Family and Friends Gather for a Night of Carols

31 12 2010

KUCHING – The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) Carollers gathered with family members and friends for an evening of fellowship on 12 December 2010. It was held at the St Joseph’s Parish Gallery just after the sunset mass around 7.30pm. Family Night is an annual occasion that all KYCS Carollers look forward to with the objective to thank all families especially parents of the carollers for their utmost support and generous contribution in allowing their children to be actively involved in carolling activities.

The event began with an opening speech by Rachel Remus, the KYCS Carolling Coordinator of 2010 followed by an opening prayer which was shortly followed by a brief sketch originally rehearsed and performed by the carollers themselves. Everyone had finally settled into their comfort zones as soon as the sketch ended and the whole team of carollers streamed in from the back and into the limelight to perform two christmas carols as the actual opening of the event.

Parish priest, Fr Simon Poh was present and invited upfront to say the grace before meal before the families present were called to partake in a potbless. Chairperson of Kuching Archdiocesan Commission for Youth, Stephanie Ng and Lucy Gumek were also present, with the Empowered youths supporting in providing the sound system. While families settled themselves outside on the gallery to enjoy the food, the team of carollers came upfront once more to perform Christmas carols, followed by sectional performances. The audience were swayed by performances consisting of a medley entitled Have Yourself a Holy Night, an improvised version of Stand By Me, The Christmas Song and sketch and a semi instrumental piece of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Games were played afterwards among the families to liven the atmosphere as soon as the carollers seated themselves among the audience. The audience was wound up in a state of frenzy when the games were in progress. After everyone had had a good laugh and the games had finally drawn to an end, a few parents of the carollers were invited upfront to give short sharing and affirmation to the carollers, especially those whose parents were unable to be present.

The night ended with a final performance by the carollers ~ a christmas favourite entitled Away In The Manger. The event was officially ended with a closing prayer.

Brenda Ngu

Intimacy.. Yes or No? Wait-lah!

10 12 2010

KUCHING – With the theme above, a Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) Joseph Cardijn (JC) Solidarity Camp was held on 1 to 3 December at Kpg. Mujat in the parish of Bunan Gega. More than 130 students from different urban and rural schools were involved in the camp as participants and organisers.

The organising committee of the camp was led by Jude Vergir from SMK Serian, assisted by vice-coordinators Julida Shirley from SMK Sg. Maong and Julian Edison from SMK Penrissen No. 1, alongside with 30 over students to ensure the camp ran smoothly. Guiding them were Mdm. Stephanie Ng and Ms. Lucy Gumek from the Archdiocese Youth Commission’s office, teacher and student animators, and assisted by the church committee of the village.

The camp focused on intimacy and the different types of relationships an average student faces. The students also experienced the lifestyle of a ‘kampung’ as they were accommodated by the villagers of Kpg. Mujat who became their foster families.

On the first day of camp, four seminarians from St. Peter’s College came to give a sharing on the topic of intimacy with God, family, boy-girl relationship and others. Then, a Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Simon Poh, from the Cathedral parish, was held at St. Leo’s Chapel in the village. The night ended with a Taize prayer which was done to reflect and pray for their relationship with God, their family and with others.

A morning mass was held to start the day and the presider was Fr. Lazarus Swinie from St. Jude’s Parish. The Wonderfully Made team of the archdiocese was invited and they facilitated interactive sessions and workshops throughout the day. The highlight of the evening was the solidarity night held at the village’s longhouse which was to foster friendship and goodwill between the students and the villagers of Kpg. Mujat.

The final day was a time to come up with a plan to bring awareness about intimacy and relationships in an individual effort and also as a school community. The camp ended with a closing mass which was celebrated by Fr. Lazarus Swinie in the local Bidayuh dialect and all the foster families of the participants joined in as well.

Ralph Balan