CSS presidents contact details (Melaka-Johor)

1 07 2014

On 1st March 2014 Melaka-Johor Coordinating Council for the Campus Ministry (MJCC) held its Annual General Meeting. Below are the office-bearers for the term 2014-2015


President                              :   Melvay Allens         (UTM, Skudai)

Vice-President                       :   Geoffery Ranggu     (UTHM, Batu Pahat)

Secretary                           : Mandy Ng                  (MMU, Melaka)

Publicity & Publication        :    Ignatius Lawai        (UTeM, Melaka)

Logistics                               :   Jonathan Hendriks    (MMU, Melaka)


A significant change that has affected Campus Ministry is the change of the Johor weekend. As such, the quarterly meetings have moved to Melaka. Recently, the Campus Ministry has been pleased to see the overall membership growth of the Catholic Students’ Societies (CSSes) and outreach to new campuses with Christian Fellowships (CFs). On 24th May 2014, about 27 student leaders came together to report, share and plan for 2014/15. The biggest upcoming event is our bi-annual Southern Syiok which will be held from 3rd – 5th October 2014 in MAJODI. Another new and important initiative will be iApologia from 12th – 13th Sept 2014 also at MAJODI. And look out also for the return of Battle of the Bands & Sports Day on 5th – 6th Dec 2014


Below are the Presidents of the various CSS/CF for the term 2014-2015.




President                               : Joshua Joisin

Contact No.                          : 013-899-3098



Presidents                             : Andrew Goh

Contact No.                          : 012-265-1525


CSS VJ (UiTM Segamat)

President (Diploma)           : Leonard Thomas

Contact No.                          : 014-852-8199

President (Degree)              : Selawa Jilang

Contact No.                          : 010-963-7624



President (UTHM)               : Dominic Elias

Contact No.                          : 013-828-2192

Vice President (IPTHO)      : Nancy Kewa

Contact No.                          : 010-880-6864



President                               : Gabriel Tsais. T

Contact No.                          : 016-660-9524

President (Mandarin)          : Raymond Ling

Contact No.                          : 016-791-1335


CF Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu, Kempas (KSKB)

President                               : Wilson Aling

Contact No.                          : 013-544-8362


CF Politenik Ibrahim Sultan, Masai (PIS)

President                               : Ashley Patrick

Contact No.                          : 014-672-3136


CF Southhampton&Newcastle,Nusajaya

Representative                     : Cyril Lucas

Contact No.                          : 010-961-0492


CF IPG Temenggong Ibrahim, Larkin (IPKTI)

President                               : Menix Maigol

Contact No.                          : 019-869-8321




Campus Ministry Head:          Deacon Adrian Ng                              016-222-1089

Campus Ministry Officer:       Sharon Lee                                            011-1479-2861

                                            Pius Kallang                                         016-855-4332


Let us walk together to further deepen our faith and serve Jesus Christ with humility.

Perayaan Korpus Kristi-Peringkat Paroki

1 07 2014

SERIAN, 21 Jun 2014 – Paroki St Theresa Serian telah berkerjasama dengan pihak Gereja Sacret Heart kampung Tebekang Dayak  untuk merayakan Perayaan Korpus Kristi peringkat paroki di kampung berkenaan. Perayaan dimulakan dengan Misa kudus yang dirayakan oleh Rev. Fr Paul Herry (Rektor), Rev. Fr Arockya Raj, dan Rev. Fr Joseph Liew  pada jam 6.30 petang di Gereja Sacret Heart,Tebekang. Selesai Misa kudus, secara bergilir-gilir para paderi berarak bersama dengan Blessed Sacrament mengelilingi kampong Tebekang,  pekan kecil tebekang  dan diakhiri di Balai Gambang. Lagu rohani dinyanyikan disepanjang jalan malah lilin turut dinyalakan dan dibawa bersama semasa perarakan. Terdapat 4 perhentian yang telah disiapkan. Setiap perhentian, doa rosary dilafazkan. Adoration of Blessed Sacrament diadakan di perhentian yang terakhir iaitu di Balai Gambang kampong Tebekang Dayak. Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) St Theresa Serian membantu dari segi penyediaan tempat dan  muzik untuk Adoration of Blessed Sacrament. Lebih kurang 600 orang umat dari Daerah Serian menyertai perayaan ini. Perayaan Korpus Kristi berakhir pada jam 10.00 malam diikuti dengan jamuan makan malam berbentuk ‘pot luck’ oleh penduduk kampong.

Disediakan oleh,

Julian Patrick


cc tbkg





CC tbkang



Kuching Young Christian Student -Mid Year Camp 2014

1 07 2014


Kampung Sebako , Lundu – On the 11th to the 13th of June, The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held their annually Mid Year Camp in Kampung Sebako. Amongst the participants were 91 students from their respective YCS school clubs and 7 student animators. The theme of the camp was “Save the Earth, Heal the world”. The bible verse for the camp was extracted from Genesis 2:15 – “The Lord God took Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it”.

The participants gathered at St.Joseph Parish Centre for registration and departed to Kampung Sebako at 9.20 a.m sharp. At the arrival of the participants, the villagers gave a warm welcome by inviting the participants for a local dance. They enjoyed a hearty meal before the opening mass. After the opening mass, the participants took a break before joining the Getting to Know You session and were given a brief introduction about the theme for the camp. After that, they were asked to write down their expectation and contribution to this camp. In the evening, the Student Animators conducted the Taize prayer.

On the second day, all the participants had their breakfast with their respective foster family members. Before the start of a packed schedule, the participants recited the rosary. The first session of the day was the SEE Session by James Lai. After the session, the participants attended a mass by Father Peter. JUDGE Session was conducted by John-Paul and Ralph Balan. They gave a talk about the significance behind the role of humans in preserving the environment. After that, there was a briefing about Solidarity Night by Julian Sim . Each of the groups was asked to present a performance during the night.

In the evening , all the participants and village folks settled down to enjoy the eventful night. The performance by the groups was either a sketch or a sing-along. The committee members of the camp also presented an impromptu sketch. Other than that, the villagers had a few performances installed for the participants. The first performance was a dance known as “Wek-Jongan”. The president of St.John Church committee Mr. Senghi gave a brief history about the origin of the “Wek-Jongan” dance. The villagers also performed the Bamboo dance. Before returning to their respective homes, all the participants including with the village folks took a group photo together.

On the last following day, the participants recited a simple morning prayer before attending the ACTION Session by Patrick Wong; All the participants were asked to devise an action plan for the respective YCS club in their schools to preserve the environment. Moving on, a concluding mass was conducted by Father Felix Au before the participants held a short ‘gotong- royong’ session. The participants departed for Kuching at 2.00 p.m. .

Mid Year Camp 2014 had taught YCS members a great deal about the importance of preserving the environment which is God’s gift to mankind. Besides that, the participants had great time learning about the culture and lifestyle of the villagers of Kampung Sebako, Sarawak.


Report by,

Sherilyn Geogre

MYC Secretary