Kem Singai 2010

29 03 2010

CMPC, Bau – Pada 19 hingga 21 Mac 2010 yang lalu, Young Christian Undergraduates (YCU), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Kampus Samarahan, telah menganjurkan Kem Singai di CMPC Singai, Bau. Tujuan utama kem ini dijalankan adalah untuk mengumpulkan semua pelajar Kristian dari semua institut pengajian tinggi (IPT) di sekitar Kuching yang merangkumi pelbagai mahzab gereja untuk bersama-sama melayani Tuhan sebagai satu keluarga. Seramai 56 orang peserta yang menyertai Kem Singai kali ini termasuklah ahli jawatankuasa kem serta peserta dari Politeknik Kuching. Tema Kem Singai pada kali ini adalah “Who Am I?”.

Menurut Joshua Joel, salah seorang peserta Kem Singai, melalui kem ini dia dapat membentuk dan memenuhi keperluan spiritual melalui doa Taize dan juga sesi Puji dan Sembah. Selain itu, dia juga dapat merasai kehadiran Roh Kudus semasa aktiviti “Foot Washing” berlangsung.

Salah seorang lagi peserta Kem Singai, Winna Enchuk memberitahu bahawa dia dapat merasakan yang Tuhan Yesus ada bersamanya dan membasuh kakinya semasa aktiviti “Foot Washing”.

Secara keseluruhannya, Kem Singai ini dapat  menyedarkan para peserta mengenai sejauh mana hubungan mereka dengan Yesus. Selain itu, kem ini juga dapat mencungkil bakat-bakat terpendam para peserta melalui malam kebudayaan yang berlangsung pada malam Sabtu. Kem ini juga telah menjawab persoalan yang sering menjadi tanda tanya iaitu “Siapakah Yesus?” dan jawapannya ialah Yesus ialah Tuhan dan Yesus adalah Raja yang sangat mengasihi kita!

East Malaysia YCS Encounter Jesus in Sibu!

23 03 2010

SIBU – The 3rd East Malaysia Encounter was successfully held in Sibu from 15 – 18 March 2010. Organised by the Kuching YCS, a total of 36 participants from Kuching, Miri and Sibu Arch/Dioceses gathered at Sibu Diocesan Pastoral Centre for 4-day 3-night camp with the theme “Climate Change… No Kidding!”.

With reference to the YCS methodology of SEE-JUDGE-ACT, participants were exposed to the current reality of climate change at a plantation site accompanied by an officer from Sibu NGO, Mr Wong Meng Chuo. The SEE part continued with Mr Wong giving a talk on the importance of being aware on the climate situation and to note the danger Mother Earth is facing.

The JUDGE part followed the next day as participants learnt the spirituality of YCS through sessions on Reflection of Creation Story by Fr Jessie and a panel discussion by Ms Zabariah (representing the Islamic Information Centre in Sibu), Mr Wong (representing the Social Environmental Consultancy) and Fr Paul Ling (representing the Roman Catholic Church). Asian Team Deepak Raj was also present to conduct the Synthesis of Judge session.

The final ACT part challenged the participants to make a difference in their own school, Church and arch/diocese. Each person committed themselves to making a change, an effort to combat this climate change issue. The solidarity action was to come up with an awareness brochure for distribution to everyone by 4 June (World Environmental Day).

Daily Mass was held daily, with presiding priests Fr Jessie and Fr Paul. Other activities held during the event include taize prayers, a debate, action songs and games, and solidarity time.

Youth Leader Formation cum Meeting

12 03 2010

Kota Padawan – The first meeting of the Commission for Youth has been held on 7th March 2010 at St. Lukas’ Catholic Centre. The objective of the meeting was to look for a common direction for the youth in the Archdiocese of Kuching for the next 3 years.

There were 42 leaders from the Parish Youth Ministries including other components groups namely Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS), Gabungan Pelajar Kristian (GPK), CHOICE, Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM), Asian Youth Day (AYD) Pilgrims and World Youth Day (WYD) Pilgrims & Alumni KAYA.

The program began with a Mass presided by The Archbishop.  He touched on the importance and relevance of the Word of God in the life of the young people as well as the importance of family which is in line with the pastoral focus on the family.  An input session on “The Youth and Word of God” was also conducted by Rev. Fr. Richard Ng. There were  discussion and  sharing session on the importance of the Word of God and challenges encountered to promote the word of God among the young people.  In the meeting proper, everyone agreed that the Word of God is the common direction for the youth in the Archdiocese of Kuching.  The direction will go alongside with the importance of the family which is in line with the Pastoral Focus on the Family.

A virtual visit to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

9 03 2010

One of the most significant places in the Christian tradition is the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

from Rome Reports TV Agency.

KYCS Coffee Morning – A Success!

3 03 2010

KUCHING – A breakfast sale was organized on 21 February by the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) at the St Joseph’s Parish Gallery. Led by Martin Chieng, treasurer of the East Malaysia Encounter (EME) organizing team, the students gathered with the purpose to raise fund for the upcoming 3rd EME, which will be hosted in Sibu, and to also strengthen the bonds between the members of YCS Movements in the various schools.

The morning of the sale started with an opening prayer by the EME coordinator, Damien Dellon. The participating schools include SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road, SMK St Joseph and SMK St Teresa. The Empowered Youth Ministry also assisted in providing the technical sound system for entertainment during the event.

The sale was a great success as all stalls managed to sell off everything as planned. A closing prayer was said by Dick Darryl from SMK St Joseph to end the event, thereafter a photo taking session with the Lend-a-Hand banner.

contributed by Terence Chin