KAYD09 Pre-event Retreat: “Hand”

19 08 2009

KUCHING – The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day (KAYD) Servants Retreat was held on 15 – 16 August 2009 at St. Lukas Apostolic Centre, Kota Padawan. The weekend retreat, which is also known as The Hand of KAYD, was organised by various parish youth ministries under the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth and Vocation Commission (KAYVC). The retreat brought together over 75 youths from different parishes.

Hand of KAYD

Registration team sorting name tags

The Hand of KAYD aims to gather youthful servants who are actively serving in the upcoming KAYD event. An experienced guest speaker from Penang – Andre Ong, led the sessions on “We are Chosen by God”, “Getting Our Hands Dirty”, and “Discipleship”. Andre emphasized that as “hands” and “feet” of God, we should recognise situations where we can help one another voluntarily.

Andre Ong

Get your hands dirty for the Lord!

The participants learned to accept one another and unite as one in joyful service to the Lord, through team building sessions (according to the different KAYD working teams), and to serve one another through the simplest gesture of kindness while living as a community.

The opening Eucharist

Praising the Lord with music

The weekend was also packed with praise and worship sessions, short and entertaining presentations from different teams, a short briefing on the servants’ duties and responsibilities according to the respective working teams, Taize prayer and Eucharistic celebrations.

A ministry team praying together

The retreat ended on Sunday afternoon. The participants went home with a renewed heart of service to the Lord and to one another. May we continue to pray for the upcoming KAYD event, which will be held on 28 – 30 August 2009 at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre, Kuching.

by Evelyn Chow

Some testimonies:

This retreat really reached its purpose, which is to unite all the (KAYD09) servants with 1Love and 1Heart. We helped each other and got close to each other. I praise the Lord for all the blessings that he granted us and for his presence during this retreat. Amen.
Henry Luk, 22

At first, I wondered why I made the decision to go to this retreat. Actually, I just wanted to be a participant but then something inside of me told me to offe3r myself to become a KAYD servant. Finally God answered my question, and now I am ready to serve and get my hands dirty.
Ivy Elora George, 20

Retreat pra-KAYD09 kali ini amat menyeronokkan dan memberikan semangat ketabahan kepada diri saya. Selain itu saya juga dapat mempelajari sesuatu yang paling istimewa daripada penceramah kami berkaitan dengan “Get our Hands Dirty” kerana bersempena dengan tema KAYD tahun ini iaitu “1Love”. Oleh itu saya berharap agar lebih ramai belia-belia dapat mengikuti KAYD09.
Elcie Stell, 20

The “Hands of KAYD09” servants’ retreat was one of the most life-changing experiences for me because it has taught me to serve God the right way. It has definitely changed my perspective on “getting my hands dirty” for God. Praise the Lord for bringing me to this event.
Natalie Ha, 16

Blessed be God. There is great power in surrender. What I learnt from this retreat is that service is not about what one can give but about the heart that gives that service. The love of God must be the heart of service because it is the overflow of God’s love reaching out to people. Thank God for such a simple message. Thank you, Andre. Thank you, Jesus.
Pius Kallang, 22

The KAYD09 servants’ retreat is a good avenue for servants/ministers to discover the real meaning of discipleship. The retreat taught us that we are one body in Christ and we should not be afraid to get our hands “dirty”. We should start with the little things first. The organisers did a great job (in spite of the fact the programme schedule was not posted on the noticeboard). The speaker, Andre Ong, is superb in addressing the message for this retreat.
David Dzrandinuraidi 34

Saya mendapat pengalaman baru selama 2 hari 1 malam berada di St Lukas untuk retreat ini. Dengan tema Hands of KAYD, saya berjaya memupuk semangat dan keyakinan saya untuk menjadi kakitangan Tuhan untuk KAYD09. Saya bersedia untuk berkhidmat dalam KAYD nanti. Penceramah, Andre Ong, berjaya menaikkan semangat saya melalui input yang beliau berikan. Saya paling menggemari sesi “Getting my hands dirty”. Pada masa itulah saya merasakan diri saya sudah bersedia untuk melayan. KAYD09, i’m coming…
Maria Susan, 18

The retreat was a blast. Great speaker, good food, wonderful company and an unforgettable experience. Personally I benefited a lot from this retreat and I learnt that serving the Lord takes more than just my own skills and talents. It is when we work together with others to serve him that makes the experience more fantastic. No man is an island; through this retreat, I learnt more about what this actually means. Praise God for giving me the opportunity to be able to participate in this retreat. What I gained from it is literally priceless.
Alexander Lee, 19

Brian, youth coordinator of KAYD09

Group dynamics

"We are graduates of Chef School, ready to feed you!"

The talented worship team

Offer your hands to wash for the Lord

Are you getting ready to party in the conference hall?

Alex playing the 'devil' trying to push and separate the 3 young men



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6 09 2009
elvy KAYDO9

wow..i love KAYDO9..i love the singer..all of you..may god bless you

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