Campus Students Face Reality through Life Experiences Sharing

2 08 2010

BAU – It was a first-time experience for some of the 50 campus students to climb up to the Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre at Mt Singai, Bau for the recent Inter Campus Camp (ICC) organised by the Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) under the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC). The participants came from Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu (KSKB), Lim Kok Wing Institution, SEGi College, Polytechnic Kuching and Universiti Malaysia (UNIMAS). With the theme ‘Faith.Hope.Love’, the participants and committees of this three-day two-night camp from 30 July – 1 August were exposed to the reality of campus life in Malaysia.

Inspired by the participants of the National Camp and School of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly, Treading Humbly with God (SALT) camp, they made up the committee to share on the issues they face in campuses such as Culture of Death, Islamisation, Right to Vote, Financial Management and Relationships (student-student, student-lecturer, boy-girl and student-God). These real life experiences shared were supported by affirming talks from speakers Dr Andrew Alek, Cosmas Klumai and Stephanie Ng.

Besides input sessions, participants learnt from each other through small group sharing, activities and fellowship. There were also Taize prayer and body prayer being introduced to the participants. Everyone joined in the community Mass presided by Fr Nicholas Ng and also the community lunch prepared by both committees and the community present on the last day.


Pengalaman di CMPC adalah pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan. Selama tiga hari ini, saya dapat mempelajari pelbagai benda baru. Antaranya ialah mendapat rakan baru dari pelbagai kolej dan universiti. Melalui aktiviti kerohanian, saya dapat mendekatkan diri dengan Tuhan dengan lebih erat. Saya juga mempertingkatkan pengetahuan dalam aktiviti kerohanian dan kini lebih sedar tentang masalah persekitaran. I hope I can join this camp again. – Elly anak Sareb, KSKB Kuching

Going through this camp is like a journey towards a new consciousness. I have been having the so-called ‘crisis of faith’ but now I think I have found some answers. I dedicate this journey to my mother, and I hope the physical pain she has been going through gets lighter. – Fiona Lulu Jaina, SEGi College

Shallom! Saya berasa sungguh gembira sepanjang menyertai kem ini kerana dapat mengenali kawan-kawan baru dari pelbagai kampus. Sepanjang kem ini juga, saya juga telah mempelajari tentang beberapa perkara mengenai realiti di kampus seperti ‘culture of death’, ‘islamisation’ dan sebagainya. Melalui ajaran tersebut, saya telah didedahkan dengan cara-cara mengatasi masalah tersebut. Semoga saudara saudari di luar sana akan menyertai kem ini pada masa akan datang. Tuhan memberkati. – Liviana Kirsten, Polytechnic

At first, I did not want to join this ICC because I went for it last year. But there was something calling me to go, and that something is God. Here as I bring myself closer to Him, I became aware of what is happening around me. I’m glad I answered His calling. Thank You, Jesus! – Ivy Elora, UNIMAS

The ICC is my first campus camp event that I attended and it was great. I got to learn and realise the many issues that the campus youth are facing and struggling with. I also find it interesting when most of the input sessions are sharing from the students themselves. We also got to exchange opinions and stories with each other from different colleges and universities. Although I was the only one from my college joining this camp, I’m glad to be invited to participate and to be able to make new friends. Thought there were only about 30 of us participants, it was a nice and conducive event to learn and share. May we all continue to be loving like our Lord Jesus and move to change and improve the situation in campuses. – Ralph Balan, Lim Kok Wing Institution