4th KAYD 2015 Roadshow at St Theresa Serian

15 05 2015

SERIAN, 10 May 2015 – More than 15 persons from Marketing and Promotion ministry joined the Roadshow. Youths from other parishes also joined the Roadshow and support the activities which was organize by PYM St Theresa. There were more than 200 persons including parents attended the mass at 8.00am celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arockya Raj and be the witness of handing over the KAYD 2015 cross from PYM St Ann to PYM St Theresa Serian. The activities continued with a sing along which was led by Emmanuel group from Kpg Jenan Serian. There were two important slots in KAYD roadshow. First, was an Introduction of KAYD 2015 which was delivered by Miss Nina Gordon as one of the coordinators for this year KAYD and talk on ‘knowing your neighbour’ was presented by Miss Monica Lisa. KAYD Roadshow was ended at 2.00 pm with a KAYD prayer and lunch. Next KAYD Roadshow will be on 24 May 2015 at St Jude Bunan. Come! and experience the Love of God.











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