Student leaders learn to be humble in service

15 09 2010

BUNAN GEGA – The Kuching Young Christian Student (KYCS) Movement successfully organised a leadership formation camp in St Jude’s Parish, Bunan Gega from 6 – 8 September 2010. The theme for the camp was ‘To Form Holistic Leaders Humble in Service’ following the methodology of ‘See, Judge and Act’.  A total of 87 students, ranging from Form 1 to Form 6 participated. Among them were a group of 10 students from Sibu.

The camp coordinated by Student Animators headed by Julian Sim helped the participants to understand what makes a holistic leader. As Christian leaders, the participants were exposed to the leadership qualities that Jesus displayed throughout his public ministry. The participants were called to take on Jesus’ leadership qualities and apply them in their service as YCS leaders in their respective schools.

Besides the interactive input sessions, there was exposure to Kampung Mujat and Kampung Bunan Gega where students exposed themselves to simple lifestyle and humble living. A debate was run by the students on a given motion and Taizé prayers were held as an opportunity for the participants to reflect on what they’ve learnt throughout the camp. Mass was held on the second day presided by Fr Paul Herry. Solidarity night, a night of fellowship to enhance solidarity among the YCS leaders from different schools was also held.

In summary, the camp was run by the students themselves as they participated in different committees during the camp to put into practice leadership skills and humility when leading others.

Kelvin Jong


From this camp, I have learned how to be a holistic leader and a lot of things about leadership. Isut anak John, 16, SMK Penrissen No. 1

LFC is great. Praise the Lord that I am chosen to be here. Being in this camp, I realised that being a leader is not easy. During these three days, I am able to reflect back on my behaviour and I’m happy to change to be a better leader. Overall, I had so much fun here – being together with beautiful YCS-ers. Valerie Carlisle, 16, SMK St Teresa

First of all, I’d like to thank God for giving me this opportunity to join this camp. I had a lot of fun and have learnt many things about leadership. The debate during camp made me realised that humility is important for a leader as it is one of Jesus’ qualities. Jesus is always our leader and from him, we learn the true qualities of being a leader. Olivia Chen, 14, SMK Batu Lintang



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