Evangelicals Upset with National Service Doctrinal Errors

2 08 2009

Khidmat Negara LogoPETALING JAYA: Evangelical Christians are upset with doctrinal errors in the National Service. This was highlighted by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF) in its current newsletter to members.

NECF said it has notified the Christian Federation of Malaysia–the umbrella body–about this matter which will be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities

“Christians, especially Christian parents whose children are attending the National Service programme, need to be aware of the grave doctrinal errors on Christianity contained in the workbook used by the NS integration programme on religion,” the NECF pointed out in an article entitled “NS doctrinal errors.”

Khidmat Negara

It said the workbook is entitled “Buku Kerja Program Integrasi” on “Keagamaan,” 4th edition, 2009 with the chapters on Christianity on pages 12 and 13 contain the following errors:

– On page 12, under the heading “Agama Kristian,” bullet 2 states: “Pengikut Christ menganggap beliau sebagai penyelamat yang diutus untuk membela Bani Israel daripada penindasan bangsa-bangsa lain seperti bangsa Rom yang pernah memerintah Palestin.”

(Translated: Christ’s followers regard him as the saviour sent to deliver the Israeli race from the oppression by other races, such as the Romans, who once occupied Palestine.)

This is erroneous as Christians do not regard Christ as the saviour for Israel’s political and territorial oppression. Instead, the Bible clearly states He came to deliver the human race from the bondage of sin, the article said as no where in the Bible does it say that Christ came to deliver the Israelites from human oppression.

On page 13, bullet 6 states: “Jesus mengajar konsep tuhan yang esa, pengasih, penyayang, pemurah dan pengampun. Bagi orang yang mengamalkan ajaran ini, mereka akan menikmati kesempurnaan hidup di akhirat.”

(Translated: Jesus taught the concept of God as loving, merciful, forgiving and compassionate. For those who follow this teaching, they will enjoy eternal life in the hereafter.)

Again NECF said this is erroneous as Christians have always maintained that salvation in the hereafter is not based on merely knowing God as a loving, merciful and compassionate God, but believing, confessing and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

It also pointed out that Protestant Christians do not subscribe to the description written under the heading “Agama Kristian,” bullet 3 which says that Christ “menghidupkan burung yang dibuat daripada tanah liat dan sebagainya.” (Translated: brought clay birds to life.)

The article was originally published at MySinChew on 16 Jun 2009



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