KAYD19 Servant Recollection

2 08 2019

Padawan: Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC) has organized the KAYD19’ Servant recollection program. The program was held at St Lukas Centre from the 26 to 28 July 2019 was attended by almost 130 youths from different Parish Youth Ministry and Youth Groups under the Archdiocesan of Kuching. 

The main objective of this recollection program is to create bonding among the servant, preparing and understands their task and contribution for KAYD and also spiritual grooming among the youths involved.

The first day of the recollection started with the introduction of the recollection, followed by the Holy Hours and Confession. The seconded, KAYC has invited speakers by focusing on two requested topics by the servant. The first session is on the “Servanthood” by Sister Catherine Uming. She related the KAYD19 theme this year which taken from Luke 1:38 I am the servant of the Lord, Let it be done according to your word. The virtue of KAYD19’ is charity & hope and it a line with the extraordinary mission years which focus on the mission work. For the second session, the youth are reminded to recap back what happens during KAYD18’ & KAYD19’ given by Rev. Fr. Felix Au which is also the advisor of the Youth Commission.

The afternoon session continues with the team building program, which is “Egg challenge“. For the night session, the PYM & Youth Groups are divided according to ministry to do discuss what they understand about their ministry. The leader on each ministry is given the opportunity to present their task which has been discussing. Julian has concluded the session with the actual tentative program and task distribution to make the PYM & Youth Groups on better understand what will happen during KAYD19.

The last day, the program ends with the Mass celebrated by Ramon Borja. During this mass, Brother Desmond from the St Peter Seminary College is allowed to share his experience on the servanthood which is very useful knowledge to create bonding among the servants and participants.

So, those who are already registered for KAYD19’ see you guys at ACCPC on the 31 August to 2 September 2019. #KAYD19SERVE

 Prepared by Maria Amella



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