St. Stephen Bau’s Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) Retreat

23 02 2010

Kpg. Senibong, Bau – On 19/2/2010-21/2/2010, St. Stephen Bau PYM together with the Kampong CYM leaders and representatives has their retreat at Holy Family Woodhouse Retreat Center, Senibong Bau. This retreat is focus on Awareness, Commitment, and Obedience. Total of 25 people, including the helpers from Bau’s KAYA 18 participants joined the retreat.

The retreat started with the Station of the Cross and Daily Mass at St. Stephen Bau in the afternoon. After the mass, the participants were sent to the retreat place by the PYM transport team. On the first day of the retreat, the participants were asked to reflect and think about what their expectations from the retreat are, and what contributions they can contribute to achieve their expectations.

On the second day, the sharing sessions started with the input on Awareness, given by Stephanie Ng (Kuching Archdiocese Youth Commission Chairperson). Awareness on Spiritual Perspective was the main focus for this session. The participants were asked to reflect on how is their relationship with God, are they lack of faith when problems storm them as the disciples in the scripture found in Mc 4:35-41? The participants also asked to reflect on what are their strengths that they can offer or share with others, especially youth in their kampong / church. This session makes the participants to realize that they must have personal relationship with God first if they want to serve in God’s ministry, especially as leaders, and Jesus Christ will make full use of and multiply what they have even though they have limited resources. The second session was the input on Obedience. The story of Jonah been disobedience to God was told, and the King of Nineveh-the example of obedience and lead by example was given. This session focus on the importance of obedience to God. The third session was given by Cosmos, focus on the input of Commitment. The questions about what is commitment, where, how and when to practice it were asked and shared to the participants. In the evening, Taize prayer was held, and the participants have the chance to be silent and totally focus on reflecting about themselves base on the sessions given.

On the last day of the retreat, the sessions were mainly focus on personal and group reflections, and what their action plans are. During the personal reflection and action plan session, the participant were asked to reflect on themselves and plan their action individually, meanwhile in group reflection and action plan, the participant were grouped according to their CYM Zone and PYM. The retreat ends with the closing mass celebrated by the Rev. Fr. Leonard.



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3 07 2010

Hi..i just visit and saw your is very nice..and its so inspiring..i`m also a youth minister in our parish here in philippines…You can also visit our website @ and

26 07 2010

thank you for being in solidarity with us in this service to the Lord!

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