The Joy of Being a Priest

16 07 2009

The church should be a community in which people discover God’s delight in them. This is the ministry of priests. This is my life, writes Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.

Published in Catholic News on 10 May 2009

LET ME MAKE a confession. As the time for me to be ordained drew near, I began to have terrible doubts as to whether I was called to be a priest. I had become deeply repelled by any hint of priestly superiority. I dreaded the hypocrisy of it, because I knew that I was no better than anyone else. I only accepted ordination in obedience to my Dominican brethren. I could identify with Saint Augustine who wept when he was ordained a priest. The cynics thought that he was weeping because he had not been made a bishop, but in fact it was because he had no desire to be a priest at all.

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2 responses

17 07 2009
Alexander Lee M.T.

any more inspirational vocation stories?

17 07 2009

Will certainly look for vocation stories and post them. Hope we will be able to continue put new material in our blog daily or at least a few times in a week. So keep visiting.

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