Program I-Chat Pelajar Campus

24 04 2018

Sesi bergambar bersama

Padawan: Program I-Chat untuk pelajar campus telah diadakan di St. Lukas Centre pada 20 hingga 22 April 2018. Seramai 12 orang pelajar dari kampus Politeknik Kuching and UNIMAS telah hadir dalam program ini. Tujuan program adalah untuk membantu pelajar mendalami iman mereka sebagai seorang Katolik serta membantu pelajar bagaimana menjawab persoalan berkenaan dengan agama mereka jika ditanya oleh agama lain terutamanya. Selain itu, missa sunset mass juga diadakan dan dirayakan oleh Rev. Fr Larry Tan.

Berikut adalah testimoni dari pelajar yang mengikuti program ini:

Melalui program I-Chat ini telah menyedarkan saya dalam banyak perkara terutamanya dalam Dogma Tritunggal yang selama ini menjadi persoalan utama untuk diri saya sebagai umat Katolik. Selain itu, saya turut mempelajari pelbagai isu dari luar negara dan sejarah agama Kristian sendiri. – Denny Ronny, Politeknik

Banyak informasi yang saya perolehi melalui tayangan video dan maklumat yang disampaikan. Di samping itu, saya dapat mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai iman kita sebagai seorang Katolik. Melalui program ini juga, saya yakin mampu membantu saya dalam mempertahankan iman saya jika ditanya berkenanan agama saya terutama sebagai seorang katolik. – Evangelisa Anna Anselius, UNIMAS

Sesi perbincangan dalam kelompok

Disediakan oleh: Maria Amella



YOUTH – Its your choice now

19 04 2018
Scholarship for Diploma in Nursing – Tun Tan Cheng Lock Nursing College, Petaling Jaya
Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Selangor is offering scholarships for qualified students to pursue a three year full time Diploma in Nursing course at Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing, Petaling Jaya. Upon graduating, the candidate will work as a nurse with Assunta and be bonded for 7 ½ years. Candidates must fulfill the following criteria:
• Malaysian citizen
• SPM (or equivalent) with at least 5 credits in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science and one other subject
• Physically and mentally healthy
The scholarship offers:
• Free tuition / course fees
• RM 550 allowance per month for 3 years
• Free accommodation in hostel
• Medical benefit of RM 1000 per annum in Assunta Hospital.
Upon successfully completing the diploma, the student has to sign a 7 ½ year bond with Assunta Hospital to work as a staff nurse. Assunta Hospital will also send the candidate for specialization course during the 7 ½ year bond with full pay study leave.
The recruitment team will be in Kuching on Friday, May 18, 2018 to conduct walk-in interviews. The venue and time for the interview is as follows:
Venue: St. Augustine Room, Parish Center,
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For more information on the course, please log on to or call 03-78723078. The next intake is on 2nd July, 2018.

KCM Campus Logout

18 04 2018

ACCPC: Komiti Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) telah menganjurkan perjumpaan Campus Logout mereka pada hari Ahad, 15 April 2018 di St. John & St. Lucy Room ACCPC yang lalu. Seramai 51 orang pelajar dari pelbagai kampus di sekitar Kuching telah mengikuti perjumpaan ini. Antara kampus yang hadir semasa perjumpaan adalah dari IPGK Batu Lintang, UNIMAS, ILKKM Kuching (KSKB), Technology College Sarawak, SIDMA (UNITAR) Kuching and Politeknik Kuching. Turut hadir bersama di perjumpaan ini adalah 5 orang seminarian dari St. Peter College yang menjalankan tugas Pastoral mereka di bawah Kuching Campus Ministry.

Tujuan utama program ini diadakan untuk memperkenalkan apa itu peranan Kuching Campus Ministry serta memperkenalkan komiti KCM yang baru bagi sesi 2018 sehingga 2020. Melalui aktiviti campus logout ini juga, para pelajar dapat mengenali teman-teman katholik dari campus yang lain. Turut diselitkan sesi doa puji dan sembah serta “games” interaksi.

Rev. Fr Larry Tan turut mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menyampaikan kerisauan beliau tentang program pengislaman di kampus. Fr. Larry mengalakan lebih ramai pelajar untuk mengikuti program I-chat bagi memperdalamkan iman mereka.

Program ini diakhiri dengan doa penutup oleh seminarian Bro. Micheal Dass and sesi bergambar bersama semua yang hadir pada perjumpaan ini.



Student Leader Animator Gathering

17 04 2018

ACCPC: On 14 April 2018, about 28 Kuching Young Christians Students (KYCS) member from different schools has join together in Student Leader Animator Gathering (SLAG). This program been organized by senior KYCS members. The gathering started by YCS creed reading. Activities continued with The Review of Life (ROL) topic on school life to found out the students concerned from different schools in Kuching. It been discuss in three part, which is See, Judge and Act.

Furthermore, Mid-year Camp (MYC) committee also been selected during this gathering. All the KYSC member a given opportunity to discuss and propose their venue for MYC, camp theme & bible verse for the coming up camp. This 4 hours meeting end with closing prayer by the KYCS member.

Prepared by: Maria Amella

Daftar Pelajar Campus Catholic Malaysia

21 03 2018


Hi semua! Bagi mereka yang akan meneruskan pengajian anda di luar Malaysia atau dalam Malaysia tetapi di negeri @ diocese lain

Sila isi kan maklumat lengkap anda di sini

klik bahagian “CHECK IN” kemudian akan ada 4 warna yang berlainan…

  1.  Khas untuk Anak Muda Katolik Keuskupan Agung Kuala Lumpur yang akan meneruskan Perkerjaan atau Pembelajaran di Malaysia
  2. Khas untuk Anak Muda Katolik Selain daripada Keuskupan Agung Kuala Lumpur yang akan meneruskan Perkerjaan atau Pembelajaran Di Malaysia
  3. Untuk Anak Muda Katolik Keuskupan Agung Kuala Lumpur yang akan meneruskan Perkerjaan atau Pembelajaran di luar Malaysia
  4. Khas untuk Anak Muda Katolik Selain daripada Keuskupan Agung Kuala Lumpur yang akan meneruskan Perkerjaan atau Pembelajaran di luar Malaysia

Pilih penyataan yang tepat dan isikan maklumat anda dengan betul; kemudian KLIK di bahagian yang berkaitan dengan tempat pengajian kamu👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Sila kongsikan dengan yang lain! kami sedia membantu..

Youth & Campus Ministry CONTACT

21 03 2018


Pope responds to young people’s questions at Pre-Synodal meeting

20 03 2018

Pope Francis with young people at the pre-Synodal meeting (AFP or licensors)

5 questions from young people from different experiences and parts of the world. And 5 answers from Pope Francis ranging from the dignity of women to spiritual formation.

At a pre-Synodal meeting on Monday, Pope Francis responded to 5 questions about issues faced by young people from around the world.

How can young people help victims of human trafficking?

Pope Francis was clearly moved by the first question which addressed the reality of sex trafficking. He referred to the stories he has heard from trafficked women about the dangers they face trying to escape their captors. The Pope described this abuse, and even torture, as the “slavery of today”. The Pope went on to denounce the evil of exploiting women. He had especially strong words for baptized Catholics who pay for prostitutes. This is a “crime against humanity”, he said. Pope Francis called on young people to fight for the dignity of women, and concluded by asking forgiveness for all the Catholics who take part in these “criminal acts”.

Where should a young person look for guidance in making life choices?

Pope Francis responded to a young French student seeking direction in his life, by suggesting we confide in those who possess wisdom, regardless of whether they are young or old. “The wise person”, he said, “is the one who is not scared of anything, but who knows how to listen and has the God-given gift of saying the right thing at the right time”. The Pope warned that when young people fail to find their “path of discernment”, they risk shutting themselves off. This can become like carrying a “cancer” inside, he said. And this risks weighing them down and taking away their freedom.

How can we teach young people to be open to their neighbor and to the transcendent?

Pope Francis said education should teach three basic languages: those of the head, the heart, and the hands. The language of the head, he said, means thinking well and learning concrete things. That of the heart means understanding feelings and sentiments. The language of the hands is making use of the gifts God has given us to create new things. The key, he said, is to use all three together. Pope Francis went on to criticize what he called the “isolating nature” of today’s digital, virtual world. Rather than demonize technology, the Pope called it a richness that must be used well with a “concreteness that brings freedom”.

How is a young person preparing for the priesthood to respond to the complexities of present-day culture – like tattoos, for instance?

Pope Francis used this question from a young Ukrainian seminarian to reflect on the priest as a “witness to Christ”. Clericalism, on the contrary, said the Pope, is “one of the worst illnesses of the Church”, because it confuses the “paternal role of the priest” with the “managerial role of the boss”. He also spoke about the relationship between the priest and the community and how this relationship is compromised, and can be destroyed, by “gossip”. Responding specifically to the question of tattoos, Pope Francis recalled how different cultures have used them to distinguish and identify themselves, so “don’t be afraid of tattoos”, he said – but don’t exaggerate either. If anything, use the tattoo as a talking-point to begin a dialogue about what it signifies.

How can young women religious balance the dominant culture in society and the spiritual life in accomplishing their mission?

The Pope responded to this final question saying that an adequate formation throughout religious life needs to be built on four pillars: formation for an intellectual, communitarian, apostolic, and spiritual life. Having only a spiritual formation leads to psychological immaturity, he said. Even though this is often done to protect young religious from the world, Pope Francis said it is not protection, it is “deformation”. Those who have not received affective formation are the ones who have ended up doing evil. Allowing people to mature affectively is the only way to protect them.