ACS Youth Concert

30 11 2009

CEWC, Jalan Stampin – ACS Youth Ministry telah menganjurkan Konsert Belia pada 22 Nov yang lalu yang bertemakan “Arise and Shine”, dipetik dari Yesaya 60:1. Konsert tersebut disertai oleh 7 buah gereja iaitu  Gereja Roman Catholic, Gereja Anglican , Gereja SIB , Gereja SDA, Gereja Methodist (Iban), Gereja Methodist (Chinese) dan Salvation Army. Seramai 9 orang peserta dari gereja Roman Catholic yang diwakili oleh Alumni Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Apostolate (AKAYA) telah menyertai persembahan dalam konsert tersebut. Jenis pesembahan yang dibawa adalah “mime & dance” yang bertajuk “Who Am I”.

Antara program yang dijalankan termasuklah persembahan dari setiap wakil-wakil gereja, puji dan sembah serta sesi perkongsian daripada salah seorang daripada tetamu jemputan. Dalam perkongsian tersebut, para belia digalakkan untuk terus bangun dan sentiasa bersinar dalam melayani Tuhan di setiap masa, dalam apa jua pekerjaan yang mereka lakukan.

Konsert tersebut diakhiri dengan puji dan sembah yang dipimpin oleh belia dari gereja SDA.

Exam blessing mass-Swinburne Catholic Student Society (Swinburne CSS)

10 11 2009





6 Nov 2009, Swinburne College – There was an exam blessing mass organized by the Swinburne Catholic Student (Swinburne CSS) which was presided by Fr Simon Poh. During the homily, Fr Simon Poh highlighted that as a Christian, we should put our full trust in the Lord. As in the scripture says, “Don’t worry about the food you need to live, or about the clothes you need for your body. Look at the birds, they don’t plant or harvest, they don’t have storerooms or barns, but God feeds them. And you are worth much more than birds” (Luke 12:22,24). Everyone were invited to join a simple fellowship after the mass.

Empowered Youth on a Mission

5 11 2009

empowered on a mission

BAGUIO, Philippines – A group of young people from Empowered Ministry Kuching went on an Outreach Mission Trip in the Philippines from 15-21 October. The team consisting of 30 people, including two babies, participated in the Baguio 1st Revival Conference and Evangelical Concerts. This event was organised by the Cornerstone Catholic Community who invited the Empowered Ministry to serve in the Conference and, more specifically, the Evangelistic Concerts on 17 and October, themed ‘Healing’ and ‘Evangelism’ respectively.

The Conference started with a Mass at Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral celebrated by Fr Andres Cosalan, Jr, the Spiritual Director of the Charismatic Renewal Movement in Baguio. During the opening ceremony of the Conference at the rooftop of the Porta Vaga Mall, the Empowered Mission Team shared our culture with them through a series of Malaysian cultural dances varying from the Malay, Chinese, Iban, Orang Ulu, and Bidayuh.

The Conference streaming sessions were conducted during the following two days, while the concerts were in the night at the Baguio Conference Centre. The Empowered Music Ministry along with the Empowered Dance and Drama Ministry ministered and led the crowd of worshippers into a time of praise and worship.  The Conference concluded with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Carlito J Cenzon.

This Mission to Baguio was a great and enriching experience and we anticipate more opportunities for evangelical mission inside and outside of Malaysia, and “not be ashamed of the Gospel!” (Rom 1:16)

by Pius Kallang

Testimonies :

The one thing that I would like to share about this mission trip is HUMILITY… The moment we arrived at the Cornerstone Community Centre, we were treated like royalty. Our bags were carried into the community house for us, while we were busy talking to one another and taking photos. After a brief introduction, we  were served supper, after which some of the Empowered guys tried to help clean up, but the reply we got was one that I can cannot forget, “Let us do it. Or else we won’t have anything else to do.” They were an in-house community, and after speaking to Winnie Ng, their founder, I began to understand why humility is important part of their life. (Pius Kallang, Empowered Ministry)

The most memorable part of this trip was the Cornerstone Community themselves. Through them I learnt many things. Especially learning to serve others first before yourself. I really admire their patience during this whole event.  (Alex, Kuchina Empowered Ministry)

In this mission trip, I learnt the life of a missionary is to be Christ-centered instead of self-centered.  During the trip, we encountered inconveniences, especially taking cool shower (ice water) early in the morning and midnight (with no water heater at first).  This experience helped me to realize and reflect that as a missionary, it is not about seeking comfort but to accept whatever the organisers have prepared. A few days before I left Kuching, I got the news that Baguio City was one of the disaster areas.  I recalled a statement by one missionary, “To go on mission is not based on good or bad weather but based on God’s calling”.  Indeed, God made a way and clear the pathway for us to travel to Baguio City safely.  My faith has been strengthened through this mission trip and challenges to do more for the Lord. (Nancy Ong, Holy Trinity Parish)

It’s amazing how you extended your support to our community and how willing you were to help the Filipinos. Looking at what you have done during the concert, it is overwhelming to think that you gave your best for us, Filipinos. It is encouraging to think that you even translated some songs to Filipino. You are really empowered and you were ever ready to share what you have in the name of God! You are really the Empowered team! (Kit, Catholic Cornerstone Community, Baguio )

Despite the short period of time I spent with the Empowered Ministry, I was touched and blessed by you all. I observed that you are organized, and shared one team spirit. You showed your passion and desire in sharing your faith, your talents and gifts. I am inspired and encouraged more to say “Yes!” to the Lord in whatever obstacles that will come to my life. (Nordelyn, Catholic Cornerstone Community, Baguio)

The Empowered Ministry is really anointed that you brought people into deeper worship with God. Every song touched my heart and made me reflect that he is indeed a living God in our city. Despite the destruction of property and lives brought about by the typhoon in the City of Baguio, I believe that he was really in the midst of people. I’m so blessed to know you who courageously crossed the ocean to bring the Good News to us and let us experience God in a more unique way of praise and worship. (Pearly Jhane, Catholic Cornerstone Community, Baguio)

Malaysian Youth Offices Meeting 2009

3 11 2009


From 20-23 November 2009, 15 youth ministers from different parts of the country gathered in Majodi Centre, Johor Bahru for the Malaysian Youth Offices’ Meeting (MYOM).  Represented at this event were the dioceses of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Sibu, Keningau, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Some of the goal of the meeting were to provide spiritual/pastoral formation for the participants, to promote national level collaboration, help the participants clarify our roles and chart the direction of youth work in the respective dioceses and to enable participants to get to know and encouraged each other.

The programmes of the meeting included reflection, daily Eucharist, ministry review on the (a) Ministry of accompaniment (b) Enhance working relationship and communication with clergy / bishop (c)Motivation, support and accompaniment for full time ministers (d) Embracing information technology (e) Young Christian students.  The meeting also touched on the Ministry of Formation and of Evangelization and lastly  exchanging information about the different programmes of each of our dioceses.

MYOM has decided to take the WYD theme of the upcoming year, whenever possible. Therefore the theme for MYOM 2010 is WYD 2011 theme:Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (cf Col. 2:7). The focus will be on the ‘Word of God in Community‘.  The next meeting will be held on 25-29 Oct 2010 (mon-Fri including travel  days) in Sandakan, Sabah.


Projek Kajian Islam & Demokrasi di Malaysia

3 11 2009


Pada 1 November 2009, Ahad yang lalu Institusi Peyelidikan (International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization & International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia) dan Institusi Pelaksana (Merdeka Center & CPPS) telah menganjurkan Siri Dialog Masyarakat bertempat di Hilton Kuching. Seramai dalam lingkungan 50 orang peserta telah hadir dalam dialog tersebut.

Objektif dialog ini adalah untuk mengadakan dialog atau perbincangan di kalangan rakyat Malaysia dan mengemukakan input berkenaan dasar-dasar kepada kerajaan Malaysia mengenai cara-cara meningkatkan demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia. Antara topik-topik yang dibincangkan adalah:-

  1. Urus tadbir yang baik (Good governance)
  2. Hak-hak kelompok minoriti (Minority Rights)
  3. Hak-hak wanita (Women’s Rights)
  4. Toleransi agama (Religious Tolerance)

Peserta-peserta yang datang adalah terdiri daripada pemimpin dan organisasi Islam serta agama lain, golongan profesional, institusi-institusi pengajian tinggi, wakil-wakil dari pelbagai parti politik dan pemimpin tempatan termasuklah dari gereja Katolik.

Semua peserta yang hadir diberi peluang untuk mengemukakan pendapat serta pandangan masing-masing terhadap topik yang dibincangkan tanpa menyentuh isu-isu sensitif yang boleh mengaibkan sesuatu agama atau kepercayaan kerana keempat-empat topik di atas menjadi isu teras dalam aspek kenegaraan. Responden dalam dialog tersebut telah menyimpulkan bahawa, rakyat Malaysia perlu ada persefahaman yang kukuh pada kepercayaan mereka masing-masing dan tidak meletakkan kepercayaan tersebut sebagai dasar atau cara untuk menyelesaikan sesuatu masalah yang timbul melainkan bertindak secara rasional dan berfikiran terbuka.

Pihak penyelidik akan mengeluarkan policy paper dan berharap dapat menggubal dasar-dasar awam yang dapat meningkatkan demokrasi dan pemantapan ajaran Islam secara rasional serta empat aspek perbincangan yang telah dibincangkan dalam meningkatkan hak asasi manusia di kalangan rakyat Malaysia.