29 04 2014

12th-13th April, BAU – The fifth Singai Youth Gathering (S.Y.G) with a theme ‘FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!’(Luke 1:37) was held on 12th&13th April 2014 at Catholic Memorial & Pilgrimage Centre (CMPC) Mount Singai Bau. It was organised by Singai Catholic Youth Ministry. There were 148 participants including excos and facilitators joined the activity. Objectives for this gathering is to strengthened the faith of the young generation mostly from the Singai’s area.There were many activities during the gathering such as taize prayer, short drama, group discussion, explorace game, worship night and youth sharing. Besides that, we had our invited guest speaker, Miss Lucy from KAYC and Rev. Fr John Chong for giving a talk on topic ‘What Does It Mean By Having Faith in Jesus Christ’ and ‘Faith in Action:Defenders and Protectors of Faith’. During the gathering, all the participants has met with a lot of new friends & experienced a lot of interesting activities. They also realized that there is nothing is impossible with God’s name. Through this camp most of the participants told that they had learn more about FAITH. Hence, participants were very lucky because the gathering were held at mount Singai which they get to enjoy the lovely environment which was created by our GOD.





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