KAYD18: Design & Publication Workshop

6 07 2018



KAYD18: Design & Publication Workshop

On 30th June 2018, about 18 youths were involved in the design and publication workshops. It was held at St John & St Lucy Room, ACCPC. The speaker for this workshop is Ms. Catherine Lee of the Empowered Ministry. He is an experienced and experienced in audio visual and media.

This workshop was divided in 2 sessions. First session is introduction of design & publication. She explained the important element in making poster or banner through discernment process that included prayer, research, brainstorm and refine idea. For second session, participants were given task to create a poster for KAYD19. She also shares few online resources to help participant get an idea in creating poster.

Here is testimony from participant of this workshop.

First, thank you for organizing this workshop for the youth. During this workshop, I learned about how to produce a good poster in easier and attractive way. We were introduced and taught with graphic design software like Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrators. I hope this workhops can be held again. We the knowledge that we gained during this workshop can be shared to our youth in parish. – Walter Jaludin, St Jude Bunan

The workshop was truly inspiring and it has pulled my interest more towards graphic design. It galvanized me to help me to do more design and creative artworks using computer software. Other than that, it helped me to beneficially utilize my computer. After attending this workshop, I will do my very best to improve my church youth ministry in design and publication. –  Angeline Bernard, St Mark Batu Kawa.

The workshop ends by 2:30pm with closing prayer lead by representative from St Mark Youth Group, also organizing for this workshop.



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