Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2017 (KAYD17) Servant Retreat

19 06 2017

Bau – On 16 – 18th June, a total number of eighty-four (84) Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 17 (KAYD17) servants from various Parish Youth Ministries (PYM) and Youth Groups gathered at CMPC, Mount Singai for a retreat. This retreat helps the servants to prepare themselves for the upcoming KAYD17 which will be held from 31 August to 3 September 2017. The retreat was organised by Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission with the help of KAYD17 coordinators.

Rationale of the retreat was to in still faith and unity among every youth (disregarding skin colour, race and status) as a family to serve in KAYD 2017 by breaking out their comfort zone; and focusing on Jesus as the center of our lives so that we will remain steadfast and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord by putting Mother Mary as our role model.

Fr. Varghese Lopez SJ was invited to become the retreat master throughout the retreat. He shared meaningful inputs on how a person can deepen their relationship with God through the art of dancing between one’s true self and false self. Besides, the retreat helps the servants to have better understanding on this year’s KAYD17 theme taken from Luke 1:49, “The mighty One has done great things for me and holy is His name”.

The empowering retreat ended with Corpus Christi Mass by Fr. Varghese Lopez SJ at Mount Singai chapel. In a nutshell, the ending of the retreat is actually the beginning for the servants to look forward for the KAYD 2017 event. Let us together pray for the successful of the event for the growth of our youngsters in Archdiocese of Kuching.

Written by,

Ellisha Iling, KAYD17 Coordinator

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Holy Hour


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Reflection time


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