YCS Serian Gathered for One Day Leadership Camp with KYCS

27 03 2014

Kpg Kakai – On 22 March 2014, Serian Teacher’s Guild has organized a leadership camp for about 200 student leaders from SMK Serian, SMK Balai Ringin, SMK Tebakang, SMK Tebedu, SMK Taee and SMK Tarat gathered with the KYCS Student Animator with the theme taken from John 13:12-15 “ Washing Of the feet” which focus on Servanthood leadership. The one day camp started with a simple ice-breaking by the student committees. There were 3 sessions all together which focus on review Of Life methodology; “SEE, JUDGE, ACT”.  The camp ended by each school putting their Plan of Action in the mahjong paper so that KYCS and teacher animators in their school can do follow up on the action taken by the students.


SAM_1721 SAM_1744 SAM_1751 SAM_1757 SAM_1758 SAM_1760 SAM_1761




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