Dr Ligaya Acosta Speaks about the Homosexual Agenda

29 07 2009

On 21st July 2009, the Youth and Vocations Commision of Archdiocese of Kuching had organized a session on Sexuality: “The Homosexual Agenda” by Dr Ligaya Acosta. She is the Executive Director of Human Life International Asia-Oceania, Manila. She has traveled to from India to Mongolia and Papua New Guinea to promote Life and the Family. The evening session was held at the AVA room of St Joseph Parish Centre. There were altogether 44 youth, working adults and parents from different parishes who attended this session. Below are some pictures and testimonies from the participants:

Dr Ligaya Acosta receives souvenir; L-R: Dorothy, Dr Acosta, Fr Simon, Fr Felix

Dr Ligaya Acosta receives souvenir; L-R: Dorothy, Dr Acosta, Fr Simon, Fr Felix

“An eye opener on the depth and extent of the homosexual agenda and its assault on family and Church. The talk cuts through the usual euphemism and sets the recent development (to promote this lifestyle) in the West in its real perspective. Can’t wait to learn more about this and other facets of the Culture of Death, but more importantly how we can defeat it through Culture of Life, at the HLI Asia Pacific Congress in November’- Benjamin Adrian, CHOICE

“Before this, I was not really aware of homosexual issues happening worldwide. I do know a bit about it through the media but don’t know enough about it. After listening to Dr. Ligaya’s talk of the homosexuality, I understand more its effects and impact on those who practise this same sex relationships. I also learnt that the close relationship between parents and children in a family is most important.”- Andez Gregory, Campus Student

“Her presentation was full of concrete evidence and facts – both scientific and biblical (faith); on the topic of homosexuality as a facet of the Culture of Death. Her challenge to both parents and youths to be more aware and better equipped against the strategies of the Anti-Life (Pro-Death) advocates was interesting – prompting us to be ready and alert to defend our faith and beliefs as Catholics and Pro-Lifers!

Although the session was brief and much of what was shared needed more time thought and digestion, it gave us a glimpse of what we as pro-lifers are up against and need to do, so as not to be easily deceived. Her sharing on hope for the homosexuals and homosexually inclined persons – especially through prayers and self-surrender to GOD, is both informative and practical. I believe with this knowledge, though little, we can begin to better Love, Support and Understand those struggling with homosexuality, especially in our Catholic/Christian circle.”- Mervyn Lee, Empowered Parish Youth Minitry

The audience



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