Kuching Campus Ministry Jogathon Run

24 04 2017

On the 22nd April 2017, the Kuching Campus Ministry held their jogathon run at the ACCPC as a pre-event to raise fund for the Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 this coming June in Penang Island. There are about 28 delegates from Sarawak who will attend the Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day 2 in Penang this year.

Participants who came to raise fund were family members, friends and campus students from various high institutions such as Kolej Sains Kuching Bersekutu, UNIMAS, UiTM, Swinburne, Segi College, Technology College Sarawak and many more. Besides that, Fr. Jerome Juleng led the opening prayer and blesses the runners before flag-off.

Moreover, medals and hampers were presented by Fr Larry Tan the chaplain of Kuching Campus Ministry to the winners and to those who do not make it to top 20 were also given a consolation prize.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone who directly and indirectly involved in the jogathon run as part of our pre-event for MCCSD 2 and we hope to work together again in shaping the youth for the future.




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