Catholic Combines Faith, High-Tech Savvy to Invent New Bible Format

31 07 2009

By Nancy Frazier O’Brien
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) — One of the oldest and most read books in the world now has a new, high-tech look. And it weighs only 5 grams, or one-hundredth of a pound.
God on the Go, USB flash drive containing complete Bible
“God on the Go” is a USB flash drive containing the complete Bible in the New Revised Standard Version or the New Testament of the New American Bible. It is currently available only for PCs but a Mac-compatible version is expected out this summer.

Inventor Mark Mastroianni, a member of St. Edna Parish in Arlington Heights, Ill., said in a telephone interview with Catholic News Service that the idea for “God on the Go” came to him in prayer when he was asking God how he could bring together his Catholic faith and his background in technology and product development.

“Why not combine the Bible with commonly used and readily accessible technological platforms?” he recalled thinking. After months of research and talks with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which holds the U.S. copyright on the New American Bible, “God on the Go” was born.

Mastroianni was pleased to learn that the device also offers the ecologically aware a “green” alternative to the printed Bible, since the thin pages of most Bibles require the use of a specialty ink that is “very toxic to users and in the manufacturing process.”

"Green" alternative to the printed Bible

“God on the Go” also has special appeal for the millennial generation, no longer used to reading the printed word and instead accustomed to getting all their information in front of a computer screen, he said.

The USB flash drive offers a number of advantages over a hefty version of the printed Bible, Mastroianni said. It can be carried around on a key chain, and because the Bible only takes up 10 percent of the space on the flash drive, the user can add his or her own photos, songs or important documents to carry along with the Bible.

It also includes a verse/subject index, allows users to bookmark favorite passages and can take users directly to the daily New American Bible readings on the USCCB Web site.

Mastroianni worked with Dominican Father Jordan J. Kelly, director of the Office of Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Chicago, on the project “almost from day one” and pilot tested “God on the Go” with a group of students at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights during the fall semester of 2008.

The “feature that got the greatest response” from the 200 sophomores who tested it, according to Mastroianni, was a “mini-concordance” which gives users the ability to scroll through a list of feelings and to be linked to a Bible passage relevant to that emotion.

“I never thought the Bible could be this cool,” he reported one student as saying.

Through, a Catholic social networking site, users of “God on the Go” also can trade their lists of favorite Bible passages with their friends.

The device can also be customized for group sales to parishes, schools and universities, Mastroianni said. “The face of the physical drive can be etched” with a name or logo, he added.

Mastroianni hopes to have the full New American Bible available on a “God on the Go” device by sometime next year, pending the U.S. bishops’ and Vatican approval of a new translation of the Old Testament.

Editor’s Note: “God on the Go” is available through Acta Publications,, and for sale at bookstores. The New Testament of the New American Bible costs $24.95, with a 1 gigabyte capacity, and the complete Bible in the New Revised Standard Version is $39.95, with a 2 gigabyte capacity. For more information, go to

Dr Ligaya Acosta Speaks about the Homosexual Agenda

29 07 2009

On 21st July 2009, the Youth and Vocations Commision of Archdiocese of Kuching had organized a session on Sexuality: “The Homosexual Agenda” by Dr Ligaya Acosta. She is the Executive Director of Human Life International Asia-Oceania, Manila. She has traveled to from India to Mongolia and Papua New Guinea to promote Life and the Family. The evening session was held at the AVA room of St Joseph Parish Centre. There were altogether 44 youth, working adults and parents from different parishes who attended this session. Below are some pictures and testimonies from the participants:

Dr Ligaya Acosta receives souvenir; L-R: Dorothy, Dr Acosta, Fr Simon, Fr Felix

Dr Ligaya Acosta receives souvenir; L-R: Dorothy, Dr Acosta, Fr Simon, Fr Felix

“An eye opener on the depth and extent of the homosexual agenda and its assault on family and Church. The talk cuts through the usual euphemism and sets the recent development (to promote this lifestyle) in the West in its real perspective. Can’t wait to learn more about this and other facets of the Culture of Death, but more importantly how we can defeat it through Culture of Life, at the HLI Asia Pacific Congress in November’- Benjamin Adrian, CHOICE

“Before this, I was not really aware of homosexual issues happening worldwide. I do know a bit about it through the media but don’t know enough about it. After listening to Dr. Ligaya’s talk of the homosexuality, I understand more its effects and impact on those who practise this same sex relationships. I also learnt that the close relationship between parents and children in a family is most important.”- Andez Gregory, Campus Student

“Her presentation was full of concrete evidence and facts – both scientific and biblical (faith); on the topic of homosexuality as a facet of the Culture of Death. Her challenge to both parents and youths to be more aware and better equipped against the strategies of the Anti-Life (Pro-Death) advocates was interesting – prompting us to be ready and alert to defend our faith and beliefs as Catholics and Pro-Lifers!

Although the session was brief and much of what was shared needed more time thought and digestion, it gave us a glimpse of what we as pro-lifers are up against and need to do, so as not to be easily deceived. Her sharing on hope for the homosexuals and homosexually inclined persons – especially through prayers and self-surrender to GOD, is both informative and practical. I believe with this knowledge, though little, we can begin to better Love, Support and Understand those struggling with homosexuality, especially in our Catholic/Christian circle.”- Mervyn Lee, Empowered Parish Youth Minitry

The audience

KYCS Welcomes New Core Team for the Year 2009-2010

28 07 2009

KUCHING – The Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) leaders gathered together on the 25th of July, 2009 for an election of a new KYCS core team for the year 2009-2010. The gathering was held at the St. Joseph Parish Centre, where YCS student leaders from SMK St. Teresa, SMK St. Joseph, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road and SMK Jalan Arang were present. Also present were the KAYVC youth co-ordinators, KYCS student animators and a teacher animator.

Old and New KYCS Core Team

Top, L-R: Adeline, Nathalia, Bryan, Julie, Sonia; Botton, L-R: Audrey, David John, Cassandra, Martin, Mary

The new KYCS core team for the year 2009-2010 comprised a council of presidents. The incoming core team members are Audrey Yap, Cassandra Shim, David John Au, Martin Chieng, and Mary Voon. Among these five leaders, Cassandra Shim and Martin Chieng are KYCS representatives to any KAYVC events and meetings.

A simple installation ceremony was held after that, where the outgoing core team members passed a candle each (which symbolizes the Light) to the incoming core team. The outgoing core team were also presented a certificate each, for their hard work and achievements for the past year.

The gathering ended at 1pm with a sing-along session, followed by a closing prayer.

By Evelyn Chow

KYCS Election 1

Action songs

KYCS members posing

Ralph address KYCS members

R - Julie speaks to David, L - Bryan gives opinion to Sophia

S.A.L.T. Ulu Belaga 2009

26 07 2009

S.A.L.T. stands for School of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly and Treading humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It is a programme for campus students spearheaded by the Malaysian Catholic Students’ Council (MCSC). This year, the second S.A.L.T will be held in Ulu Belaga (SALT II Ulu Belaga or S.U.B.’09)


S.U.B.’09 will be a Southeast Asian program(SEAP), a joint project between MCSC and IMCS AP (International Movement of Catholic Students Asia Pacific). S.U.B’09 will incorporate EIP (Exposure Immersion Program) which will include orientation, exposure to Ulu Belaga, critical analyses and theological reflection which is also part of SALT II Ulu Belaga. Some participants of Southeast Asia can only attend EIP but not the entire SALT II Ulu Belaga. However, we expect all local participants to attend the entire program which will be held this year from 23 Nov to 6 Dec, 2009.

The aims of S.U.B. 09 are manifold:

  1. Enable our university students to understand the complex issues of the land rights or (NCR) of IP (indigenous peoples or Orang Asal) in Sarawak in relation to logging, the Sarawakian society and the global timber market.
  2. Arrive a more critical understand of the struggle of the IPs in Ulu Belaga and their poverty and marginalization in relation to the local and global institutions such as Internation Timber Instition, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and economic globalization.
  3. Response in faith to the struggle of the IPs so that we are aware of our roles as university students

S.U.B. 09 will be held in Bintulu, the EIP in Kg. Sg. Asap and Koyan in Ulu Belaga, and culminate in the 3-day retreat in Bintulu.

Take a look at the S.U.B.’09 promotional videos below:

Currently, 5 places are allocated for delegates from Archdiocese of Kuching. For more information, contact the Kuching Youth Office; 082-237237.

What is the Trinity?

26 07 2009

Take a look at the video clip in which Father Robert Barron gives us a beautiful explanation of the mystery of the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is a mystery not because it is a puzzle or enigma that we cannot understand, but rather it has a meaning so deep and so vast that the human mind’s able to comprehend a tiniest bit of its truth. It is when we see God face to face (which is beatific vision) that we will grow in our knowledge of God as Trinity and as love.  It’ll take eternity to plumb the depths of this infinite and glorious mystery.

NB. Fr Robert Barron is a sought-after speaker on the spiritual life-from prestigious universities to YouTube to national conferences and private retreats. The prominent theologian and podcasting priest is one of the world’s great and most innovative teachers of Catholicism. His global media ministry called Word on Fire has a simple but revolutionary mission – to evangelize the culture.

Road of Our Lives: Apologetics

24 07 2009

…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. (1 Pt 3:15-16)

ROLers concentrating

On the evening of Thu, 23 Jul, Edmund Kiu arranged for a group of enthusiastic young adults, all of whom were CHOICE graduates, to gather at St Joseph Parish Centre to discuss questions they are often asked, with regard to their Catholic faith.

A range of questions were addressed during the 2-hour session; some remarked the session was too short! If you want to see what some of these questions were, take a look at the ‘Catholic Faith Q&A‘ tab/page of this blog. The responses to them are being posted slowly. Please be patient.

The session was facilitated by Fr Felix Au.

More ROLers

St John Vianney, Confessor Par Excellence

24 07 2009

‘The good Lord knows everything. Even before you confess, he already knows that you will sin again, yet he still forgives you. How great is the love of our God: he even forces himself to forget the future, so that he can grant us his forgiveness!’

Cure of Ars…he sought in every way, by his preaching and his powers of persuasion, to help his parishioners to rediscover the meaning and beauty of the sacrament of Penance, presenting it as an inherent demand of the Eucharistic presence

The saintly Curé… said: ‘It is not the sinner who returns to God to beg his forgiveness, but God himself who runs after the sinner and makes him return to him.’ ‘This good Saviour is so filled with love that he seeks us everywhere.’

“The Curé of Ars dealt with different penitents in different ways. Those who came to his confessional drawn by a deep and humble longing for God’s forgiveness found in him the encouragement to plunge into the ‘flood of divine mercy’ which sweeps everything away by its vehemence. If someone was troubled by the thought of his own frailty and inconstancy, and fearful of sinning again, the Curé would unveil the mystery of God’s love in these beautiful and touching words: ‘The good Lord knows everything. Even before you confess, he already knows that you will sin again, yet he still forgives you. How great is the love of our God: he even forces himself to forget the future, so that he can grant us his forgiveness!’

“But to those who made a lukewarm and rather indifferent confession of sin, he clearly demonstrated by his own tears of pain how ‘abominable’ this attitude was: ‘I weep because you don’t weep’, he would say. ‘If only the Lord were not so good! But he is so good! One would have to be a brute to treat so good a Father this way!’

“He awakened repentance in the hearts of the lukewarm by forcing them to see God’s own pain at their sins reflected in the face of the priest who was their confessor. To those who, on the other hand, came to him already desirous of and suited to a deeper spiritual life, he flung open the abyss of God’s love, explaining the untold beauty of living in union with him and dwelling in his presence: ‘Everything in God’s sight, everything with God, everything to please God… How beautiful it is!’ And he taught them to pray: ‘My God, grant me the grace to love you as much as I possibly can.’”

Extracted from Pope’s Benedict’s Letter to Clergy on the Year for Priests, 5 July 2009

Are we saved already?

23 07 2009

Cross of salvation

For those who believe in Jesus, accept him as Lord and have been reborn through the waters of baptism, Holy Scripture gives us 3 levels of answers; all are true but they must be understood correctly.

We are already saved through Jesus’ work of redemption on the cross. Objectively, salvation has  been won for us. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! (2 Cor 5:17)

However, we are also being saved. God’s power is constantly at work in the faithful to purify and deliver them from the bondage of sin. Christians are saved on condition they remain faithful to the Gospel preached to them. Through it (the Gospel) you are also being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. (1 Cor 15:2 NAB) NB. NIV renders it ‘you are saved’.

We will be saved: Christians must not commit the sin of presumption. Rather, they should manifest confident hope that God will give them the grace of perseverance; that they will respond to divine grace and continually accept the gift of salvation until death. Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him! (Romans 5:9)

The Catholic Priest Today

22 07 2009

Take a look at this video documentary from the Archdiocese of Chicago, produced by the Midwest Theological Forum; The Catholic Priest Today: a man of faith, a man of tradition, a man of God. It is made with the intention of helping those who have interest in the Catholic priesthood to discern. The documentary touches briefly on the scandals that hurt Church in Chicago and how young men are coming forward to give themselves to God in response to the challenges that confront the Catholic Church.

Here are some screen-captures from the documentary:

Catholic Priest Today

Priestly ordination


Eucharist and rosary

Unfortunately I cannot embed the video is this blog. You can visit the website and watch it at:

Taize Pilgrimage of Trust 2010, Manila

20 07 2009

Bro. Ghislain from the Taize community inviting Malaysian youths to join the Pilgrimage of Trust in Asia for youth in Asian countries and other continents which will he held from 3-7 February 2010 in Philippines. The dates include the days of arrival and departure.
Taize community in prayer

Some background on this event:
During the meeting in Brussels, Belgium, Brother Alois announced that the next stage of the Pilgrimage of Trust in Asia will be an international young adults’ meeting to be held in Manila.  This will be the 5th meeting of its kind in Asia. Previous such meetings were held at Chennai (Madras), India in 1985 and 1988,  Manila, Philippines in 1991, and Kolkata, India in 2006.

According to Bro Ghislain, there is no quota for those who are willing to bear their own travel expenses. They however must fulfill the age requirement.  There is no registration fee.  For Malaysia, they suggest 35-40 Euros for each person to cover the cost of accommodation and food.  Local travel expenses will also have to be paid by the participants but they will be relatively cheap.

For Kuching,  our coordinator for the Pilgrimage of Trust 2010 is Stella Sayang (016-8703610). Please contact Stella if you are interested to be part of this event.

For further information on POT you may want to check

St Therese’s Astronaut Visits Vatican

19 07 2009

Colonel Ronald Garan

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 24, 2009 ( The U.S. astronaut who carried relics of St. Thérèse of Lisieux into space and put them in orbit around the earth attended Benedict XVI’s general audience today.

On a Discovery shuttle mission one year ago, Colonel Ronald Garan brought the relics given to him by a Carmelite community in New Caney, Texas.

The astronaut had called the women religious before his space flight to ask for prayers, and at that time he told them he could take some small item into space on behalf of the community.

St Therese of Lisieux
The sisters reported that the words of St. Thérèse came to mind: “I have the vocation of an apostle. I would like to travel over the whole earth to preach your name and to plant your glorious cross on infidel soil. But oh, my beloved, one mission would not be enough for me, I would want to preach the Gospel on all five continents simultaneously and even to the most remote isles. I would be a missionary, not for a few years but from the beginning of creation until the consummation of the ages.”

Garan stated that he will be bringing a second relic of the saint to space on his next mission, which is scheduled for March 2011.

The colonel is also the founder of the Manna Energy Foundation that, by using NASA technology and U.N. funding, is implementing a unique system to make potable water in the villages of Rwanda.

Conversion of Muslims not Church’s Hidden Agenda

18 07 2009

Following is a well written article by Martin Jalleh in reply to a Muslim journalist of Al Islam magazine spying in the Catholic churches.

I just read that recently you and a friend visited one of the churches that I belong to. I was surprised that you had to do it in disguise. You should have told the Catholic community there that you were coming and we would have given you a grand welcome.

Such was the experience of the MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad from Pas, who was even given a standing ovation when he visited and had a dialogue with the parishioners of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam last year.

Some time back I was attending a Mass (Catholic worship) in a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya and was very moved by the presence of a group of Muslim students together with their Muslim professor who had taken them there as part of their “exposure programme”. None of them were converted.

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Court: Demolition of church unlawful

18 07 2009

by Hafiz Yatim, 15 Jul 09

The Kota Bharu High Court today ruled that the Gua Musang local authority had unlawfully demolished a church building in an Orang Asli settlement.

Justice Mohd Azlan Hashim ordered the local authority to pay damages and costs.

“It acted unlawfully to demolish the church without giving a due notice of 30 days,” he said.

He also declared that the authority’s move to put up a multi-purpose building on the site of the church was an act of trespass”.

The judge has ordered the court registrar to assess the exemplary damages and costs at a later date.

The Temiar Orang Asli community of Kampung Jias was represented by Lum Chee Seng and N Subramaniyan.

Kelantan legal adviser Khalid Anwar represented the state government and other agencies.

Chronology of events

The case was filed on July 1, 2007 by village head Pedik Busu and three villagers, who named the Gua Musang District Council head, the Gua Musang Assistant Land and District Officer and the PAS-led state government as respondents.

According to Pastor Moses Soo, the community had embraced Christianity in February 2007 and wanted to erect a small church to mark their faith.

After consulting the Village Development and Security Committee and the Department of Orang Asli Affairs, they proceeded with the construction with the help of volunteers and donations.

On April 11, the Gua Musang district land office issued a ‘stop work’ order. The letter stated that the construction was being carried out on state land without permission from the authorities.

However, the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia told the land office that the site belonged to the villagers.

In spite of this, another ‘stop work’ order was issued on April 19, followed by notice dated May 24 that the building would be demolished. The bulldozers arrived on June 4.


The Joy of Being a Priest

16 07 2009

The church should be a community in which people discover God’s delight in them. This is the ministry of priests. This is my life, writes Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.

Published in Catholic News on 10 May 2009

LET ME MAKE a confession. As the time for me to be ordained drew near, I began to have terrible doubts as to whether I was called to be a priest. I had become deeply repelled by any hint of priestly superiority. I dreaded the hypocrisy of it, because I knew that I was no better than anyone else. I only accepted ordination in obedience to my Dominican brethren. I could identify with Saint Augustine who wept when he was ordained a priest. The cynics thought that he was weeping because he had not been made a bishop, but in fact it was because he had no desire to be a priest at all.

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Malaysia Frees 9 Christians in Conversion Mix-up

16 07 2009

Another News That We should Aware of!!!!…


By JULIA ZAPPEI,Associated Press WriterThursday, July 16

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysian police Wednesday freed nine Christians who were arrested and held overnight after a university official mistakenly accused them of trying to convert Muslim students.

The nine were released without charge, but their arrests could deepen frustrations among religious minorities who feel authorities in this Muslim-majority nation increasingly ignore their rights in favor of Islam.

Proselytizing of Muslims is forbidden in Malaysia, although the reverse is allowed. Muslims, who comprise nearly two-thirds of Malaysia’s 28 million people, are also not legally permitted to change religion.

A security officer at the Universiti Putra Malaysia handed the nine suspects to police late Tuesday because he believed they were giving Christian pamphlets to Muslims, said Zahedi Ayob, the police chief of Sepang district near Kuala Lumpur.

Police found they were only submitting questionnaires to other Christians for a research project about religious understanding, Zahedi told The Associated Press. Five were students at the university while the others were friends from Hong Kong.

“I think it was all a misunderstanding by an overzealous security officer,” Zahedi said.

Cases of non-Muslims preaching to Muslims are rare in Malaysia. Penalties differ in various states, but most provide for prison terms of at least two years.

Malaysia’s Constitution guarantees freedom of worship for minorities, who include Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. But Muslims who try to convert are often sent by Islamic authorities for counseling and rehabilitation, and some have also been imprisoned for apostasy for up to three years.

The arrests came amid a separate religious dispute involving Roman Catholics who complained about two Muslim men who posed as Christians and took Communion at a church service.

The men were researching a magazine article about unsubstantiated rumors that churches were converting Muslim teenagers. Police said Tuesday they were investigating whether the men had caused religious disharmony _ a crime that carries a prison term of up to five years.

Minorities say their right to practice religion freely has been increasingly threatened by Muslim authorities in recent years. The government denies any discrimination.

In an ongoing court battle, the Roman Catholic Church and the government disagree over a 2007 order banning non-Muslims from interchanging “God” and “Allah” in their literature. The government says it confuses Muslims. Christians say the ban is unconstitutional.

Minorities also complain about the occasional demolition of their places of worship. In a separate case Wednesday, the High Court ruled that Islamic authorities in northern Kelantan state unlawfully destroyed a church in 2007.

State officials had said the church was illegally built, but the court ruled that the Christian villagers there should receive financial compensation.


Associated Press writer Sean Yoong in Kuala Lumpur contributed to this story.

More story, go and visit this website:

Young People gather for Serian KAYD09 Roadshow

15 07 2009

Check out some interesting pictures of the roadshow held at St Theresa’s Church Hall, Serian.

Serian Roadshow

It was 1.30pm on Sunday, 12 July, and about 50 young people from various kampungs in the parish of St Theresa, attended the KAYD09 roadshow. The hosts explained the idea behind getting youth from throughout the Archdiocese for the celebratory event. Apparently all those who attended were already eager beavers. They were challenged to be open to the Spirit as the become a part of KAYD; to forge new friendships and to allow themselves to be transformed by their experience of Jesus.

Do check out the KAYD t-shirt!

Continue to spread the word about KAYD09 – to be held 28-30 August.

Inter Campus Camp’09

14 07 2009

Want to know more details about this exciting camp organized by the Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM)???…Check this out!!!!

Inter Campus Camp 09 poster

Program & Activities:

  • Sing Along/Praise & Worship/Games/Taize Prayer/Confession Session/Video Analysis/Group Discussion & etc..

Participants should bring along:

  • Bible(BM/BI)
  • Writing materials
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Own Medication (if required)

How to go there?

  • Please consult your CAMPUS LEADERS on transportation means to the camp venue. Fares wil not be covered by the registration fee.

Registration forms can be downloaded here, or obtained from the following representatives:

  1. Amanda (Multimedia College) 016-8778174
  2. Marie Cassandra (UITM) 013-8125423
  3. Jacquiline Ebby (Unimas) 016-8961327
  4. Beatrice Cindy (Inti College) 016-8659064
  5. Lucy Gumek (KAYVC) 013-5686272

T-shirts are also available. They are sold separately; not covered by registration fee.

Pope Benedict XVI condemns ‘corruption and illegality’ of politicians and businesses

11 07 2009

The Pope condemned the “corruption and illegality” of politicians and businesses across the world as he called for a new order based on the common good.

By Martin Beckford, Religious Affairs Correspondent
Published: 7:00AM BST 08 Jul 2009

In a detailed critique of modern social, economic and environmental problems, delivered on the eve of a summit of the G8 leaders in Italy, Pope Benedict XVI warned that globalisation risked triggering a worldwide crisis.

He criticised the UN and said a new organisation “with real teeth” is needed to prevent another financial crisis, bring about peace and reduce the gap between rich and poor.

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St Joseph youth hosts KAYD09 roadshow

10 07 2009

The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2009 (KAYD09) is only seven weeks away, and the KAYD09 Marketing & Promotion team have been actively busy organizing roadshows at various parishes in the archdiocese of Kuching.

St Joseph KAYD09 Roadshow

The St Joseph Cathedral Parish Roadshow was held on weekend of 4th and 5th July 2009. Despite the drizzle, youths from the Empowered Ministry (Parish Youth Ministry) delightedly came to support and promote the upcoming event by distributing information flyers and registration forms. Parishioners also showed their interest and gave full support for the event.

The KAYD09 Marketing & Promotion Team is currently headed by Aaron Griffin, a youth from St. Ann Parish, Kota Padawan.

The weekend roadshow at St Joseph Parish was a success, as many interested youths are now aware of the upcoming event. We were also blessed with several youths who signed up for the event on the spot.

May we continue to pray for the event, and for all the servants in their preparations leading up to KAYD09 in August! So sign up now, if you have not done so – closing date is 1st August. See you at KAYD09!

Mervyn Lee

If We’re in Love, is Sex OK? How Far is Too Far?

9 07 2009

Aren’t these questions many young people ask? Well, Jason Evert, a popular Catholic public speaker specializing in chastity, explains the Catholic position, and gives us good principles and guidelines. Take a look at the insightful video clips.

Here, Jason speaks to a few teenagers who seem to keenly absorb what he shares with them.

He then answers their second pressing question.