ABOUT US: Vision & Mission…

The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission…

…is the arm of the Archdiocese of Kuching, under the shepherding of the Archbishop of Kuching, in doing pastoral ministry to the youth of the Archdiocese.  It also partners with other youth commissions and youth ministers all over Malaysia. 

It was established in 2001 during the term of Archbishop Emeritus John Ha.  Our incumbent archbishop, Archbishop Simon Poh, during that year, was not yet a bishop and he was the chairperson of the Commission then, with Stephanie Ng as volunteer staff. 

To these dedicated and zealous pioneers, we owe the goodness and growth that the Commission has gone through since 2001.  And with God’s grace, may KAYC progress all the more… all for the glory of God and for good of the Church, especially the young, they who are forever dear in God’s heart.

“Let the young come to me… for to them belongs the Kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19: 14

At present, it is overseen by Fr. Ramon Borja, SDB, as chairperson.  It has two full-time youth ministers/pastoral workers, namely, Ms. Maria Amella and Mr. Julian Sim.  Fr. Andre Bello, SDB, and Sr. Felis Ogey, SSFS, also work in the Commission.  It has Fr. Felix Au as its adviser.

The Commission has, as its members, all the representatives from each of the Parish Youth Ministries (PYM) from all the parishes of the Kuching Archdiocese and from the other youth and young adult groups in the whole Archdiocese, — in particular, the Kuching Young Christian Students (KCYS), the Kuching Campus Ministers (KCM), Alumni of Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Apostolate (AKAYA), Bread Of Life, CHOICE and IGNITE groups and the like.  To them and with them, KAYC do youth ministry.

Pope Francis, in his “Christus Vivit”, a Magna Carta of Youth Ministry and Vocations, gives us all who journey with the young towards life in its fullness this apt reminder — “Avoid imposing obstacles, rules, controls and obligatory structures on these young believers who are natural leaders in their neighbourhoods and in other settings.  We need only to accompany and encourage them.”

May this be us, KAYC.  May this be what we do and how we do youth ministry.

Below are the vision of the Commission, its mission and other organizational matters:


We are God’s children … who journey with the youth … in experiencing His love … leading to serving Him through His Church and His creation.


And our mission is…

  1. To lead our youth to a life of prayer and personal relationship with Jesus
  2. To advocate to our youth the appreciation and application of the Word of God in their daily lives.
  3. To serve the youth by organizing and coordinating with them programs and events intended to deepen their Christian faith and commitment.
  4. To operate as a platform that provides pastoral care for the youth in the archdiocese.
  5. To offer resources, both human and material, for youth formation and outreach programs.
  6. To recruit, train and support young servant-leaders in discerning and in following their vocation and in fulfilling their mission to reach out to others with pastoral charity and zeal.
  7. To educate the young, to raise their awareness and to lead them to involvement on current relevant issues and realities.
  8. To promote communion among the Catholic youth and harmonious relationship with their non-Catholic brothers and sisters.
  9. To provide networking among the Catholic youth, especially those in higher institutions of learning, both local (all throughout Malaysia) and global.
  10. To facilitate the pastoral, personal and professional growth of all its staff.


The FOUR FIGURES in bright orange, sky blue, deep maroon and golden yellow represent the young people, celebrating God’s love.  They are the vibrant children of God from varied walks of life, races and cultures, backgrounds and situations, giftedness and aspirations, all forming in love, as symbolized by the ONE HEART, the one generation of youth, the “now” of God.  And as they leap together, they form the ACRONYM ‘KAYC’ which stands for Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission.

The RED CROSS represents Christ alive, sharing his love, journeying with the young, leading them to fullness of life.

The RED DOVE represents the Holy Spirit enkindling the young and those who minister to them with the fire of God’s mission.

The GREEN STROKE symbolizes the vineyard of the Lord, that locus where God’s grace grows, providing ‘youth-appropriate’ pastoral care, formative and service-oriented programs and faith-and-life-rooted experiences for the young people in the Archdiocese.

The HUMBLE ‘M’ in blue on the right bottom symbolizes Mama Mary, the humble yet powerful inspiration and intercessor of all young people.  She is their mother and model, always there in all youth ministry, accompanying the young towards God. The Scripture verse (twisted a bit to suit the youth in a particular and privileged way) from the Gospel of John 10: 10 which says, “That youth may have life… life in its fulness.” serves as the SLOGAN of the Commission.  It is this, Jesus’ ministry, that we are called to take upon.  In all that we undertake, it is not us but Jesus through us that ministers to the youth.

Contact Us

Anybody can reach KAYC through the following contacts:

Telephone numbers               +6082237237 (office landline)
+60168893237 (hotline/mobile)  
Postal addressKuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission, Level 1 ACCPC, Kuching, Sarawak

For pastoral presence in the virtual world, we have the following KAYC Social Media Accounts:

@kchyouthcomKAYC Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/kchyouthcom
@kchyouthcomKAYC Instagram Accounthttps://instagram.com/kchyouthcom
@kchycsKYCS Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/kchycs
@kchycsKYCS Instagram Accounthttps://instagram.com/kchycs
@kchcampusminKCM Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/kchcampusmin
 KAYC Bloghttps://kchadyouth.wordpress.com

KAYC is present in the social media with these handles… and we are working on sustaining and improving all these with both youthful and substantial content, packaging and pacing.

KAYC TEAMs Through the Years…

A bit of history…

On the changing the Commission’s name from “Commission for Youth & Vocation” to “Commission for Youth” or “Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC)”…

  • During the APC meeting in the 8th of August 2009, Fr. Felix Au, as the chairperson of the Commission on Youth & Vocation, expressed the need to split the Commission into two — youth and vocation — due to the fact that each of these apostolates has a lot of concerns and programs for implementation and growth. 
  • The request was supported by Fr. Simon Poh (now Archbishop).
  • Archbishop John Ha (now emeritus) reinforced the suggestion.  He claimed that it is important to pay more attention to vocation.  He shared that the response by Rome to his five-year report (from his ‘ad limina’ visit in 2008) asks for more fervor in vocation apostolate. 
  • It was thus proposed that the “Commission for Youth & Vocation” be split into two teams. 

Thus, in October 2009, the APC Executive Board decreed that the “Commission for Youth and Vocation” be named “Commission for Youth” or “Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission” (KAYC) and focus as such; that a new team is formed with the name “Committee for Vocation”; and that both be directly under the supervision of the Archbishop.

Commission for Youth & Vocation

August 2001Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)
Stephanie Ng
2002 Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)
Stephanie Ng
2003Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)
Stephanie Ng
2004Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)
Stephanie Ng
2005Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)
Stephanie Ng
August 1, 2006Fr. Simon Poh
(now Archbishop)  
Stephanie Ng  
August 2, 2006Fr. Felix AuStephanie Ng  
2007Fr. Felix AuStephanie Ng & Lucy Gumek
2008Fr. Felix AuStephanie Ng & Lucy Gumek

Commission For Youth

2009Stephanie NgLucy GumekFr. Felix Au (adviser)
2010Stephanie NgLucy GumekFr. Felix Au (adviser)
2011Stephanie NgLucy Gumek & Monica Lisa GordanFr. Felix Au (adviser)
2012Stephanie NgLucy Gumek & Monica Lisa GordonFr. Felix Au (adviser) Fr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2013Fr. Felix AuLucy Gumek & Monica Lisa GordonFr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2014Fr. Felix AuLucy Gumek & Dina Firuana BalanFr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2015Fr. Felix AuLucy Gumek & Dina Firuana BalanFr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2016Fr. Felix AuLucy Gumek & Dina Firuana Balan (IFFA)Fr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2017Lucy GumekLucy Gumek & Dina Firuana BalanFr. Felix Au (adviser) Fr. Larry Tan, SJ (KCM Chaplain)
2018Lucy GumekDina Firuana Balan & Maria Amella WillingFr. Felix Au Fr. Benard Jim (KCM Chaplain)
2019Fr. Ramon Borja, SDBDina Firuana Balan, Fr. Andre Belo, SDB, Julian Sim & Maria Amella WillingFr. Felix Au (adviser) Sr. Felis Ogey, SSFS (support)
2020Fr. Ramon Borja, SDBFr. Andre Belo, SDB, Julian Sim & Maria Amella WillingFr. Felix Au (adviser) Sr. Felis Ogey, SSFS (support)

2 responses

14 09 2009
Sandra Ann


This is Sandra from the HERALD, We would like to carry some of the events reported here in our paper.

Is is possible for us to do that?

I can be contacted at sandra@herald.com.my or 603-20268290/91

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sandra Ann

17 09 2009

Sandra, you’re welcome to cover our events. God bless.

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