Blair reveals what attracted him to Catholicism

17 09 2009

ROME : Religion has a central and unique role in society and its development, according to the former prime minister of England. Tony Blair, a convert to Catholicism, spoke with L’Osservatore Romano about his faith in an interview published in today’s Italian edition.

Tony Blair with Pope Benedict XVI

“My spiritual journey began when I started to go to Mass with my wife,” Blair said. “Then we decided to baptize our children in the Catholic faith. It was a journey that lasted 25 years, or perhaps more. In time, emotionally, intellectually and rationally it seemed to me that the Catholic home was the right one for me. When I left political office, and I no longer had all the context connected with being prime minister, it was something I really wanted to do.”

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The article was originally published at Zenit on 15 Sep 2009