Internship Sharing

1 09 2010

A post of Ralph Balan sharing his internship testimony:

From 28 June to 28 July, I was sent for a one-month internship to the International Young Christian Students (IYCS) Asian Secretariat which is based in Metro Manila, Republic of the Philippines.  The Asian Secretariat is among the seven secretariats under the international office in Paris. The purpose of the Asian office is to coordinate and network with all the YCS National Movements in over 14 countries across Asia namely Korea YCS, Thailand YCS, Bangladesh YCS, and more.

Working in the Asian Secretariat has given me a lot of new experiences. One interesting experience was how the office communicates and organizes projects with the national movements, funding partners, the international secretariat and many other agencies. I was also able to experience living in a small community of people from different backgrounds and cultures yet at the same time dwell in harmony through our Lord Jesus.

I have had both good and bad experiences in my internship but ultimately, it was an opportunity which I did not regret taking up. Though there were many challenges and obstacles, it is a lesson that I have learnt and hope it will help me and those who journey with me in the future. To all Young Christian Students reading this testimony, I hope you will continue to actively participate or lead the YCS movement you belong to and live out the vision of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn to really SEE, JUDGE and ACT in your everyday lives and in everything you do especially when relating to the poor and the marginalized.  My heartfelt appreciations to the KAYC and the IYCS Asian Secretariat for offering me this valuable opportunity as well as assisting me financially for the internship, to family and friends who always love and care, and to all those who have willingly kept me in prayers. May God bless you abundantly as He has blessed me.

Ralph Balan



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