28 07 2017

PENANG ISLAND – Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 was held in Penang Island from 23rd June to 27th June 2017 after Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 1 which was held in Kuching in 2015.

Approximately 850 delegates (Campus Students) from all over Malaysia gathered for the mission, adoration and celebration to commemorate the theme ‘That they may be one’ taken from John 17:22. Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 opening Mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh as a Bishop for Youth/Campus ministry in Malaysia at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Bishops from different dioceses namely His Excellency Bishop Datuk Sebastian Francis, Rt Reverend Bishop Anthony Bernard Paul, and The Most Reverend Archbishop Julian Leow were also journey with the youth in Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2.

This year’s Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day was very blessed because of the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernadez on the last day of Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day send-off Mass. The Send-off mass was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Datuk Sebastian Francis with an enthusiastic and empowering message from him. The mass was ended with an announcement from His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh on Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 3 which will be held in Sabah.

Out of 850 delegates; 26 of them were from Archdiocese of Kuching. They were leaders who are committed in their campuses. Fr Larry Tan as a Chaplain for Kuching Campus Ministry and 1 of Youth Minister were also participated in Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2. On behalf of Kuching Campus Ministry, We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone directly and indirectly involved in the fundraisings, prayers, support and making MCCSD 2 a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Group Photo

Group Photo

Kuching Delegates with Arch Simon

Vigil Night – with Archbishop Simon Poh

Vigil night with Fr Larry Tan

Vigil Night – with Fr Larry Tan

Kuching Delegates - Complete

Kuching Delegates at Risen Christ Ayer Hitam

Sarawak delegates

Sarawak Campus Students

Kuching Delegates with Fr Larry Tan

Kuching Delegates with Chaplain Kuching Campus Ministry-Fr Larry Tan


Here are some of the amazing experiences shared by Kuching delegates:

“I thank God and everyone else involved for this opportunity to participate in MCCSD2. I went without much expectations, but it has been a fruitful experience. After struggling to have a relationship with God for many years, this experience has drawn me into a deeper relationship with God.”- Audrey Olivia Chen, UNIMAS

“It was a beautiful journey as I’m able to engage with the youths from different dioceses, being able to feel the fondness during the service of the elderly in the Little Sisters of the Poor, experienced the beauty of our Catholic church through the sacredness of mass and adoration vigil. Everything was wonderfully orchestrated.” – Vivi Gloria Lucas, UNIMAS

“I was amazed by how God’s love took a positive effect throughout His people gathered from different states in Malaysia. God called me out of my comfort zone to experience His missions as how all the saints have done them during their times here on earth. Therefore, I’m inspired to go out and share God’s love to everyone with Mother Mary interceding for me in my every step.” – Darren Richmond, KSKB

“I’ve the opportunity to know more about Catholic faith. MCCSD2 had made a huge impact in me and opened my heart to feel His presence and my eyes to see His good will. It’s just like the story of the Prodigal Son, which reflect me who have been lost for more than 10 years.” – Dougall, KSKB

“The thing that I remembered the most was our mission work.  I am touched by the volunteers that came all the way from Sabah who helped the sick & elderly. I am waiting for my mission from God, what He has planned for me, and how I respond to His calling.” – Cornelia Liew, IPGBL

“I remember the feeling of being lifted up and overwhelmed with God’s presence during Vigil Mass at St. Francis Xavier church. The only thing I could do was just sit there and cry. In that moment, I was assured by him. “I am with you, now and forever”, he said. I know that day since, God has found me and I desire more.” –  Jasmine Lim, UNIMAS

“The homilies given throughout the masses are eye-opening to all as it would give us some insights of our duty as children of God and to discern more on our calling as His children. The outreach programme we had was awe-inspiring about life and the stories I heard from the family we visited at The House of Hope is encouraging towards life.” – Brian Chin, Executive College

Saya menyedari betapa indahnya kasih Tuhan kepada saya dan betapa tenang serta sukacitanya kehidupan jika saya merapatkan hubungan dengan Tuhan. Melalui aktiviti yang telah dijalankan, ia mengajar sebuah erti kehidupan dimana saya perlu berkongsi kasih sayang dengan orang yang lebih memerlukan dan kasih sayang terhadap rakan-rakan baru mahupun lama.” – Heleny Bong, KSKB

“The presence of the Holy Spirit that whenever I looked at the Eucharist I could feel peace in my heart especially during the procession with the Blessed Sacrament from Our Lady of Sorrows Church to St Francis Xavier Church. It was like walking with Jesus.” – Magdalene Hilda, KSKB

“I had spent so much time with my friends from Kuching Archdiocese and I can say that our bond is stronger than before. Apart from that, the foster parents were very nice to us and the parishioners were friendly” – Rick Falco, UNIMAS

“The Lord has opened my eyes to the reality that these people need a saviour, not because they live in filth and dress in rags, but because they are sinful beings just like you and me. This mission trip was so much more than I expected.” – Teresa Abie, UITM

“It was a truly purifying and refreshing touch of Holy Spirit in me, as life becoming a student isn’t an easy task where temptation and procrastination became our no.1 challenges. I hope this wonderful idea of gathering campus students from all over 9 dioceses in Malaysia can be maintained as it will be a great platform for our current and future student to see God in the students’ life.” – Ericson Desik, Swinburne University

“I’ve a lot of questions about my faith. Through these experiences, I’ve learnt how to respond if somebody questions me being a Catholic. I feel that the youth nowadays need to know and understand Catholic even better as a way to strengthen our faith wherever we are.” Elisabet Min, Swinburne University

“God has challenged me to be me more thoughtful reflect on where I stand in my journey of faith through this big programme.” –  Marsheill Mawai Puso, Segi College Sarawak

Written by, Elisabeth Min- Swinburne University

Secretary, Kuching Campus Ministry

Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Run 2017 (KAYR17)

17 07 2017

The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Run 2017 (KAYR17) was held on the 15th July 2017 at ACCPC by Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2017 (KAYD17) Committees to support the KAYD17 fund whilst encouraging spiritual and relationship growth among the Youths. A total of 100 participants and servants from the Archdiocese of Kuching took part in this lively fund raising event and the event was supported by St John’s Ambulance, PDRM Traffic Police, RELA, Cyclist and sponsorship among the generous parishioners.  

“We are only the earthenware jars that hold this treasure, to make it clear that such an overwhelming power comes from God and not from us” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

Despite a short period of promotional time and notice for the Jogathon cards to be distributed, Our Lord has once again proven His abundant Blessings upon His Youths, providing a blast and huge success for KAYD17. It drizzled around 5am that Saturday when the servants were having their final briefing while participants came for registration and the rain stopped before dawn breaks where the day started with a Zumba warm up, followed by Flag Off by Sister Uming, photo taking sessions, cooling down dance and a surprise visit by Archbishop Simon Poh, whom presented the medals and gifts for the top three runners and later gave a speech, concluding prayer and blessings upon the youths.

Written by Jason Kho ~ KAYD17 Coordinator