Primary 6 camp in Serian

3 11 2010

Serian – About 90 Year six youth from various schools took part in a day camp at St Ann Church, Kampung Kakai on 16 October.  The camp was organised by the Sarawak Catholic Teachers’ Guild, Serian Branch and assisted by Empowered  Ministry with their team leader, Karen from Kuching.  Theme of the camp was “God’s Love and Being Special”.  The activities enhance participants to discover themselves being created special.  In addition, participants have opportunity to socialise with participants from other schools.  The following are feedback from participants:

SK Rayang, “We are very happy and grateful today because we are given a chance to sing Praises to the Lord, able to meet new friend, and  pray together as a big family.”

SK Slabi, “Thank you; we are filled with joy and happiness today! We not only meet many new friends but we have learned a lot too. We are excited for God.”

SK St Theresa, “Today we are happy. We can sing can dance for God. We are no more shy and bore.  Most of all, we succeeded in putting aside today for God’s activities!”

Mass of the day was celebrated by Fr Paul Herry.



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