Kuching Young Christian Student Joseph Cardjin Camp 2018

7 12 2018

The Theme: The least, the last and the lost 

Photo session after Solidarity Night

BAU – Just recently, the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held their annual Joseph Cardijn Camp from the 26th of November to the 28th of November 2018 at Kampung Suba Buan, Bau under Saint Lawrence Ruiz’s Church. The camp’s theme was “The Least, The Last and The Lost” and the camp had gathered approximately 120 participants from various schools including the village’s youth ministry. 26 foster families willingly offered the participants and committees to stay in their homes with opened arms for three days and two nights.

The theme “The Least, The Last and The Lost” was chosen by the camp committees along with the bible verse, Matthew 9:2, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart son; your sins are forgiven.””. This theme focuses on the faithful ones helping the ones who have the least in faith, and the lost, the ones who doubt God’s teaching. This theme was also chosen to focus on our youth’s faith in God that was slowly weakening so our youth can deepen their faith in God. As always, this camp was also made to bring members of the Young Christian Students (YCS) Club from various schools together so they can encounter the Lord and to deepen their knowledge on YCS’ methodology, “SEE, JUDGE AND ACT”.

Team building games ” Pass the Good News”

Most of the participants traveled to the venue by buses from Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching meanwhile the remaining participants traveled to Kampung Suba Buan with their own vehicles. The participants were welcomed heartwarmingly along with the Bidayuh traditional dance by the orang kampung and Saint Lawrence Ruiz’s Church’s chairman welcomed the participants with a speech. Everyone was then divided into their respective homes. As noon arrived, the camp coordinator, Marlene Ram and her vice coordinator, Bryan Yap, introduced the purpose and meaning of this camp especially to the first timers. Later in the afternoon, the game masters, specifically the orang kampung, held a teambuilding game which mainly reflected on the theme, “The Least, The Last and The Lost”. Later that night, a “SEE” session was done by one of the senior animators, Danny Veno about how the teambuilding game earlier that day reflected a lot on the theme. The participants were then told to relate the problems they faced during the game to their daily lives.


The second day started off with a mass, led by Rev. Fr. John Chong and was conducted by the village’s church’s youth ministry. The next session, which was the first part of “JUDGE” was done by Esther Chai. She explained “The Least, The Last and The Lost” by using three different personas from the bible so the participants could deepen their understanding on the camp’s theme. The second part of “JUDGE” session was done by Rachel Tiong which was more of a reflective session so the participants can reflect on themselves on how they could help the least as the faithful ones. On the same day, a Christmas themed Solidarity Night was held and it gathered all the foster families so they could bond even more with the participants and committees. During the night itself, a few orang kampung and participants shared about their faith in Christ. Performances were also held by the orang kampung to showcase their traditional moves. The participants and foster families bonded really well as they spent their time getting to know each other throughout the night.

Praise & Worship Session lead by music team

On the third day, the participants started off their morning with a creative morning prayer where they were told to write their prayer intentions onto a piece of paper to be prayed over. The last session, which was the “ACT” session was done by Mark Ethan where it was divided into two parts; individually and group work following the participants’ respective schools. The session focused on what actions the participants should take as YCS members to help the least and the lost individually and in their respective schools. To conclude the final day of camp, a sending-off mass was led by Rev. Fr. Ramon Borja. The camp ended blissfully despite the emotional speech from the church’s chairman. Overall, JC Camp 2018 ended with tearful smiles from the participants and committees and they got to understand and regain their faith in God alongside to know what they can do to help the least. We, the Kuching Young Christian Students would like to thank the orang kampung who have sacrificed their energy to provide us homes and excellent foods. On the other hand, we look forward to see more students participating in our future camps!

“Judge part” given by senior KYCS, Rachel Tiong


“This camp was an amazing experience. I get to know new friends from other schools, bond with my housemates and our foster family too. I learnt to strengthen my faith with God in my session and that got me closer to God. I would still want to join upcoming KYCS camps and hopefully younger generations to join us.” – Ivette Bell, SMK Batu Lintang


JC camp is my first camp that and it was also my first time going to a village, it was a really new experience that I’ve  gained unlike other camps that I’ve joined. Leaving JC Camp made me sad despite the language barrier that I’ve faced in Kampung Suba Buan.  It was so much fun to meet new friends and to especially encounter God. The sessions during this camp made me realized that we should care about the Least, the Last and the Lost. I’m really grateful that I got the opportunity to join this camp. I would definitely regret if I didn’t sign up for this camp. – Vanessa Leong, SMK St Teresa


“”Love each other or perish”. This bible verse explains my whole experience during the JC camp. I’ve met a lot of new people, thrown in a new environment which was out of my comfort zone and of course, new experience and knowledge about God’s words. This particular verse touched me was because it reminded me that I should love those people around me and reach out to them, before they become the least, the last and the lost. Besides that, the Bidayuh foster family I’ve stayed with was the most amazing and friendly family I had ever met. They took us in, four girls in all including me, who were complete strangers to them, as their own family members. All in all, I’m glad I went to the camp as I met a few new friends from other school and also, most importantly, became closer to God through the games and the meaningful sessions.”

– Lisa Hii, St Joseph’s Private School


JC Camp was truly an extraordinary experience. It gave us the chance to find God, and our faith in Him. Hopefully speaking for most of the campers, we found him. We found him through the activities, the masses and through the sessions. I am looking forward to join JC Camp if I have the chance to in the future to dig even deeper in my faith, and to meet more new people. We came as KYCS members, but we all left as a family. –Elaina Chin, St Joseph’s International Private School


This camp taught me to have faith in God. Trust, patience and hope were emphasized on during the sessions. Having faith in God teaches us that He always has better plans for us. Besides that, I was given the opportunity to lead the Praise and Worship session and discovered that the youth was able to open up their hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to heal them. This camp has also taught us that helping the disabled or the ones who have lost faith in God can change our lives. –Darren Naen, SMK St Joseph

Report prepared by Easther Edele Colin



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