Friends Come & Go, Families Stay Together

13 12 2012

Group photo 

KOTA PADAWAN – On 20-22 November, the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) held their annual Joseph Cardijn Solidarity Camp (JCSC) at St. Lukas, Kota Padawan. The theme for the camp was “Friends Come & Go, Families Stay Together” supported by the Bible verse Joshua 24:15.

A total of 89 students consisting of both participants and committees took part in this big event, assisted by teacher animators, student animators and senior volunteers. The students came from 13 schools, namely Kolej DPAH Abdillah, SM Lodge, SMK Arang Road, SMK Balai Ringin, SMK Green Road, SMK Lake, SMK Penrissen No.1, SMK Serian, SMK Sg. Maong, SMK Sg. Tapang, SMK St. Joseph, SMK St. Teresa, and SMK Tebakang.

The purpose of the camp was to foster a relationship between YCSers and to commemorate the birthday of Joseph Cardijn, the Cardinal who inspired this movement. It also serves as an outlet for the members to encounter Jesus Christ in a more intimate way, in line with the theme on family.

Group discussion

Each day was filled with various fun-filled and emotion-filled activities, sessions and testimonies, praise & worship, Taize prayer, group discussions and silent reflections, confession and Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr. Simon and Fr. Felix. Participants learned more about faith and building a solid foundation in their families. The sessions were facilitated by different speakers following the SEE-JUDGE-ACT methodology.

 Blaise Tan

 Taize prayer


Through this camp, I’ve learned more about family. I’ve met more friends. Well, I remembered when I was growing up into a teenager, I feel ashamed to hold my parents’ hand. But when I followed this camp, I realised I was not a very good child. I will try to hold my parents’ hand after this camp. I’ve also gained more experience about family. – Bernard Khoo, 15, SMK Penrissen No.1

“Friends Come & Go, Families Stay Together” tema yang mengajar saya erti kehidupan bersama keluarga. Tanpa ibu bapa, kita tidak akan mengenali dunia. Kawan tidak semestinya baik. Saya tahu kawan hanyalah sementara. Jadi, keluarga sangat penting untuk saya. Berkawanlah dengan ibu bapa atau ahli keluarga yang lain. I love Jesus, I love my family. – Alia ak Anthony, 18, SMK Balai Ringin

Joseph Cardijn camp 2012 has been an eye-opening experience. Before the camp, I always felt my parents don’t love me and never understood me. But now I realised that there are different ways of expressing love and everyone expresses it differently. I also learned that if I want my parents to understand me, I should start talking to them more and try to understand them. Our parents are still learning how to be a good parent so we should be more understanding and accept them as they are. I also learned that there is no such thing as perfect parents but there are parents who love us perfectly. Lastly, I’ve learned how to appreciate and love my own parents and realised that I have taken my parents for granted. – Esther Chai, 14, SMK St. Teresa

Shalom! Ini merupakan kem Joseph Cardijn saya yang pertama. Dengan tema “Friends Come & Go, Families Stay Together”, banyak yang telah saya pelajari dari kem ini. Melalui kem ini, saya telah menyedari bahawa keluarga saya merupakan sahabat yang memahami, menghargai saya apa adanya, sentiasa bersama dengan saya pada saat yang sukar mahupun senang dan sentiasa memberi sokongan kepada saya. Syukur saya ucapkan kepada Tuhan kerana telah menyedarkan saya bahawa keluarga saya sangat menyayangi saya. Melalui kem ini juga saya telah menyedari bahawa ibu bapa saya, iaitu keluarga saya merupakan insan yang telah dipilih oleh Tuhan Bapa di syurga dan insan yang terbaik yang diberikan oleh-Nya. Akhir kata, ibu bapa merupakan satu kurniaan yang indah daripada Tuhan yang harus kita hargai, hormati, taati dan sayangi. – Aswina Drusila, 18, SMK Sg. Tapang

Through this camp, I’ve learned more about the family that Jesus wants us to be. I’ve also learned to understand how important family is in our lives than our friends. Some friends are for a reason, season and lifetime, but family remains for a lifetime. I hope next year more exciting activities will be held. LOVE YOUR FAMILY! – Tracy, 18, SMK Lake

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