Brother Andreas from Taize Visit to Kuching

12 12 2014

KUCHING– Brother Andreas from Taizé community visited Kuching from 2 – 5 December 2014. During his visit, he has the opportunity to meet some of the city and rural parishioners. He went to St. Theresa’s Church, Serian, Holy Trinity Church, Kenyalang and St. Patrick, Krokong.

In St. Theresa’s Serian, he had a short tour in the parish where he met the catechists, some of the youth and the priests. It was a short visit and yet an enriching one. He also met the KYCS youth group. He shared on history of their community and he also taught them a new song.

There were more than 50 parishioners gathered in Holy Trinity Church for their monthly Holy Hour. Brother Andreas assisted in singing the Taizé songs. He showed a video on how the young people from different continents live their life in Taizé in St. Patrick, Krokong. Then, he led a Taizé prayer with more than 20 youth including parents there. His final evening prayer in Kuching was held at A.C.C.P.C. in which there were about 50 catechumens including youth and parents attended. It was indeed a fruitful and a wonderful experience for some attendees especially the youth as it was their first encounter with brother Andreas, which is from Taizé community.

It is a hope that everyone to be a sign of peace to wherever we are, because we can’t change the whole world but as a person, we can bring Christ’s peace to those around us.









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