik di mana saya berpeluang untuk berfikir dan membuat refleksi tentang cara hidup bersederhana. Harap saya kepada belia yang lain dapat keluar dari zona selesa dan merasakan kehidupan orang lain serta belajar melayani sesama. – Silvia Gordan (UPSI, Perak)

The best experience I had through this mission trip is meeting the people of Bunan as well as experienced their daily lives. Their simple life and dedication to God, and also the beauty of nature had inspired me to look at the big picture in life; to appreciate the friends and family around us, as well as to be sincere and to take pride in any jobs that we do. I hope more people would be able to join a mission trip, so that we could gain new perspectives from the eyes of others. Going on this mission trip also led me to experience and witness God’s love in person. Slyvia Ipoh (UTM, Johor)

Students from UTM Johor

With Sister in St Martha Convent Bunan

Taking for with PYM St Jude & Fr Galvin after Holy Mass with orang kampung in Kampung Bidak Plaman


Program I-Chat Pelajar Campus

24 04 2018

Sesi bergambar bersama

Padawan: Program I-Chat untuk pelajar campus telah diadakan di St. Lukas Centre pada 20 hingga 22 April 2018. Seramai 12 orang pelajar dari kampus Politeknik Kuching and UNIMAS telah hadir dalam program ini. Tujuan program adalah untuk membantu pelajar mendalami iman mereka sebagai seorang Katolik serta membantu pelajar bagaimana menjawab persoalan berkenaan dengan agama mereka jika ditanya oleh agama lain terutamanya. Selain itu, missa sunset mass juga diadakan dan dirayakan oleh Rev. Fr Larry Tan.

Berikut adalah testimoni dari pelajar yang mengikuti program ini:

Melalui program I-Chat ini telah menyedarkan saya dalam banyak perkara terutamanya dalam Dogma Tritunggal yang selama ini menjadi persoalan utama untuk diri saya sebagai umat Katolik. Selain itu, saya turut mempelajari pelbagai isu dari luar negara dan sejarah agama Kristian sendiri. – Denny Ronny, Politeknik

Banyak informasi yang saya perolehi melalui tayangan video dan maklumat yang disampaikan. Di samping itu, saya dapat mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai iman kita sebagai seorang Katolik. Melalui program ini juga, saya yakin mampu membantu saya dalam mempertahankan iman saya jika ditanya berkenanan agama saya terutama sebagai seorang katolik. – Evangelisa Anna Anselius, UNIMAS

Sesi perbincangan dalam kelompok

Disediakan oleh: Maria Amella


KCM Campus Logout

18 04 2018

ACCPC: Komiti Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) telah menganjurkan perjumpaan Campus Logout mereka pada hari Ahad, 15 April 2018 di St. John & St. Lucy Room ACCPC yang lalu. Seramai 51 orang pelajar dari pelbagai kampus di sekitar Kuching telah mengikuti perjumpaan ini. Antara kampus yang hadir semasa perjumpaan adalah dari IPGK Batu Lintang, UNIMAS, ILKKM Kuching (KSKB), Technology College Sarawak, SIDMA (UNITAR) Kuching and Politeknik Kuching. Turut hadir bersama di perjumpaan ini adalah 5 orang seminarian dari St. Peter College yang menjalankan tugas Pastoral mereka di bawah Kuching Campus Ministry.

Tujuan utama program ini diadakan untuk memperkenalkan apa itu peranan Kuching Campus Ministry serta memperkenalkan komiti KCM yang baru bagi sesi 2018 sehingga 2020. Melalui aktiviti campus logout ini juga, para pelajar dapat mengenali teman-teman katholik dari campus yang lain. Turut diselitkan sesi doa puji dan sembah serta “games” interaksi.

Rev. Fr Larry Tan turut mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menyampaikan kerisauan beliau tentang program pengislaman di kampus. Fr. Larry mengalakan lebih ramai pelajar untuk mengikuti program I-chat bagi memperdalamkan iman mereka.

Program ini diakhiri dengan doa penutup oleh seminarian Bro. Micheal Dass and sesi bergambar bersama semua yang hadir pada perjumpaan ini.



Daftar Pelajar Campus Catholic Malaysia

21 03 2018


Hi semua! Bagi mereka yang akan meneruskan pengajian anda di luar Malaysia atau dalam Malaysia tetapi di negeri @ diocese lain

Sila isi kan maklumat lengkap anda di sini      http://beliakl.catholicyouth.my/checkin

klik bahagian “CHECK IN” kemudian akan ada 4 warna yang berlainan…

  1.  Khas untuk Anak Muda Katolik Keuskupan Agung Kuala Lumpur yang akan meneruskan Perkerjaan atau Pembelajaran di Malaysia
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Pilih penyataan yang tepat dan isikan maklumat anda dengan betul; kemudian KLIK di bahagian yang berkaitan dengan tempat pengajian kamu👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Sila kongsikan dengan yang lain! kami sedia membantu..


Youth & Campus Ministry CONTACT

21 03 2018



28 07 2017

PENANG ISLAND – Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 was held in Penang Island from 23rd June to 27th June 2017 after Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 1 which was held in Kuching in 2015.

Approximately 850 delegates (Campus Students) from all over Malaysia gathered for the mission, adoration and celebration to commemorate the theme ‘That they may be one’ taken from John 17:22. Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 opening Mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh as a Bishop for Youth/Campus ministry in Malaysia at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Bishops from different dioceses namely His Excellency Bishop Datuk Sebastian Francis, Rt Reverend Bishop Anthony Bernard Paul, and The Most Reverend Archbishop Julian Leow were also journey with the youth in Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2.

This year’s Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day was very blessed because of the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernadez on the last day of Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day send-off Mass. The Send-off mass was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Datuk Sebastian Francis with an enthusiastic and empowering message from him. The mass was ended with an announcement from His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh on Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 3 which will be held in Sabah.

Out of 850 delegates; 26 of them were from Archdiocese of Kuching. They were leaders who are committed in their campuses. Fr Larry Tan as a Chaplain for Kuching Campus Ministry and 1 of Youth Minister were also participated in Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2. On behalf of Kuching Campus Ministry, We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone directly and indirectly involved in the fundraisings, prayers, support and making MCCSD 2 a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Group Photo

Group Photo

Kuching Delegates with Arch Simon

Vigil Night – with Archbishop Simon Poh

Vigil night with Fr Larry Tan

Vigil Night – with Fr Larry Tan

Kuching Delegates - Complete

Kuching Delegates at Risen Christ Ayer Hitam

Sarawak delegates

Sarawak Campus Students

Kuching Delegates with Fr Larry Tan

Kuching Delegates with Chaplain Kuching Campus Ministry-Fr Larry Tan


Here are some of the amazing experiences shared by Kuching delegates:

“I thank God and everyone else involved for this opportunity to participate in MCCSD2. I went without much expectations, but it has been a fruitful experience. After struggling to have a relationship with God for many years, this experience has drawn me into a deeper relationship with God.”- Audrey Olivia Chen, UNIMAS

“It was a beautiful journey as I’m able to engage with the youths from different dioceses, being able to feel the fondness during the service of the elderly in the Little Sisters of the Poor, experienced the beauty of our Catholic church through the sacredness of mass and adoration vigil. Everything was wonderfully orchestrated.” – Vivi Gloria Lucas, UNIMAS

“I was amazed by how God’s love took a positive effect throughout His people gathered from different states in Malaysia. God called me out of my comfort zone to experience His missions as how all the saints have done them during their times here on earth. Therefore, I’m inspired to go out and share God’s love to everyone with Mother Mary interceding for me in my every step.” – Darren Richmond, KSKB

“I’ve the opportunity to know more about Catholic faith. MCCSD2 had made a huge impact in me and opened my heart to feel His presence and my eyes to see His good will. It’s just like the story of the Prodigal Son, which reflect me who have been lost for more than 10 years.” – Dougall, KSKB

“The thing that I remembered the most was our mission work.  I am touched by the volunteers that came all the way from Sabah who helped the sick & elderly. I am waiting for my mission from God, what He has planned for me, and how I respond to His calling.” – Cornelia Liew, IPGBL

“I remember the feeling of being lifted up and overwhelmed with God’s presence during Vigil Mass at St. Francis Xavier church. The only thing I could do was just sit there and cry. In that moment, I was assured by him. “I am with you, now and forever”, he said. I know that day since, God has found me and I desire more.” –  Jasmine Lim, UNIMAS

“The homilies given throughout the masses are eye-opening to all as it would give us some insights of our duty as children of God and to discern more on our calling as His children. The outreach programme we had was awe-inspiring about life and the stories I heard from the family we visited at The House of Hope is encouraging towards life.” – Brian Chin, Executive College

Saya menyedari betapa indahnya kasih Tuhan kepada saya dan betapa tenang serta sukacitanya kehidupan jika saya merapatkan hubungan dengan Tuhan. Melalui aktiviti yang telah dijalankan, ia mengajar sebuah erti kehidupan dimana saya perlu berkongsi kasih sayang dengan orang yang lebih memerlukan dan kasih sayang terhadap rakan-rakan baru mahupun lama.” – Heleny Bong, KSKB

“The presence of the Holy Spirit that whenever I looked at the Eucharist I could feel peace in my heart especially during the procession with the Blessed Sacrament from Our Lady of Sorrows Church to St Francis Xavier Church. It was like walking with Jesus.” – Magdalene Hilda, KSKB

“I had spent so much time with my friends from Kuching Archdiocese and I can say that our bond is stronger than before. Apart from that, the foster parents were very nice to us and the parishioners were friendly” – Rick Falco, UNIMAS

“The Lord has opened my eyes to the reality that these people need a saviour, not because they live in filth and dress in rags, but because they are sinful beings just like you and me. This mission trip was so much more than I expected.” – Teresa Abie, UITM

“It was a truly purifying and refreshing touch of Holy Spirit in me, as life becoming a student isn’t an easy task where temptation and procrastination became our no.1 challenges. I hope this wonderful idea of gathering campus students from all over 9 dioceses in Malaysia can be maintained as it will be a great platform for our current and future student to see God in the students’ life.” – Ericson Desik, Swinburne University

“I’ve a lot of questions about my faith. Through these experiences, I’ve learnt how to respond if somebody questions me being a Catholic. I feel that the youth nowadays need to know and understand Catholic even better as a way to strengthen our faith wherever we are.” Elisabet Min, Swinburne University

“God has challenged me to be me more thoughtful reflect on where I stand in my journey of faith through this big programme.” –  Marsheill Mawai Puso, Segi College Sarawak

Written by, Elisabeth Min- Swinburne University

Secretary, Kuching Campus Ministry

Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 (MCCSD 2) Preparatory Meeting in Penang

30 04 2017

23 April – 29 April 2017, Bukit Mertajam, Penang – The upcoming Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 (MCCSD 2) will be held in Penang after the first Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day in Kuching last 2015. Together with Archbishop Simon Poh (Bishop for Youth and Campus Ministry Commission in Malaysia) there were 9 Youth Ministers, one Sister, one Deacon and one Priest from different dioceses came for the meeting located at St Anne’s Church.

Rationale of the meeting involving different diocese was to discuss the progress of the event.

Besides had a meeting; the Youth Ministers, sister, Deacon and the Priest have an opportunity to visit few Parishes in Penang which will be the main venue for Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 (MCCSD 2).

The meeting ended with a Closing Mass by Archbishop Simon Poh at St Joachim Spirituality center, Chapel.


Kuching Campus Ministry Jogathon Run

24 04 2017

On the 22nd April 2017, the Kuching Campus Ministry held their jogathon run at the ACCPC as a pre-event to raise fund for the Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 this coming June in Penang Island. There are about 28 delegates from Sarawak who will attend the Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 in Penang this year.

Participants who came to raise fund were family members, friends and campus students from various high institutions such as Kolej Sains Kuching Bersekutu, UNIMAS, UiTM, Swinburne, Segi College, Technology College Sarawak and many more. Besides that, Fr. Jerome Juleng led the opening prayer and blesses the runners before flag-off.

Moreover, medals and hampers were presented by Fr Larry Tan the chaplain of Kuching Campus Ministry to the winners and to those who do not make it to top 20 were also given a consolation prize.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone who directly and indirectly involved in the jogathon run as part of our pre-event for MCCSD 2 and we hope to work together again in shaping the youth for the future.


Campus Log Out 1.0

27 10 2016

Kuching Campus Ministry: On the 9th October 2016, There were about 120 campus students from 9 campuses in Kuching came together for the first time at ACCPC Building to sing, pray and listen to one another. The gathering will be done  on the 1st week of the month right after the 3rd mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching. All campus students are welcome to join this gathering.

Keep In Touch Always(K.I.T.A) Program

4 05 2016

Pada 9 April 2016, program K.I.T.A (Keep in Touch Always) anjuran bersama Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) dan PYM Bau telah diadakan di Dewan Fr. Luis St Stephen, Bau.  Seramai 33 peserta dari Bau, Lundu, Bunan dan Padawan telah mengikuti program tersebut dengan jayanya. Program sehari berkenaan bertujuan untuk memberi pendedahan awal kepada pelajar yang akan melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar dan dalam negeri. Kesedaran seperti isu-isu pelajar di universiti, hak hak dan tanggungjawab pelajar di Universiti dan hubungan sihat di kampus telah disampaikan oleh 3 penceramah jemputan iaitu Dr. Andrew Aeria, Mr. Cosmas Klumai dan Mdm Susanna Juan yang turut hadir untuk memberi input berguna kepada para peserta. Perkongsian pengalaman daripada pelajar-pelajar dan alumni turut dimuatkan dalam program ini bertujuan untuk membuka minda pelajar tentang isu isu hangat masa kini yang dialami oleh para pelajar yang menuntut di Universiti dalam dan luar Sarawak. Program ini telah diakhiri dengan perayaan Misa bersama dengan umat oleh Fr Leonard Yap di gereja St Stephen Bau.

Laporan disediakan oleh Erickson Desik.

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Kuching Campus Day 2015

7 09 2015

6th September 2015, AHAD  – Seramai  55 pelajar kampus yang terdiri daripada pelbagai Kampus seperti UITM, Politeknik, Swinburne, dan Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak (PPKS), menghadiri program satu hari ini. Tidak ketinggalan bagi mereka yang membantu dari segi musik; dikenali sebagai Alumni pelajar Kampus.

Program ini merupakan program yang pertama dijalankan di Diocese Kuching. Ini adalah untuk merapatkan lagi hubungan di antara pelajar dari berlainan kampus dan memudahkan mereka berkongsi pendapat, masalah dan informasi yang ada di dalam kampus masing – masing.

Terdapat 3 sesi dijalankan di dalam program ini iaitu Kampus Alpha yang telah dikongsikan oleh Susanna Juan dan Prescilla, iChat oleh Micheal Junim dan Theology of Body dikongsikan oleh Lucy Gumek. Program berakhir dengan sesi bergambar dan menghadiri Misa di St Joseph Cathedral Kuching.









Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2015 (MCCSD)

21 07 2015

St Joseph Cathedral,  ACCPC- with the theme ‘Be witnesses of Christ in your Campus Life- Called, Chosen and Sent’, taken from Act 22:15.  Student campus all over Malaysia gathered in Kuching. The camp was held from 14 July to 21 July 2015.

There were 4 priests, 3 sisters, 13 Youth ministers, 9 volunteers and 162 Students campus all over Malaysia under their own diocese joined the camp. The camp started with an Opening mass presided by His Grace Archbishop John Ha from Archdiocese of Kuching.

The purpose of the camp was to gather and share the experiences, concerns in their campus, and to build a network among the students. Besides, to create an awareness among students on their religious rights in their respective campuses through AUKU, colleges/university constitution & The Malaysian Constitution.

On 18 July 2015, the campus students have been sent out to do their mission trip. There were divided into 6 groups and been sent to Cheshire Home, Hospital Sentosa, Sarawak General Hospital, Sk St Andrew, HOPE and Kampung Seratau.

On 19 July 2015, A slot for Solidarity night organized by the students which their group need to do a performance. His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow, Fr Felix Au, Fr Sunny Chung, Fr Gregory Chan, Fr Larry Tan and few seminarians attended the Solidarity Night to support the students. Concluding mass on the last day was presided by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow from Kuala Lumpur. The camp ended with a group photo with Priests, Sisters, and volunteers.

















Kuching Campus Ministry – Carwash Fundraising 2015

4 07 2015

4th -5th July 2015, – Approximately 30 campus students from different campuses came for their Car wash Fundraising. The Car wash fundraising was held at St Joseph Cathedral, ACCPC area for 2 days. The Car wash was started at 11 am on 4th July and they washed more than 54 cars.

The last day of the Fundraising, the Campus students started their Car wash fundraising at 9.30 am while the owner of the car went for Mass. The purpose of the Car wash Fundraising was to cover the expenses for Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day (MCCSD) which will be held in Kuching (as a Host) from 14-20 July 2015.













UITM Campus 1 Exam Mass

12 09 2014

On 09th September 2014, UITM Campus 1 – There were almost 200 catholic students attended the mass celebrated by Fr Larry Tan. The mass has been organized by the Young Catholic Undergraduates (YCU) which was celebrated at the lecture Hall.  Before ending the Mass, Fr Larry Tan blessed all the students that might sit for their final exam in the coming week, so that they may have a good health, and mind during the exam.

exam mass 2

uitm Final exam mass

exam mass