A Beautiful Song for Christmas

19 12 2009

Came across this beautiful song by Michael Card – Song of Joseph. Thought you all might like it. Happy Christmas.

Fr Felix Au

Joseph’s Cardijn Solidarity Camp for KYCS

14 12 2009

KOTA PADAWAN – A total of 118 Young Christian Students (YCS) members from nine schools in Kuching and Serian participated in a three-day Joseph Cardijn Solidarity Camp (JCSC)  themed ‘Food Crisis: Gather all the pieces together and let nothing be wasted [John 6:12]’ at St Lukas’ Catholic Centre from 18-20 November.

JCSC was named after Joseph Cardijn who inspired the formation of the YCS organisation. The focus of the JCSC09 was applying the YCS methodology of SEE-JUDGE-ACT to the food crisis occurring both in this country and globally. Coordinated by Cassandra Shim of SMK St Teresa and Benedict Tan of SMK Penrissen No 1, the students formed their own committee to organise the camp, under the supervision of student animators and the Archdiocesan Youth Office.

The Camp was divided into three main sections with different themes – SEE, JUDGE, and ACT. The SEE part included a talk by Fr Simon Poh and four seminarians from St Peter’s College on their experiences with food crises. There was also a visit to the Department of Agriculture in Semenggoh to see how food was processed and prepared, and a talk by Harun and Awang from NGOs on the impact of food crises in the country.

Stephanie Ng, the Youth Coordinator of the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth and Vocation Commission (KAYVC), conducted a Theological Reflection for the JUDGE session, where she showed two videos illustrating the suffering of those undergoing food crises.

The session themed ACT was facilitated by Ralph Balan and Kenny Simon, and covered the actions that could be taken by participants to deal with food crises as an individual and as a school. All school representatives drew logos to show their commitment to making a change in their school YCS movements for this issue.

The Camp also included time for Mass, prayer, solidarity activities, animation sessions, games, and team cleaning activities.

Reuben Ryan Then

Vocation Camp 2009

10 12 2009

CMPC, Mt Singai – Seramai 71 orang peserta telah mengikuti Kem Panggilan yang dianjurkan oleh KAYVC dari 4 – 6 Disember 2009. Kem Panggilan tahun ini bertemakan ‘Faith in the Divine Initiative – the Human Response’ yang dipetik dari surat Pope Benedict XVI.

Dalam kem tersebut, setiap individu digalakkan untuk membuka hati mereka kepada Tuhan agar dapat memberi respon terhadap panggilan tersebut serta mempelawa Roh Kudus untuk bekerja dalam hidup setiap individu. Di samping itu, para belia juga dijemput untuk merenungkan dan mengenali panggilan Tuhan dalam hidup mereka masing-masing kerana Tuhan sentiasa berbicara dalam hati kita. Oleh itu, kita harus membuka hati kita kepada. Tuhan agar Dia dapat berbicara dan seterusnya agar kita dapat memberi respon terhadap panggilan tersebut.

Antara kongregasi yang terlibat termasuklah Diocesan Priesthood, SSFS, Good Shepherd, Daughter of St Paul, Carmelite Order dan La salle Brothers.