KAYD18: Dance & Drama Workshop

19 07 2018


KAYD18: Dance & Drama Workshop

ACCPC: During 14th July 2018, about more than 40 youth from different parish and youth groups has attended Dance & Drama Workshop as part of KAYD18 program. The theme of this workshop is “Dance like David Dance”

Session started with introduced of the program and sharing by Kelvin Chan. He is also the member of Empowered dance & drama ministry.

For practical side, participants are divided into 3 big groups. Then they were practise dancing in 3 different classes according to the part of Dance like David Dance song. It is to make the youth feel and practise difference dancing step from different choreographer. This choreographer is the invited youth from Empowered dance & drama ministry too.

After going through each classes with difference choreography, all participant are get together in one dancing showcase, to perform what they have practise for the day. To close the program, Kelvin Chan lead the praise and worship with worship song like Ocean, The Creed (This I Believe) and Sentuh Hatiku. This program finished at 4:30pm with photo session.

Here is testimony from the participant about this workshop.

This is the first time I’ve joined in such an awesome workshop. I’ve learned many things, especially in how we want to praise the Lord with music and body languages. I’ve learned that praising the Almighty God and spread His love doesn’t necessary by praying and do charities, but we also can do it by dancing. I understand that dancing needs passion, discipline humility, confidence and undignified instead of skills itself. From the experienced I’ve been through today, I feel that no matter how awkward you are, just follow the grooves and enjoy for people will absolutely receive your message of God’s word (2 Samuel 6:1-15). I never regret in joining this workshop. Thanks, God. – Elliesha Tumeh, St. Jude Bunan)

It was a wonderful experience as I have learned another way to praise our Lord. It also gave me a chance to experience how one’s attitude can things!– Seraphina, IPGBL

Thank you very much to Empowered, Dance & Drama Ministry for sharing their blessing through dancing to every one of us. It was my first experience, learning on how to dance while praising God. Now, I want to witness that we can find God through dancing because He is there guiding every move that we make. – Jennifer Awing, IPGBL

Saya seronok dan gembira kerana dapat mempelajari pelbagai langkah gerak tarian yang berbeza sesi workshop 1, 2 dan 3. Workshop ini mengajar kami untuk tidak berputus asa dengan mudah kerana terdapat lebih banyak cabaran yang kita akan hadapi pada masa akan dating terutama jika kita mengikuti ajaran Tuhan Yesus Kristus. Selain itu praise and worship, amatlah menyentuh hati saya kerana dapat merasai kehadiran Tuhan Yesus Kristus kita. – Elmarch anak Robert, St. Ann Padawan

Report prepared by Denny Ronny

Ice breaking session


Speaker of the day Mr. Kelvin Chan



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