Pope responds to young people’s questions at Pre-Synodal meeting

20 03 2018

Pope Francis with young people at the pre-Synodal meeting (AFP or licensors)

5 questions from young people from different experiences and parts of the world. And 5 answers from Pope Francis ranging from the dignity of women to spiritual formation.

At a pre-Synodal meeting on Monday, Pope Francis responded to 5 questions about issues faced by young people from around the world.

How can young people help victims of human trafficking?

Pope Francis was clearly moved by the first question which addressed the reality of sex trafficking. He referred to the stories he has heard from trafficked women about the dangers they face trying to escape their captors. The Pope described this abuse, and even torture, as the “slavery of today”. The Pope went on to denounce the evil of exploiting women. He had especially strong words for baptized Catholics who pay for prostitutes. This is a “crime against humanity”, he said. Pope Francis called on young people to fight for the dignity of women, and concluded by asking forgiveness for all the Catholics who take part in these “criminal acts”.

Where should a young person look for guidance in making life choices?

Pope Francis responded to a young French student seeking direction in his life, by suggesting we confide in those who possess wisdom, regardless of whether they are young or old. “The wise person”, he said, “is the one who is not scared of anything, but who knows how to listen and has the God-given gift of saying the right thing at the right time”. The Pope warned that when young people fail to find their “path of discernment”, they risk shutting themselves off. This can become like carrying a “cancer” inside, he said. And this risks weighing them down and taking away their freedom.

How can we teach young people to be open to their neighbor and to the transcendent?

Pope Francis said education should teach three basic languages: those of the head, the heart, and the hands. The language of the head, he said, means thinking well and learning concrete things. That of the heart means understanding feelings and sentiments. The language of the hands is making use of the gifts God has given us to create new things. The key, he said, is to use all three together. Pope Francis went on to criticize what he called the “isolating nature” of today’s digital, virtual world. Rather than demonize technology, the Pope called it a richness that must be used well with a “concreteness that brings freedom”.

How is a young person preparing for the priesthood to respond to the complexities of present-day culture – like tattoos, for instance?

Pope Francis used this question from a young Ukrainian seminarian to reflect on the priest as a “witness to Christ”. Clericalism, on the contrary, said the Pope, is “one of the worst illnesses of the Church”, because it confuses the “paternal role of the priest” with the “managerial role of the boss”. He also spoke about the relationship between the priest and the community and how this relationship is compromised, and can be destroyed, by “gossip”. Responding specifically to the question of tattoos, Pope Francis recalled how different cultures have used them to distinguish and identify themselves, so “don’t be afraid of tattoos”, he said – but don’t exaggerate either. If anything, use the tattoo as a talking-point to begin a dialogue about what it signifies.

How can young women religious balance the dominant culture in society and the spiritual life in accomplishing their mission?

The Pope responded to this final question saying that an adequate formation throughout religious life needs to be built on four pillars: formation for an intellectual, communitarian, apostolic, and spiritual life. Having only a spiritual formation leads to psychological immaturity, he said. Even though this is often done to protect young religious from the world, Pope Francis said it is not protection, it is “deformation”. Those who have not received affective formation are the ones who have ended up doing evil. Allowing people to mature affectively is the only way to protect them.





8 03 2018

We are organising a Song Writing Competition for the ‘Theme Song’ of Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day (KAYD) 2018 – 2019. This competition is open to all young people in the Archdiocese of Kuching.

What elements are to be included in the song? Here we go;

1. The song should be about Mary, Mother of God which includes the theme taken from Luke 1:30 and Luke 1:38.
2. Do use proper Biblical words.
3. The duration is about 5 – 7 Minutes.
4. Reasonable numbers of verse.
5. Be original. Do not duplicate lyrics or rhythm of any existing songs.

You may need to submit;
– Your recorded song in MP3 file format (compulsory) and if any, your Music Video.
– Your full Name, Parish, contact number, the song lyrics & its music chord.

Submit them to your Parish Youth Ministry’s Leader OR directly to the Kuching Youth Commission’s Office BEFORE 31 August 2018.

The Prizes are:
i. 10 pax of free registration for KAYD19
ii. Free 1 Piece of T-shirt (although registered as a group)
iii.Your song will be used as theme song throughout KAYD18 up to KAYD19
v. Certificate of Acknowledgement

You are a very talented youth! Share your talents with others by writing a song for Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day!

Written by: Dina



7 03 2018

KAYD Launching Mass celebrate by Archbishop Simon Poh and Rev. Fr. Larry Tan

24th February 2018 – More than 100 youth from Archdiocese of Kuching gathered at St Joseph Cathedral to participate in the Launching Mass and to witness the reception of Mini KAYD Cross for KAYD18 organized by Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC)

The mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh and con – celebrant was Reverend Fr Larry Tan as a Chaplain of Kuching Campus Ministry. The Mini KAYD Cross were handed to each Parish Youth Ministry and Youth group by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh at the end of the Mass as a sign “Go and proclaiming the Good News to other youth” in their respective area.

The Parish Youth Ministry and Youth groups will bring the Mini KAYD Cross in their respective area and will organize a prayer time or sessions in line with the KAYD18 theme; in a way to prepare the young people in their area for Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2019 (KAYD19).


KAYD Cross



In 2004, The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission has taken up the called to take the same Cross of Christ by creating a great wooden cross (similar to World Youth Day Cross) and do the pilgrimage from one Parish to one Parish to proclaim to young people in Archdiocese of Kuching that only in Christ Dead and Risen is there Salvation and Redemption. The cross has been used for Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day (a big gathering of young people in Archdiocese of Kuching) and other big occasion but one thing the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission realized that; it is not enough to reach out to the young people in their own respective chapels to proclaim the Good News.
Hence, the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission entrust the Mini KAYD Cross to each Parish Youth Ministry and Youth groups to do the pilgrimage in their respective chapels to proclaim the Good News as a preparation for KAYD19. This year’s, Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2018 (KAYD18) will be done in parish level which is called as Pre – KAYD18. The Parish Youth Ministry and Youth group will organize their Pre – KAYD18 in their respective area in line with Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2018 theme which was taken from Luke 1:30 Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God”.

The KAYD mini cross presented during Offertry


Representative from PYM Holy Trinity Church


Representative from PYM Holy Spirit Church 


Written by : Dina

Doa KAYD2018

24 02 2018

Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2018 – Launching Mass

24 02 2018

Saturday – More than 100 youths from different parishes gathered at St Joseph Cathedral to  witness the reception of Cross for each Parish Youth Ministry and Youth Groups.

The opening ceremony for Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Day 2018 with the theme taken from Luke 1:30 “Do not be afraid Mary, for you have found favors with God”. The Parish Youth Ministries and Youth Groups in Archdiocese of Kuching will receive a mini cross after the mass as a symbol of Christ reaching out to the youth in respective parish.

The Mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Simon Poh and con – celebrant Fr Larry Tan as a Chaplain Kuching Campus Ministry.



24 02 2018

Here is our  first trailer for KAYD18. This year KAYD18 will be organized by Parish Youth Ministry at their own respective Parish.

What you need to do is just CLICK the link…

Let’s Watch! 🙂



13 02 2018

Sesi bergambar bersama selepas missa penutupan KAYA 26

Kota Padawan: Salam damai Kristus, Program KAYA ke 26 telah melabuhkan tirainya pada 12 Februari 2018  yang lepas bertemakan “Who do you say that I am” yang diambil dari bacaan Markus 8:29 . Program anjuran Komisi Belia Keuskupan Agung Kuching ini telah berlangsung  dari 15 Januari sehingga 12 Februari 2018 dengan penglibatan seramai 99 peserta dan 13 fasilitator untuk menjayakan program ini. Peserta KAYA 26 ini terdiri daripada belia dari Paroki St Ann Padawan, Paroki Holy Spirit Lundu, Paroki St Joseph Kuching, Paroki St Peter Padungan , Paroki St Jude Bunan, Paroki St Stephen Bau juga dari keuskupan SIbu iaitu dari Kapit dan Song,  Pulau Pinang dan Perak. Program ini ditaja sepenuhnya oleh Keuskupan Agung Kuching serta mendapat sumbangan ikhlas dari paroki yang terlibat , alumni KAYA sendiri dan sumbangan individu persendirian dari segi kewangan atau bahan masakan dan minuman.

Peserta KAYA 26 telah berkampung selama hampir sebulan di Pusat Pastoral St. Lukas. Peserta ini terdiri daripada lepasan SPM, STPM, kolej dan universiti. Empat aspek penting yang perlu dipelajari oleh peserta program ini ialah formasi hidup berkomuniti, formasi kemanusiaan, formasi kerohanian dan formasi pastoral. Sepanjang program ini peserta dipenuhi dengan aktiviti seperti missa kudus harian, doa kelompok, sesi ceremah dan bengkel serta tugasan kumpulan seperti kebersihan.

Selain itu,  peserta juga dihantar ke berapa kampung dan perumahan di bawah Keuskupan Agung Kuching untuk melakukan penginjilan, melakukan kerja amal di beberapa pusat terpilih serta mengikuti program “Vocation Exposure” yang bertujuan untuk mendedahkan peserta dengan panggilan sebagai paderi, sister dan sebagainya.

Program KAYA 26 diakhiri dengan missa penutupan yang dirayakan oleh Uskup Agung Emeritus Dato John Ha, Uskup Agung Simon Poh, Fr. Felix Au, Fr. Leonard Yap, Fr. Galvin dan Fr. Ramon.

Dari kiri: Fr. Leonard Yap, Fr. Ramon, Fr. Galvin, Archbishop Simon Poh, Archbishop Emeritus Dato John Ha, Fr. Felix Au bersama penari dari KAYA 26

Berikut adalah testimoni peserta KAYA 26

Sepanjang program KAYA ini berlangsung, saya telah belajar untuk hidup dalam komuniti dan hidup sederhana. Saya juga belajar untuk sentiasa bersyurkur, berterima kasih dan menghargai apa yang saya terima setiap hari. Sebelum ini saya seorang yang pemalu dan kurang keyakinan diri tetapi sekarang saya menjadi seorang yang berani bercakap di khalayak ramai. Program KAYA ini telah membantu saya untuk menjadi Kristian yang lebih baik dan sentiasa berani serta bersedia untuk melayani tuhan. Saya berharap semoga belia lain terbuka hati untuk menyertai program KAYA ini kerana program ini banyak membantu kehidupan kita.  Saya juga berharap lebih ramai belia berani bekerja di ladangnya Tuhan. Lily Moris – St Jude Bunan

In the KAYA program, I’ve learn to listen to people more and let go of my ego. I learned to live in community where everyone is treated equally and respect each other’s. Lastly, I learned about my faith more to a point that I’m very close to the Lord. My hope for the youth out there that they may join this program because they may learn a lot about Jesus and become close to Jesus through this program. My hope also they may open their hearts to do God’s will by spreading the god news, helping who’s in need and serve in their parish. I hope that they may become great disciple of Jesus. Dellon Nelson Brunnie – St Joseph Kuching

Apa yang saya pelajari dari program KAYA ini adalah untuk hidup dalam komuniti. Dengan hidup berkomuniti secara langsung atau tidak langsung dapat mengeratkan hubungan persaudaraan dan kerohanian antara satu dengan lain dan akhirnya kehidupan harmoni dapat diwujukan. Harapan saya untuk belia agar mereka menjadi lebih peka terhadap isu-isu yang berlaku di sekeliling mereka terutamanya berkaitan dengan agama Kristian kita. Saya juga berharap belia  lebih aktif dalam aktiviti gereja sebagai langkah mengukuhkan iman mereka agar tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan anasir- anasir luar yang tidak baik. Boniface Raph Jonik – St Peter Padungan

Semasa program KAYA berlangsung banyak perkara yang saya pelajari, salah satunya yang luar biasa bagi saya adalah bagaimana kita hendak mengenali Tuhan Yesus dengan lebih rapat dan akrab. Bagi saya, aktiviti yang kami jalankan setiap hari di St. Lukas seperti doa pagi dan malam, doa kelompok, Taize serta Doa Divine Mercy banyak membantu saya mengenali dan mendekatkan diri dengan Yesus. Harapan saya untuk belia di luar sana “ jadilah pengikut Kristus yang setia”. Jika berpeluang ikutlah program kerohanian seperti KAYA kerena program seperti ini amat membantu kita untuk mengukuhkan iman yang masih setahun jagung ini. Ingatlah: kita datang bukan untuk dilayani tetapi untuk melayani. Berlline Nickson Girima – Holy Spirit Lundu

Dari program ini, saya belajar untuk mengenali dan melayani Tuhan Yesus lebih mendalam kerana bagi saya Dialah cinta kasih dan penyelamat di kala susah dan senang. Saya juga mempelajari langkah-langkah doa seperti Missa Kudus, doa kelompok, Divine Mercy dan sebagainya. Dari program ini saya juga belajar mengatur masa, berani bercakap di hadapan, melakukan kerja amal dan hidup dalam komuniti. Saya berharap agar belia mahu mengikuti program KAYA ini untuk lebih mengenal Yesus dan mendalami iman mereka. Saya juga berharap belia dapat menyebarkan berita baik ini kepada semua dan menjadi pengikut Yesus yang setia. Enora Metree – St Stephen Bau

Saya bersyurkur menyertai program KAYA 26 kerana saya belajar pelbagai pengetahuan berguna. Perubahan saya selepas KAYA mengajar saya mengerti setiap doa yang saya pelajari kerana sebelum ini walupun saya aktif mengikuti program di gereja namun saya tidak mendalami maksudnya. Di sini saya belajar langkah melakukan doa kelompok, mengetuai puji dan sembah dan memberanikan diri saya untuk melakukan perkongsian injil. Saya mengenali diri & mengenal Tuhan melalui tema KAYA 26 “WHO DO U SAY THAT I AM. Akhir sekali saya belajar hidup berkomuniti dan berkenalan dengan teman dari bangsa lain. Harapan saya agar lebih ramai belia menyertai program KAYA dan jangan mensia-siakan peluang ini hanya sekali seumur hidup. Pelbagai ilmu saya boleh diperolehi dan saya berharap Alumni KAYA lain terus melayani. Alister Siong – St Herbert Song, Sibu

What have I learnt in KAYA is the important of listening to people struggles, challenges and problems.  I also learn to new way prayer which I never experience it like Laudate, Divine Mercy. My hope to the youth out there is to stay in touch with God because through Him only can make u do well. Spend your time with pray and listen to word of the Lord. Lai Zhi Qin- Holy Name of Jesus, Balik Pulau, Penang

Program ini telah membuka hati saya dan merubah persepsi saya sebagai orang Kristian. Semasa KAYA, saya belajar untuk berfikiran positif, mengawal emosi dan menyerahkan diri kepada tuhan. Saya belajar mengukuhkan iman saya yang selama ini penuh dengan persoalan dan keraguan namun kini saya tahu  melayani di gereja bukan untuk populariti tetapi untuk mengingati Yesus yang mati di kayu salib bagi menebus dosa kita. Harapan saya agar belia lain menyedari tanggungjawab kita sebagai seorang Kristian bukan atas nama sahaja ataupun mencari tuhan ketika kita susah. Kita harus melakukan penginjilan dengan hati yang ikhlas. Gwyneth Natasha Brandah – St Ann Padawan 

Holy Hour & Moment of Silent


Sesi Puji & Sembah / Praise and Worship


Sesi Perkongsian Injil / Bible Sharing


Peserta melakukan kerja amal di Cheshire Home


Peserta menghiburkan warga di Home Of Peace


Peserta KAYA 26


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