Answering questions about our faith (Thu, 23 Jul 09)

30 06 2009

St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Road of Our Lives

If you have ever felt stumped or uncomfortable with people questioning your faith, this is the session for you. We explore ways to help us clarify our position and Church teachings. Fr Felix Au will help lead discussion.

  • Date: Thu, 23 Jul 09
  • Time: 7.30 pm.
  • Venue: St Joseph Parish Centre

Ask your friends to come along for the session!
For more info, call the youth office : 082-237237

Catholic & SEX? (Tue, 21 Jul 09)

30 06 2009
Fall of Adam & Eve
Fall of Adam & Eve

Talk on Human Sexuality from the Catholic viewpoint.
Addresses the issue of homosexuality.

Speaker: Dr. Ligaya Acosta
(Exec. Director of Human Life International (HLI) Asia-Oceania)
Date : Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 9pm
Venue: St Augustine’s’ Room (St Joseph’s Parish Centre)


29 06 2009


Some important information about KAYD09.


“Year of the Priests: Complete Identification with Christ”

24 06 2009

Year of the Priest LogoVATICAN CITY, 24 JUN 2009 (VIS) – During today’s general audience, held in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope focused his remarks on the Year for Priests which he inaugurated last Friday, Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and day of prayer for the sanctification of the clergy, and which is intended to mark the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Mary Vianney.

“Why a Year for Priests?” the Pope asked. “And why should it recall the holy ‘Cure of Ars’ who apparently did nothing out of the ordinary?”

The Holy Father went on to explain how “Divine Providence ordained that the figure [of St. John May Vianney] should be associated with that of St. Paul” because, “although the two saints followed very different life paths, … these exists nonetheless a fundamental factor that unites them: their total identification with their ministry, their communion with Christ”.

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14 06 2009


KOTA PADAWAN – On the 4th to the 14th June, the Kuching Young Christian Students (KYCS) movement was given the honour to host the 11th International Young Christian Students (IYCS) Asian Session and Council (ASC) at the St Lukas Apostolic Centre. It was the first time KYCS has hosted such an event.

The IYCS ASC is a gathering of YCS leaders of various national movements across Asia. It is also the highest decision making body of YCS in Asia. The ASC is also an event where the national movement leaders sit down and decide the course and the focus of YCS in Asia for the next 3 years in addition to evaluating the situation of the movement.

The 11th IYCS ASC was organised by the IYCS Asian Team and the Local Organising committee comprising 80 members of the YCS movement in the Archdiocese of Kuching from various schools such as SMK St Joseph, SMK St Teresa, SMK Batu Lintang, SMK Green Road, SMK Sungai Maong, SMK Sungai Tapang and SMK Penrissen.


Preparation for the Asian Session and Council took place 6 months earlier in January when the local organising committee were told to raise funds to host the event. Admirably, the local YCS members managed to achieve their target through events, such as the KYCS Coffee Morning on the 8th March at St Joseph’s Parish and numerous sales and activities at the school level.

Archbishop John Ha going GREEN!

Archbishop John Ha going GREEN!


The 11th IYCS ASC saw 61 delegates from 14 Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, China and the host nation, Malaysia come together. The theme for the event is ‘Called to be steward of Creation, Students Strive for a Green and Just World’. The theme focuses on three main global issues of food crisis, climate change and human rights education. In a world where human rights are often violated, where climate change has affected the life of many, and food crisis gripping humankind in some parts of the world, the delegates to the 11th IYCS ASC are given a reality check in the world they live. Throughout the session, different speakers shared their perspectives on these issues to help the delegates better understand them.

By following and applying the methodology of YCS, ‘See-Judge-Act’, the delegates are invited to spend time to reflect critically and spiritually, through the lens of Christian faith, the 3 issues and the Christian response to them. From here, the different national movements present drafted out simple measure that a student can take to face these challenges. Among those measures proposed are to promote awareness among YCS members in their respective nations on these issues and take up steps like the 3-R, recycle, reduce and reuse to reduce the effects of climate change and food crisis.

Yeah! ASC!

Yeah! ASC!

Besides the sessions, the delegates were also given an opportunity to experience the culture of Sarawak during their exposure trip to different villagers. As it happens that ASC took place during the Gawai Harvest Festival, the delegates get to enjoy the festival first hand at the villages they visited. They delegates were also given a day out for outing around the city of Kuching.

ASC ends with a council where the leaders of the national movements present made an evaluation of the YCS in Asia as to identify the aspects to improve.

It is also during the council that the new IYCS Asian Secretariat, who coordinates all the YCS movements in Asia, is elected. The three new members of the Asian Secretariat team who will serve over a term of three years are Fr James Chako Molekunnel, a Don Bosco priest from India, currently pursuing a PhD in psychology in the Philippines, Reyna Clemena, a Filipina and Deepak Raj of India.

Fr James, Reyna & Deepak

Fr James, Reyna & Deepak

Throughout the 11 days of session and council, there were active interactions among the multinational delegates as well as with the local organising committee. It was a prime example of how through God, all mankind can live in unity and harmony.

All in all, the 11th IYCS Asian Session and Council was a platform for the local organising committee, consisting of the YCS members in Kuching to express and use their talents to host the delegates from various nations. It was also a time for the different people of Asia to bein solidarity with each other and enjoy the difference of cultures among them.

The Asia YCS family also spent a night in prayer in solidarity with YCS Nepal for their student who was due to attend the ASC but was killed in a bomb blast in Nepal on the 23rd May.

Gift of a New Deacon for the Archdiocese

13 06 2009


The Archdiocese of Kuching rejoiced and thanked God for the gift of a Deacon recently.  Adrian Kho, a seminarian from the Archdiocese, was ordained to the order of Deacon by Archbishop John Ha in a simple yet profound liturgy at St Stephen’s Church on 24 May.

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