6th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at Holy Family Chapel, Betong, Sri Aman

27 07 2015

Betong, 25-26 July 2015 – The 6th KAYD 2015 Roadshow was held at Holy Family Chapel Betong. There were 27 persons from Kuching (Promotion and Marketing team together with PYM’s) and 17 persons from St Jude Bunan, Gega joined the roadshow.

On 25 July, a convoy, Promotion and Marketing team together with PYM’s and youth from St Jude Bunan arrived in Betong around 7.00 pm. After had a dinner with ladies guild in Betong, Youth from Kuching and St Jude Bunan joined Taize prayer led by Deacon Robert Jissem and Youth from Betong. The program ended at 9.30 pm with a final blessing by Fr Martin Wong.

The KAYD Roadshow started on 26 July 2015 at 8.00 am with a Morning Prayer led by Ms Nina Gordon, one of the KAYD coordinators. The roadshow continued with an ice breaking led by Promotion and Marketing team and introduction to KAYD by Mr Cyril, one of KAYD coordinators.

Ms Lucy shared a short video about Christian Faith and led the youth to reflect on their faith; on how far they stand firm in their faith and how they put Jesus in their lives.

The roadshow ended with a Youth mass at 10.30 am presided by Fr Martin Wong and Deacon Robert Jissem. PYM St Jude Bunan hands over the KAYD 2015 cross to PYM Our Lady Queen of Peace Sri Aman during the procession.

Promotion and Marketing team requested to do the KAYD roadshow at Holy Family chapel Betong because of one reason; to gather all the Youth from Skrang and Seratok in Betong. As if the roadshow was held at Sri Aman, there will be a problem for youth from Skrang and Seratok to join due to geographically problem.

The upcoming roadshow and visiting of the Youth Cross will be at city parish, St. Joseph on this coming 9th August 2015, 1.30pm. And the cross will be hands-over by the PYM Our Lady Queen of Peace Sri Aman. It will be the last roadshow before the KAYD actual day.

Be Blessed!








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