KAYD18 Videography Workshop

26 06 2018

Photo Session

ACCPC 16th June 2018: About 20 youths have attended this videography workshop. The workshop started at 2pm with self- introduction and sharing experiences from the speaker’s Mr. Bobby Winston. His is an English teacher, but at the same time he also video producer, technical director, photographer and project director for Impress U Captures together with his friend.

The key input he shared during the workshop was the technique for capturing video and the easy way to make video editing. He also advised participants not to be ashamed to interact with the audience for good recordings. During practical session, the participant is provided with video editing software. This workshop ended with closing prayer led by representative from Chapel of Mother Mary Youth as organizing committee for this workshop.

During this videography workshop, I learned the proper way in capture video from various angles. Additionally, I also learned to do video editing by using software that was provided and recommended by the speaker. My hope is to apply this knowledge by contribute our knowledge to the church.  Denny Ronny- Politeknik Kuching

I felt blessed to attend this workshop as I can enchance my knowledge with the process of recording and video editing. I also learned the techniques to take videos from various angles and I acknowledge that team work is very important in producing an interesting video. Edward John – St Peter Church

sharing and input by Mr. Bobby Winston


Hand- on multi-camera shooting

Hand- on video editing

KAYD18 – Photography Workshop

26 06 2018

Photo Session

Photography Workshop

ACCPC: On 16th June 2018, about 25 youths from different parishes in Kuching has attended photography workshop. This workshop is part of KAYD18 activities that have been planned for this year. The invited speaker for this workshop is Mr. Adrian Adam. He is a full time photographer, graphic designer & video editor with experienced in photography in 10 years. He is also a former multimedia lecturer in Cosmopoint College Kuching. The workshop started with an opening prayer from AKAYA representative, as the organizing committee for this workshop. Mr. Adrian Adam started his session by sharing is personally experienced in photography. He’s advised to the new photographer and those who are interested to do photography as a career to be more creative, learned from basic. Started with free service photography is the best way to learn and improved skills.

Participants also been introduced to the photography equipment such as a DSLR camera, compact camera, lenses and at the same time he gives tips on how to keep the camera and lenses clean. As for practical side, participants were exposed to indoor and outdoor photography.

Here is testimony from participants:

The workshop was truly beneficial, especially for those who are passionate about photography. It gave me new insights on photographic composition by learning the basic principles ad camera techniques. Now I have been taking photos with a different perspective than before.– Arine, Blessed Sacrament Church.

This workshop is very beneficial to me as this workshop gives direct exposure through the sharing of speakers on the correct shooting technique. Speaker presentation is also very effective and easy to understand. I learned few important aspect of photography like ISO, Aperture and shutter speed in this limited of time. I hope that this workshop can be done in parish level to help our youth to explore their talent in photography. – Stephanie, St. Stephen Church.



Brief explanation on DSLR camera by Mr. Adrian Adam


Indoor photoshoot


Outdoor photoshoot