Kuching Youth Christian Student (KYCS) Mid-Year Camp 2018 “Finding Me”

28 06 2018

Photo session together with His grace & Orang kampung

SERIAN – The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) recently organised their Mid-Year Camp for this year from 11th June 2018 to 13th June 2018 at Kampung Merian Bedup, Serian.  Over 100 students from various schools in Kuching with the Young Christian Students Movement (YCS) participated in this camp.  Among the participants included youths from the host village, giving a grand total of approximately 140 participants in the camp.  The participants were very blessed in this camp as 25 families in the village were willing to offer their homes as a roof over their heads for a period of three days and two nights.

In this year’s MYC, all members of the student committee agreed to have this camp themed, “Finding Me”, with bible verse Proverbs 19:21 (NIV).  There were several criteria set as objectives which were stated by the student coordinators of this camp, and later on were successfully accomplished.  For instance, the main objective was to find their true personality and identity through the camp, along with the given theme.  Besides, this camp was organised to unite the Young Christian Students from different schools with this organisation, as well as an effective platform for these YCSers to encounter Jesus through the programme.  On the other hand, this camp was set to encourage fellowship among members in Christ and learn to live out the YCS Methodology, otherwise known as the Review of Life, “SEE, JUDGE, ACT”.

The programme began with registration of participants, from both Kuching and Kampung Merian Bedup.  The participants from Kuching travelled by bus to the village, and arrived at approximately 10:45 a.m.  After being divided to their respective foster families, they were welcomed warmly by the ‘ketua kampung’ and were also given an introduction to the camp at St. James’ Catholic Church, Kampung Merian Bedup.  Later at night, on the same day, the first session was given by Madam Lucy, beginning with the first phase of the YCS Methodology, which was “SEE”.  Through the session, the participants began their journey of self-discovery.

The following day came with excitement in the heart of both participants and committees alike.  The first part of the Review of Life was continued and concluded by Madam Lucy once again, where the participants learned about their differences and emotions shown at different times.  The programme was then continued with the celebration of Holy Mass by Fr Pratap Baskey.  The next session on “JUDGE” part in the Review of Life was also presented by Madam Lucy, where the participants were learned about facing problems in their lives.  To conclude the session, the student facilitators assigned to each group performed a skit which resonated strongly with the participants.  During the final part of the programme for the day, the participants had Taize Prayer cum confession for about two hours.  The confession was carried out by Fr Pratap Baskey, Fr Arockya Raj and Fr Leonard Yap.  It was a great, fun day for the participants despite their tiredness.

On the final day of MYC 2018, the final session on “ACT” part was presented by Miss Maria and Miss Dina, where the students learned about their behaviour, making choices and thinking twice about the corresponding consequences of their choices.  Then, the Closing Mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh and co-celebrant Fr Pratap Baskey.  Everyone was blessed and excited as the sending-off ceremony included Gawai closing celebration at balai raya Kampung Merian Bedup. Overall, the camp was a success and all students were able to gain something new through this camp. Both participants and committees alike were blessed throughout this year’s Mid-Year Camp.  We, the Kuching Young Christian Students look forward to having more camps like this in the near future.


This camp was a very fun experience for me and this camp is also my very first one.  I got to meet a lot of new people, learn about the lifestyle in the village and tried a lot of new different delicious food.  The villagers were also very welcoming and friendly.  Despite being in a new and unfamiliar situation, I would still want to join more upcoming KYCS camps.

~ Benedict Lio, 13, SMK St. Joseph


The camp was a very fun, interesting and amazing experience.  The sessions helped me to find my inner self.  Stayed at the village helped me to learn the lifestyle and culture of living in a village.  The camp helped me to make new friends and helped me to learn to socialise more.  Overall, the camp has helped me make new friends, try new food, find myself etc.

~Esmund Wee, 14, St. Joseph’s International School


Personally, the camp is quite fun and amazing because we can learn about knowing God through ourselves, find who we were, know our strengths and weaknesses and get new friends from other schools.  In this camp, we can also know about what it is like to work in a team.  I am hopeful that this programme will be continued for the younger generations to come.

~Davison, 15, SMK Penrissen No. 1


In this camp, I was given the opportunity to participate as a facilitator.  It was an overwhelming experience as it truly made an impact on my life realising I am closer to finding me regarding the theme for this year’s MYC.  I learnt a lot and managed to know myself more which also enables me to accept myself for who I am, God’s child.  I was in the presence of the Lord for many sessions and that made me feel closer to Him.  I look forward to the next few camps so that more youths who want to deepen their faith will be given the chance to experience the Lord.

~Marlene Ram, 16, SMK St. Teresa


Mid-Year Camp 2018 once again is a blessing.  The theme “Finding Me” suits what the world is facing today.  Throughout the camp, I’ve learnt to understand myself more.  Self-discovery is a life-term experience that we have to go through everyday and my heart is more open after this camp.  I’ve met a lot of people from all walks of life and I start to trust other people more.  Before this camp, I had trust issues with a lot of people and I’m glad that I can open up more after this camp.

~Genesius Lee, 17, SMK Batu Lintang


Report prepared by: Bryan Yap Zhi Yung, SMK St Jospeh

The skit prepared by MYC Committee


Group discussion


Participant involved in games


His Grace Simon Poh has came to celebrated the Closing Mass



KAYD18 Videography Workshop

26 06 2018

Photo Session

ACCPC 16th June 2018: About 20 youths have attended this videography workshop. The workshop started at 2pm with self- introduction and sharing experiences from the speaker’s Mr. Bobby Winston. His is an English teacher, but at the same time he also video producer, technical director, photographer and project director for Impress U Captures together with his friend.

The key input he shared during the workshop was the technique for capturing video and the easy way to make video editing. He also advised participants not to be ashamed to interact with the audience for good recordings. During practical session, the participant is provided with video editing software. This workshop ended with closing prayer led by representative from Chapel of Mother Mary Youth as organizing committee for this workshop.

During this videography workshop, I learned the proper way in capture video from various angles. Additionally, I also learned to do video editing by using software that was provided and recommended by the speaker. My hope is to apply this knowledge by contribute our knowledge to the church.  Denny Ronny- Politeknik Kuching

I felt blessed to attend this workshop as I can enchance my knowledge with the process of recording and video editing. I also learned the techniques to take videos from various angles and I acknowledge that team work is very important in producing an interesting video. Edward John – St Peter Church

sharing and input by Mr. Bobby Winston


Hand- on multi-camera shooting

Hand- on video editing

KAYD18 – Photography Workshop

26 06 2018

Photo Session

Photography Workshop

ACCPC: On 16th June 2018, about 25 youths from different parishes in Kuching has attended photography workshop. This workshop is part of KAYD18 activities that have been planned for this year. The invited speaker for this workshop is Mr. Adrian Adam. He is a full time photographer, graphic designer & video editor with experienced in photography in 10 years. He is also a former multimedia lecturer in Cosmopoint College Kuching. The workshop started with an opening prayer from AKAYA representative, as the organizing committee for this workshop. Mr. Adrian Adam started his session by sharing is personally experienced in photography. He’s advised to the new photographer and those who are interested to do photography as a career to be more creative, learned from basic. Started with free service photography is the best way to learn and improved skills.

Participants also been introduced to the photography equipment such as a DSLR camera, compact camera, lenses and at the same time he gives tips on how to keep the camera and lenses clean. As for practical side, participants were exposed to indoor and outdoor photography.

Here is testimony from participants:

The workshop was truly beneficial, especially for those who are passionate about photography. It gave me new insights on photographic composition by learning the basic principles ad camera techniques. Now I have been taking photos with a different perspective than before.– Arine, Blessed Sacrament Church.

This workshop is very beneficial to me as this workshop gives direct exposure through the sharing of speakers on the correct shooting technique. Speaker presentation is also very effective and easy to understand. I learned few important aspect of photography like ISO, Aperture and shutter speed in this limited of time. I hope that this workshop can be done in parish level to help our youth to explore their talent in photography. – Stephanie, St. Stephen Church.



Brief explanation on DSLR camera by Mr. Adrian Adam


Indoor photoshoot


Outdoor photoshoot


KAYD18- Dance & Drama Workshop

21 06 2018

Interesting workshop for those who love to dance and acting. If you interested to join this workshop, please contact your respective Parish Youth Ministry and Youth Group and please registered before 8 July 2018 . See you there.

Your talent is Gods gift to you. What you do with it, you gift back to God. 

KAYD18 -Design & Publication Workshop

16 06 2018

Interest to join this workshop? Please contact your respective Parish Youth Ministry or Youth Group for registration before 23 June 2018. 


14 06 2018

Shalom! Here is the updated for 12th June 2018. 

Journey to God starts with one small step at a time. He doesn’t expect you to run the mile- but the promises to give you strength to go the distance.  


10 06 2018

Shalom everyone, as we promised you before, we will continued to updates you with every KAYD18 events happened in your parish! Check it out!