S.A.L.T. Ulu Belaga 2009

26 07 2009

S.A.L.T. stands for School of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly and Treading humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It is a programme for campus students spearheaded by the Malaysian Catholic Students’ Council (MCSC). This year, the second S.A.L.T will be held in Ulu Belaga (SALT II Ulu Belaga or S.U.B.’09)


S.U.B.’09 will be a Southeast Asian program(SEAP), a joint project between MCSC and IMCS AP (International Movement of Catholic Students Asia Pacific). S.U.B’09 will incorporate EIP (Exposure Immersion Program) which will include orientation, exposure to Ulu Belaga, critical analyses and theological reflection which is also part of SALT II Ulu Belaga. Some participants of Southeast Asia can only attend EIP but not the entire SALT II Ulu Belaga. However, we expect all local participants to attend the entire program which will be held this year from 23 Nov to 6 Dec, 2009.

The aims of S.U.B. 09 are manifold:

  1. Enable our university students to understand the complex issues of the land rights or (NCR) of IP (indigenous peoples or Orang Asal) in Sarawak in relation to logging, the Sarawakian society and the global timber market.
  2. Arrive a more critical understand of the struggle of the IPs in Ulu Belaga and their poverty and marginalization in relation to the local and global institutions such as Internation Timber Instition, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and economic globalization.
  3. Response in faith to the struggle of the IPs so that we are aware of our roles as university students

S.U.B. 09 will be held in Bintulu, the EIP in Kg. Sg. Asap and Koyan in Ulu Belaga, and culminate in the 3-day retreat in Bintulu.

Take a look at the S.U.B.’09 promotional videos below:

Currently, 5 places are allocated for delegates from Archdiocese of Kuching. For more information, contact the Kuching Youth Office; 082-237237.



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